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Paulinux66, Linux Mint user/zoom

Started by Paulinux66, February 26, 2022, 04:23:36 PM

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Hello Moderators & members,  familiarizing  myself how to chat & ask etc.
I have been a Linux user since 206 when I met a computer programmer
who has  been a superb help.
He introduced me to Linux,  while abandoning windows, what a relief !
I do have a concern about zoom on Linux Mint.
Webcam the problem.
I have high tech equipment provided by my computer helper.
Still  a problem with my Logitech webcam on zoom.
My computer always well programmed by my computer helper/Friend.
My pc is a HPackard Elite Desk best ever !
I think my computer helper & Friend mite even be a member.
I will ask Him later. He doesn't know Ive joined.