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Cannolo: a tool to shrink, flash and expand disk images on external devices

Started by jadenfrancis, December 02, 2019, 01:20:08 PM

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Cannolo is a simple bash tool that automatically shrinks disk images, flashes them on an external disk/device and expand the primary partition in order to fill the entire disk space.

I developed it in order to easily replicate some disk images/configurations on disks.

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec)

Hi, I take it you mean this

Can you give us a use case please .. I'm struggling to see what (useful) it does that 'dd' won't ?

The Readme.md suggests it'll 'shrink' the image .. how, compression ? .. aren't most ISO's compressed anyway (including being quite slow if lz compression is used).

It also suggests it'll expand the partition to fill the drive .. on a LiveUSB I suppose this would give you room to add a persistence file but only up to 4gb (FAT32 file size limitation), what use would the rest of the drive be ?

I'm probably completely missing the point here, which is why I'm asking :)
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