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Ubuntu problems

Started by andrewsmith, January 03, 2020, 10:42:00 AM

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Hello, I have a problems in my ubuntu system (which I deleted already...)

Graphics problem.

My laptop is MSI GS60 6QE. Intel HD Graphics 530 and GeForce 970m (Which I use only for games tho).

When I press suspend button, my power button led shows that GeForce is being used and screen becomes black and doesn't suspend or shutdown. Back screen only.

I've tried to use nvidia-435 drivers and bumblebee (bumblee gives me less problems).

2) There is no 3.5 jack output in settings. https://www.androidfreewares.com/

I've tried to restart all audio services and made some changes to config files of these services, but nothing works.

Help me please :)