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I want to work on software development as hobby

Started by ravi00ei51, May 23, 2012, 03:50:40 PM

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I am from India and living in UK from last 1+ year. I am very much interested in latest technologies. Consumer electronics is the field that attracts me. I want to contribute to this field. I want to work as a software developer. My skills are C programming and vxworks/linux/RTOS.
I want to do this work as a hobby for a firm. I am not behind money. I just want to learn and make something surprising. If there is someone who can help please contact me.


I'm sure a lot of software developers have pet projects and hobbies that they do outside professional tasks.


You can contribute to many Open Source projects such as the Ubuntu project.


that is a link to the contribute to ubuntu page, it allows anyone with any skill set to help in some way, from development, to testing, to documentation and artwork.

Hope this helps