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Skype needs to be upgraded

Started by woodward, November 12, 2017, 08:27:38 AM

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Dear All,

I have an Acer Aspire One and have had Peppermint 6 OS (32 Bit) since it was launched.

My only problem is that Skype now needs upgrading and I am told this cannot be done
because of the 32 Bit system.

What are my options ?   

Peppermint 6 OS - 64 Bit

or a more up to date Peppermint system ( 7 or above ? )

Looking through Forum - I received this reply to my query in July 2017

"Well you're out of luck then, the new Skype is 64bit ONLY I'm afraid.

That said, the new Skype Client for Linux is only a wrapper for their web client .. so if you're running Peppermint you could always just make an ICE SSB that points to https://login.skype.com/login it gives you everything the new Skype Client for Linux app does except the tray icons"

Does this still apply and if so please help me I am not literate enough to know to "make an ICE SSB etc"

Thanks in anticipation for your help,


Kevin Woodward

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec)

Give the web version of Skype a shot via an SSB (it can easily be removed if it isn't what you want)...

Open the ICE application in Peppermint.

In ICE set:-

Name the application = Skype (web)
Enter web address = https://login.skype.com/login
Where in the menu = Internet

Click the "Use site favicon" button, and wait for the Skype logo to appear.

Select the browser backend .. you'll probably want to choose chromium unless you don't have that installed, but you can choose Chrome or Firefox as long as you have them installed.

Click the  "Apply" button.

ICE will now have added a menu item in your main menu, so go to:-

Menu > Internet > Skype (web)

and see if the web version of Skype does what you need ?
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Many thanks for your help -
I am now using Skype (Web).

I found that when creating Skype (Web) and using Firefox Skype did not work
but when I used Chromium all was well.

Now I do not know how to put "RESOLVED"  OR "SOLVED" on this subject.

Many thanks to all who replied.




Hi Woodward

To mark the thread solved go to the original post click "Modify" then change the title to

Skype needs to be upgraded (SOLVED) or (RESOLVED) whatever you prefer

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Dear All,
Since the posts below I have not used Skype except to message.
The reason is that the talking side of Skype does not work.
When I try the "echo/sound test service" my message is
not played back to me and I am told  " something is wrong with
your audio recording settings - check your Microphone
and microphone settings"
Can someone please help me.
Kevin Woodward

Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec)

Are you still on 32bit Peppermint ?

Which version of Skype do you have ?

Have you tried the web version ?
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