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General Discussion

Welcome to, a place where Linux users in the UK can come for community help and support. Please feel free to join in and take part. If you’re unsure of how to post or what is or isn’t acceptable please check out our FAQ for more details, but in general common sense should be enough.

Linux Support

If you have a problem with your Linux System, feel free to pose your question here. Alternatively, if someone has asked a question and you’ve had the same problems and / or you know how to fix it, please chip in!


This Category contains a collection of wiki posts detailing how to accomplish some common tasks when working with Linux. These posts are editable and maybe updated over time, so if you spot any mistake or can suggest enhancements, please chip in.

News and Events

Linux News items, anything that might be of interest to Linux users, members of the Linux community. or indeed anyone who frequents this forum. If you spot something newsworthy but don’t want to post it, feel free to ping it over to a moderator.

Internet Connectivity

Topic that revolve around Linux on the Internet. Internet services, services, using the Internet over cables, WiFi, 3/4/5G. Also, anything related to Web3.0, or the Inter Planetary Filesystem (IPFS).

Hardware Compatibility

Linux hardware questions and issues, including new hardware, different architectures, drivers what works with Linux and how well. If your question is hardware related then this is the place to post it!


Summarised solutions to previously submitted problems. We will try to keep this updated with topical questions and useful answers.


Linux security issues including vulnerabilities, exploits and viruses. Also, how to secure Linux, steps you should take to ensure Linux is secure in a networked environment.

Linux Games

This category is dedicating to Linux gaming. It seems to be a topic that’s not really mentioned all that much, despite Linux’s long gaming history.

Linux Tips & Tricks

A collection of tips and tricks for Linux

Jobs Offered

Calling all Linux Recruiters! If you need a Linux person this would seem to be an ideal place to post your ad, please remember to post full details of the position including location and proposed salary. Why not post, it’s free!

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organisation, how it works, and how we can improve it. It’s a free resource, tell us how it could best help you!