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Linux Support / Re: What is possible?
July 28, 2022, 04:39:05 PM
Ok thanks.. I will have a play...
Linux Support / Re: What is possible?
July 28, 2022, 04:26:57 PM

Thanks for the reply... Pretty close sounds positive. I guess I need to work out what and how to do similar in Pop! Or move to KUbuntu

Do you know if once I've connected to AD, it will use the credentials on the shared. Various shares in 2016 are locked to certain users or groups.

Linux Support / What is possible?
July 28, 2022, 02:43:01 PM
Hi all, I asked a question yesterday and got a great answer. So thank you for that.

I have another question, about what is possible with my setup.

I currently have several computers in my house, all running win 10. I have them on a domain connected to my win2016 server for file sharing and AD. 

I'm currently moving one of my machines to Linux (pop!_os) permanently. I'm sure the other machines will follow in time.

I've seen that you can join a domain when installing ubuntu, and from what I can see I can join the domain with some work in Pop!. My question is how close can I get to my current win 10 setup but with Linux. Domain login through AD, auto connect to user map drives, auto connect to shares?

Any information would be useful as I'm not ready or in a position to abandon Win2016 just yet.

Thanks in advance

Linux Support / Re: New install setup
July 27, 2022, 04:29:32 PM
Thanks for the explanation. Appreciated, I will give it a go
Linux Support / Re: New install setup
July 27, 2022, 03:14:25 PM
Thanks, that makes sense...

Not to be a pain but ":wq to quit editor" do I literally put the last line as :wq to close when its done?

Also, is there a filename you can save as to run the script (like .bat. or .ps1)

Thanks for the time, appreciate it.
Linux Support / Re: New install setup
July 27, 2022, 02:48:28 PM
Hi, thanks for the speedy response...

All config for appearance options etc being stored in the home folder... that's handy.

So if I have a list of apt install blah blah in a file. Is there a way to execute that list so it just installs the lot?

Linux Support / New install setup
July 27, 2022, 01:11:01 PM
I'm new to the forum. Thanks for having me.

I'm primarily a windows user but have dabbled with Linux over the years. I want to (on my laptop) move to Linux more permanently. My main rig is used for gaming so will hold off for a while longer there. Until I'm forced to move to Win11 most likely.

Anyway, when I re-install windows (drive failure, issues, etc.) I have a PowerShell script that installs software and does a lot of the setup for me. I'm aware almost anything can be done through the terminal in Linux so is a similar setup script possible. Install Linux, run script to install apps and do configuration for appearance etc.? I know someone is bound to say you don't have to re-install Linux, but humor me please...

This Would be something I would be happy to invest time into if possible.

Thanks in advance..