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Looking for a good OS for an older desktop: Advice needed

Started by Atlantia, November 01, 2021, 01:08:24 PM

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Hmmmm, In device manager the 'Network adapters' Bluetooth Device: Personal area network and RFCOMM protocol TDI are both working properly, but below that in 'Other Devices' the ethernet controller, network controller, PCI simple communications controller and SM bus controller as all showing a yellow warning icon over them and when I click on them it says no dirvers installed.


If you want to install Linux and dump Windows, then you can do this easily.  What you can't do is re-install Windows if Linux is already on the PC.  Linux is happy to install alongside anything, but Windows is not that flexible.  Is it just Windows on the PC? 

First thing is to back up all your personal files, and you can do that easily by using a Linux Live Disc/USB.  If you've used Live discs before then you're almost there and we can help you over any hurdles. 



Hi Keith

Sadly not so simple.
As the Smasung laptop was playing up already, I decided to guinea-pig it for the Linux as I was going to have to do a reinstall of the Windows 7 OS.

The plan was:
Clean reinstall of Windows 7 so the Mrs can use it for the kids homework as usual.
Then  add Linux for us to try out and once we are familiar with it, put it on the desktop as well.
I've done a boot from disk o reinstall Windows 7, but I've lost the ability to go online or connect to a network and I can't figure our how to fix it?

Before I started I only saved the Mrs pictures to a disk for her and didn't think I'd need to worry about basic hardware drivers.
I assumed the laptop would retain the basic ability to go online an upadte if needed.



I can't help you at all with Windows - sorry: perhaps another member can suggest something.  But I advise you to back up all your personal files before you do anything else!   
If the PC is used solely for homework and basic office work, then is there a need for Windows?  Might be an opportunity to guide the family towards a real operating system.  [is my bias showing?]



Hi Keith

No, you are right and that was kind of what I was thinking.
I just didn't expect the laptop to lose the ability to connect to a network.
I'm assuming that without that I can't get any further?

Perhaps I can download the basic driver set from the samsung website... :(


Well, it doesn't look promising, but I'd wait a bit to see if you get any replies from people with Windows expertise. 



Hi Atlantia & Keith,

I've not used really Windows domestically since XP - so am equally rusty........But we can head off towards the basics....

Atlantia, do you have an RJ45 handy and could you plug your laptop directly into the network? (This  may confirm if it's a WIFI driver or something more troubling)

Once there - could you type "ipconfig /all"   (https://w7cloud.com/ipconfig-commands/ <- URL is Win10, but it should be the same on 7 too).

...Although, could you also (re)confirm that your Windows7 is struggling to connect to your WIFI, or that it just does not see any SSIDs? (You able to see and connect to your WIFI from other devices (phone, etc) aren't you?

Also (last one :)) - have you customised your routers DHCP settings? (I don't mind it will help visualise what you're doing.)

(Umm.... Did I read that you'd got Linux running on this laptop?? is that having network problems too?)


If I've read this correctly you've already done a fresh install from the recovery disc? If so it may be too late to try and back up anything as it all may have been wiped. I'm not entirely sure exactly how these manufacturers recovery discs are supposed to work, although evidently yours hasn't worked.

As Brian says, perhaps the quickest simplest thing would be to use an ethernet cable and see if you can connect to internet that way. If that fails make a Linux USB (if you haven't already), plug that in and see if you can connect to internet with that, either by wifi or ethernet. I say "or ethernet" because some Linux distros don't "get on" with some wifi cards.

To give you an idea of what you could be up against if you really want to keep Windows on the Samsung. A couple of years ago I did a complete fresh install of Windows 7 on a laptop that originally came with Vista, and I used an official Microsoft disc. The installation took a large proportion of the day to start with, but that wasn't all. Once I had done that there were approx 10 years of updates to download and install. I was messing around with the thing for about 3 weeks. Everything worked by the time I had finished, but what a fiasco.


Hi Brian and Steve

Hi Brian,

Oh it's a right mare! Thanks for your help.
It's a samsung laptop: Model NP-RV520-A07UK.
Essentially, I did a clean reinstall of Windows 7 OS via the recovery disk and seem to have lost the ability to go online.
I got a couple of 'Error reading disk' on start-up as well, but a disk check found nothing and seemed to fix that.

I stupidly assumed that the Samsung recovery disk would have all I needed.
I tried recovery and it recovers to the same state. It's all gone!

I went on Samsung's website and if I put in the model number it takes me to this page for drivers:

I tried live chat with Samsung but the person couldn't seem to grasp the situation.
I thought I'd download the two lan drivers and see if I can get them onto the Samsung, but now today I've got the disk error back on start-up and a flickering screen with flashing fine lines and squares. So I'm wondering if it's actually a hardware problem?

I hate computers sometimes.



We don't need to give up quite yet :), and that laptop has a reasonable spec (i3, 4gb) especially for running anything Linux.

Do you need anything from Windows?
* Steve57 raises some important points about updates, and you need to consider that you're well out of MS support now.
* Did you plug your laptop into your network, and did work being hardwired?

BUT... if you are anticipating hardware faults then now would be good time to ensure you have a backup of anything you want :)

Regards Linux - You'll find that most distros have a so-called LiveCD (although most are DVD now - being a trial version) which you can run without changing anything on your computer (it changes nothing on your harddrive in this mode).  It would be interesting to know if something like Ubuntu (which has pretty good driver support) echos the problems you're having with Win7 or not.