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Linux Support / Re: Why is SAMBA so bad
April 27, 2022, 07:20:23 PM
Hi I have no problems with Linux systems but do think out of the box LAN networking between Linux computers should be standard.

But that is not the case wok is required to get a full operating LAN.

Linux should be looking at ways to ensure that connecting to win based boxes on a LAN is easy.

This is not saying that win ms should co the same.
I can think of better things to do with my time.
Linux Support / Why is SAMBA so bad
April 15, 2022, 01:36:30 PM
I love LINUX and have been using mint and peppermint for around 10 years.

Yet LAN connections are always a problem with SAMBA........ my main Box is using mint 19.3 and I am testing mint 20.3 on a laptop but mint 19.3 can not open shares on the mint 20.3 system.

My wife's win 10 laptop also connected to the LAN and mint boxes can not open shares on win 10 but win 10 can open shares on mint boxes.

Really wish there was a Linux package that handled LAN shares properly.

This must put off windows users from changing to LINUX.
Hi thanks for your reply........
Everything is working correctly........... the wi-fi networks are available it was just not possible to log in to them as they just timed out.

However, this has now been resolved by creating a new network for each of the wi-fi networks and naming them with the correct network name.

Strange but once this was done they connected normally.
Using mint 19.3 mate.
Have not used the wifi adapter for some time but needed to use the computer away from a cable point.

The USB can see the networks and attempts to connect but the log-in box dose not appear then it times out.
When I check the connections they are grayed out and no alterations are possible.

I booted from a mint 19.3 live USB and the wifi is working normally. noted what software packages were installed on the live USB and checked on my installed mint 19.3 and they seem to be the same.

Any suggestions.

Note - just tried my mobile data USB and that works just fine so it is only a wifi problem.
Hi to all

Because there is a windows laptop on the LAN I use samba to share files on all computers on the LAN.

Also noticed that if I try to open the network shares on the peppermint laptop it asks for a password and the user name and password for the computer is rejected.

Hi something strange.

Set up shares on my peppermint laptop with anyone can access.

Can see the shares from my mint 19.3 desktop but when I try to access from the desktop a password is requested.

I tried entering the user name and password for the laptop and for the desktop but can not login.

In the other direction on problems accessing shares on the mint system from peppermint.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
Linux Support / Re: CD Ripping
January 07, 2021, 09:25:23 AM
I use a program called K3b for all CDs and DVDs it has worked for me on different versions of mint over the years.

If not in your package or software manager - http://www.k3b.org
Thanks for the info but have now given up on this adaptor.
Have put a comment on the site where I bought it saying it is no longer working with newer versions of LINUX.
Yes everything set to default options......... it is so strange.
Interesting but they still have drivers on their website for for mint 18.4 and the equipment is working seeing networks but will not let me log in with the password.

Thanks for reply. It is a meross model https://www.meross.com/product/35/article/

The drivers are fully installed and working I can see the wi-fi networks but can not log in to the networks the password is rejected.

My old D-Link adaptor logs in just fine with the same password.
Mint 19.3 64bit mate.

I installed this wi-fi adapter and all seemed OK indicator light working and can see the different wi-fi networks.

However, it will not log in to any networks box comes up for password but will not connect.

Any suggestions.
Yes the problem was fixed as the drivers were offer as part of installing mint 19.3 mate 64bit.

Thanks for your information.
In the end I did a clean installation of mint 19.3 mate 64bit.
Thanks for that info.

I am not using the 340 driver.

The 390 driver is newer and was working just fine until I tried to use the older driver.

I just want my 390 driver working again.

Driver manager shows I am using the 390 driver but when the computer starts I am told to check my drivers as there is a problem.