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Yes makes sense I'll just have to make sure I don't delete files that aren't on the PC.

What about the Root do I have to reset back to the original settings?
Good to hear I'm not interfering with your work.

Can you explain  "if all the files are already on you" Mint system, all you have to do is delete all the files on your USB stick (in a special way) and do another backup - but not the way you did it before"  especially  "USB stick (in a special way)" and "not the way you did it before"

Also will I have to get out of using Root in file manager before I attempt these moves.
Keith I forgot to ask are you working from home I don't want to take you away from your 'day job'?
It is a backup of my Mint system in case I mess things up when I eventually install Mint 20.1.

I've already copied example files as you suggest into Mint Desktop and can open them and modify them does this help. Attached screenshot shows the permissions of the example file mentioned. Can't understand why I can open and modify when the permissions are None in the Group Access panels.
Sorry for delay just been for a shower. I Have drilled down into the files and can open as 'read only' obviously I can't modify them.
The screenshot in Reply 61 shows all the folders on the PHILIPS usb stick. The other screen shot showed the files within the folders in the 1. Mint- HOME 19.3 folder.

So the PHILIPS folder the first folder is 1. Mint- HOME 19.3 folder and in this folder is folder 191 Living Costs which the individual files are in the earlier screenshot.

Hope this makes sense.

I've breen considering to upgrade to Mint 20.1 by installing from dvd and eliminating 19.3 would this solve the problem.

Tried various times and still can't change to Read & Write.

When I go into File Manager on the desktop I can change the files to Read & Write but as I close it and re-open they have gone back to Read Only.
Sorry Keith missed the second sentence of your reply, the list on the PHILIPS usb are all folders and the sceeenshots show the files inside them.
Yes they are.
Thanks for staying with me on this here is screenshot of result of clicking on "PHILIPS" :-
Hi Keith.
I've got confused and may have done something badly wrong. I got to position as shown on attachment but can't remember exactly what commands I used to get there. However no matter which of the files I try to change to 'read & write' they get blocked.

Now I'm not sure how to get back to how it was before I got to Root if indeed I have in fact got to the Root.  If you can get me back to the normal setting for file manager I'd appreciate that.

I'm getting more confused and its not fair on you so maybe we call it a day

Hi Keith.

I've done as your instructions but when I tried to change from 'read only' to 'read & write' the dialogue box appears as per my message "Reply #51 Yesterday at 04:19.57p.m stopping the change. So obviously wasn't able to write or modify the chosen file.

How do I change back from Root to normal in the file manager if we have to try something else.

Hi Tony.

Thanks for trying to help, I've got the HOME(file manager) opened as Root and got to see the files. What do I do next?

Keith do you mind if I break off to have tea.

In the meantime I'm not sure what you mean by :-  We might be able to open the folder as "Root" and change the permissions.  And it's probably easier to do that in the file manager (I wish I had listened to Wishbone!)
First of all I need to know which folder that file is in.  Is it one of these:

Are you asking where Root is or where file manager is ? The folders shown are all on the USB,  the file manager (which I think is the HOME folder on my desktop) if it isnt' could you tell me where it is. I backup my HOME folder on USB for when I consider upgrading MINT just in case I delete folders by mistake. etc.  I'll be back around 7ish.

P.S. I bet you wish you hadn't got involved with me on this.