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Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a new feature of Chrome? I use the Chrome browser. I have been unable to change it back to white.
Linux Support / How can I speed up web page loading?
March 08, 2022, 01:56:57 AM
Fellas, my Peppermint 9 netbook is so slow loading up web pages. It's driving me bonkers. I'm fed up seeing that wait box pop up. I have fibre broadband and updated Chrome. My Chromebook which sadly broke last week (my clumsy leg with the broken knee knocked it off the sofa and its screen cracked) was lightning fast loading up web pages, so it is not my internet connection.  I know an SSD drive is faster (which it had and which the netbook doesn't) but can there really be such a huge difference? The netbook takes twice as long to load up web pages! What can I do to speed things up? And yes I've cleared my cache. Not made it any faster. My smartphone and tablet (both running on Android) are faster as well!
Linux Support / How do I update Chrome on Peppermint?
February 21, 2022, 01:21:52 AM
Guys my Peppermint netbook needs updating. I don't know how I do it-can you please tell me? I'm having to write this from my Chromebook because so many web pages won't load on it and I keep getting messages like "this site can't be reached."

I really need to get Chrome updated on there so I can post on my Wordpress blog. My Chromebook is on its last update ( I got it second hand a couple of years ago) so I can't write new posts using my Chromebook. It works for most things though.

I'm planning to  buy a brand new Chromebook soon as I have the money!

I am on Peppermint 9 I think on the netbook. Mark Greaves ( bless him ) put it on for me.

I tried the package manager but it wouldn't work.

Chrome browser is out of date and very very slow. How do I update it guys?

Thought you all might be interested to read this news. Of course this isn't a new concept to Linux users since we have been re- purposing and customising older laptops for years! Hence me having a Macbook Pro running on Ubuntu, and in the past I had an older HP laptop that Mark Greaves helped me put Peppermint onto.


Hello guys, just logged into my Macbook running on Ubuntu and when I launched Chrome it said it is needing an update but I don't know how to do it. I know how to do it on Peppermint but I'm stumped on Ubuntu! 

Some instructions would be very welcome!

I will in the near future take the Macbook to the computer repair blokes I know and pay them to put the latest Peppermint distro on it. Mark Greaves was right: Peppermint works better on a laptop.

I find all these updates on Chrome very annoying- why'd they keep doing this--sigh.

Another question for you, which is related. Since my Chromebook seems to be on its last update, when it is no longer working well enough for use, is it possible to clear the Chrome OS and put Peppermint on it to give it a new lease of life? I've read some people can do it.

I'm all for refurbishing laptops.
Guys MPV doesn´t play my DVDs from my plug in DVD drive on my Ubuntu MacBook. When I launch the icon a box comes up which says to drop files or a URL but there is nothing in it to do it with.
Linux Support / My scanner doesn´t work on Ubuntu
June 16, 2021, 05:00:55 PM
I plugged my old windows scanner into my MacBook running on Ubuntu and although the light on the scanner is on the Macbook says that it cannot connect to it.
There´s nothing wrong with the scanner as it works great on my Peppermint netbook. What could be the problem guys?
Guys I don´t know if there is some setting I need to do when viewing and posting on this forum, but the font size is tiny! And when I either zoom in with my touch screen Chromebook, or use the usual zoom on my MacBook it goes right over to the right so I cannot see what I am typing. I have to practically have my nose right up to the screen. Can you make it square and larger?
Guys, i can figure out how to uninstall Firefox off my MacBook that is running I also want to get rid of some games such as Suduko ( my bro installed all this). I am used to Peppermint distro.
Hi guys! My brother sent me a Macbook Pro that he's put Ubuntu on ( he doesn't know which version for sure, but he thinks it's the latest version). I am used to Peppermint so it took me a bit of looking around to find out how to add new software ( in Peppermint it's via the software manager). it took less than 5 mins to install VLC. It all looks fine ( I have that on my Peppermint netbook) but I cannot figure out how to play a DVD from the external DVD player I have. I admit I had trouble figuring it out on the netbook when I first tried, and I cannot remember what I did to make it play, but it played great. I even had my big monitor connected so I had a big screen ( the netbook is teensy). This Macbook has quite a big screen so it'd be good if I could watch DVDs on it.

Is there another DVD player software I could install? VLC seems a bit tricky really.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

P.S My main laptop is my Chromebook, but of course it has no facility for external DVD players ( no codecs).