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Moving and Copying Files and Text Between Virtual and real Machine

Started by Ankit Jain, July 13, 2015, 08:12:58 AM

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Ankit Jain

in this video you are able to Moving and Copying Files and Text Between Virtual and real Machine

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec)

Virtualbox  5, now allows bidirectional drag'n'drop between Host and Guest machines.
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i guess it depends partly on your setup, but i use KVM, so a generic option would be:

1) setup a NFS server and connect your VMs to it.
this gives a mount point on the VM which acts like a local disk.

2) assuming you have SSH setup, you can use SCP to/from your remote hosts (your VMs)

both are easy to setup and implement.

Mad Penguin

Yeah, just to expand on the SSH option a little, most file browsers support SFTP as protocol so for example, in Dolphin (the KDE file browser) you can do a "View" -> "Location bar" -> "Editable location", then enter your ssh path, for example; "sftp://(user)@(host)", and it will open up a file window showing files from the specified user/host. Then "File" -> "Add to places" adds it as a persistent shortcut. You can then drag/drop files between machines as/when.
(there is a similar facility in Gnome and XFCE)