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Linux Support / Ubuntu 15.10 LiveUSB
June 04, 2016, 08:26:12 PM

Old face here.

I've been trying to use my LiveUSB as my Windows boot partition seems to have just disappear/deactivated for whatever reason (that, it in itself, is a whole other topic). I was going to recover it using the LiveUSB, however I'm having great difficulty.

When booting the LiveUSB, lightdm will start Unity, however it'll then restart and I have no Unity. I'm able to right click and enter whatever folders are on the desktop, however I have no window manager. Shucks.

I'm on the Wily distro atm, and was looking to know if this was a driver issue? I believe it's just the noveau drivers, but I honestly cannot remember.

The USB is setup to have an allocated space for saving apps and things. (Can't remember the technical name, sorry.)

I'm currently launching programs from terminal because I remember a few commands from the old days. (These days I've sadly been forced to update to Windows 10).

Please help, thanks.
Hoping someone can assist here.

When transferring files between both of my NTFS drives I keep getting this error:

Error splicing file: Value too large for defined data type fix

After looking into it, seems like it's a kernel/samba issue. I googled around, and found an old launchpad thread:


People have been able to get around this error by doing:

mount -t cifs -o user=me,pass=secret,nounix,noserverino //server/share /mount

however my drives aren't CIFS shares. I'm just transferring directly between drives.

Any possible way to change that command so it works with ntfs mounts?
General Discussion / Hard drives GB/£ ?
December 07, 2014, 03:22:25 PM
So I'm currently looking into buy a new hard drive for storage as I'm currently running a tad low on both of my 500GB Seagate Barracuda ST3500 drives.

Of course I'm looking at getting the most value for money, but my main priority is reliability. I'm going to be running the drive 5+ years, 24/7.

Some of the drives I've been looking at are:

Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda 1TB - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006BRBSE8 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006BRBSE8)


Western Digital WD1003FZEX Caviar Black 1TB - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00FJRS6FU (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00FJRS6FU)

Of course I've had a look around, and found that WD have all these different colours for their drives, (maybe someone can tell me why Purple is more suited to CCTV rather than a Black, or Red or even Green?)

Speaking of which, my drives are more or less used for storing media content, wouldn't a WD Purple be more suited to this task?

Like I said before, reliability is my main priority. It has to be to the tech world, like what Volvo is to the car industry. Built like a tank.

Oh and ideally I'd like to keep the price under £80.

Thanks dudes/dudettes!  ;)
Linux Support / Logitech G930 & Huion 610 driver issues
December 01, 2014, 06:28:58 PM
So I have a Logitech G930 headset, and a Huion 610 pro graphics tablet, and they are functional, but I have a few bugs.

My G930 headset has 3 programmable "g buttons" that you can bind to anything you want. It also has a volume scrolly rocker wheel thing to adjust the volume. The volume scrolly wheel rocker thingy is mainly what I want to get working, and also the 7.1/5.1 surround sound.

I assume to fix the volume control would just be a matter of binding it to some type of script or something?

My graphics tablet is picked up, and I notice there is support for Wacom tablets in the settings. Problem is Ubuntu doesn't pick up my graphics tablet's buttons or pressure sensitivity. Is there like a hack I can do to make it work like a Wacom?

Linux Support / Nautilus - File extensions?
December 01, 2014, 02:23:34 PM
Most likely an odd ball question, but how do I tell Nautilus to show file extensions? Not file type, but your ".txt, .zip," etc.

It's all changed since I last Ubuntu Natty xD
Linux Support / GRUB error: no such partition - Win10???
November 28, 2014, 09:27:38 PM
Hello all,

I'm in need of assistance in what I should do. Currently I do not have any distro of Linux installed. I was only using the Windows 10 Tech Preview, however I have had a strange occurrence.

Last night whilst sleeping, my computer woke up from sleep mode, I assumed Windows update was trying to install updates or something, so I just shut it down and went back to sleep.

When I woke up this morning, the boot screen said:

GRUB rescue> no such partition

This got me worried. I know from previous usage of Ubuntu and Peppermint that GRUB is the Linux bootloader. So that left me pretty bummed before I left for work.

I'm now back from work and currently using an old liveCD of Peppermint 2 (I know right! lol). I've had to boot it various times to get it to play nice with my computer, so now I shall explain my dilemma.

Currently as is, I have no other computer to burn a liveCD or liveUSB. I do have an empty 4gb usb drive.

My options as I see them are to download a ISO image and burn a new livecd onto it, or possibly even a Windows repair disk.

Or if someone here is nice enough, can guide me through manually repairing grub, so that I can at least boot into Windows.

I understand you fellas aren't obliged to help Windows users, but this has been the 4th time this month that I've lost my bootloader through Windows update, so I plan on dual-booting.

Personally I think this time around it has been a RAT, but I won't ever know.

Currently I have 3 drives in my machine. I know that /dev/sdc1 is my boot drive.  /dev/sda1 is my backup drive (G:/)  & /dev/sdb1 is my drive with all my games and steam library (D:/).
Linux Support / Kernel panic, Ubuntu Server [Solved]
September 14, 2013, 08:17:40 PM
Hello people, it's me!

I have a really annoying problem at the moment. About last week, I believe my server started acting strange by turning itself off, and then restarting. Usually it just sits in the corner of the room, doing it's thing and I don't take any other notice of it. Most of the stuff on my server, is actually stuff I need to get to, and at this present time, I can't.

It's sucking really badly because I need to get to the files. I have a few projects which are due for Monday, and I've not been able to access them.

Instead of coming here as a first resort, I decided I'd instigate the problem myself. So I checked over the logs, everything seemed fine, I looked over the updates, and it was just the usual security updates from Canonical. So I logged out, and thought nothing of it, until my server started not showing on the network. This was peculiar, because normally it always shows up when it's on. But it didn't.

I think I've come to the conclusion that one way or another some hijacked my network somehow, which has gotten me security conscious yet again. In order to preserve what little security I had left, I encrypted everything, and set every file to root, read permission only.

I then went turned off the server via SSH using:

shutdown -r now

Thinking it was probably a good time to update from 10.04 to 12.04 Ubuntu Server, I went and downloaded it. Burned the disc via my lappy no problem.

As I turn the server on again, I'm confronted with a kernel panic. Keyboard is flashing at me, and I get this screen:

[Click here, because it's too big for the forum] (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37779798/2013-09-14%2010.03.17.png)

I also took a video of the start-up process, (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37779798/2013-09-13%2002.27.17.mp4) for your laughing pleasure.  :D

When trying to install Ubuntu Server 12.04, everything is fine until I hit "Install Ubuntu Server" and the server then goes back into a kernel panic. I'm honestly not sure what the problem is. All I know is that I need help figuring this one out. I have tried before hitting "Install Ubuntu Server" pressing F6, and choosing nomodeset then going to the boot options and removing "quite" so I can see what happens, but again, it'll go straight to a kernel panic.
Hello all, I'd like to talk about a popular topic generally considered to be relevant to rooted Samsung Android devices. Why do I want to talk about this particular topic? Well because I think people should know, as I feel not enough people know about it.

The topic in question is about the /EFS folder which is a hidden folder in the core of your Samsung Android device. Why is this folder important? Well it's important because this particular folder stores your unique identification files, such as your devices IMEI number, MAC addresses for the radios, ESN numbers, etc. You get the jist.

If you have rooted your Samsung device, PLEASE, back this folder up. This folder is incredibly valuable to the functioning of the phone. If this folder becomes corrupt when flashing ROMs, or installing new recoveries, then your phone turns into an expensive paperweight.

How do I know this? Well, in an unfortunate chain of events, I have had the "joy" of experiencing this. Without a backup of my /EFS folder, my phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, is now a VERY expensive paperweight.

Had I known before about the /EFS folder, I would've backed-up. However I didn't, and as things go, I'm now left without a phone... for now.

I urge you all to back up your /EFS folder. There are many tools on XDA-Developers that can help with this, however you can with Android Terminal Emulator run:


busybox tar -cv -f efs.tar -C /sdcard /efs

Ensure you have Busybox installed when doing this (though you should have busybox installed anyway.)

I hope people can learn from my mistake.

- BkS.
I've been locked out of webmin on my laptop & my tablet because I can't remember the password for my webmin account.

I've tried running:

/usr/share/webmin/changepass.pl /etc/webmin [my username] [new password]

and also:

bash /usr/share/webmin/changepass.pl /etc/webmin [my username] [new password]

But these don't seem to be working...

Linux Support / YouTube induce a kernel panic [Solved]
January 22, 2013, 12:05:31 PM
Yeah it sounds stupid, but YouTube froze up my whole system when my brother put a video into fullscreen which caused the Nvidia drivers to force closed which resulted in a kernel panic.

I was able to reboot by hard shutdown only, but I did try Alt Gr+Sys+REISUB first nothing was responding though.

Once rebooted, the nvidia drivers wouldn't boot up. I tried forcing them too by doing:

sudo nvidia-xconfig

sudo restart lightdm

But to no avail. I've checked the logs, but cant find nothing. Help?
Probably many of you will have seen A LOT of coverage from CES 2013 regarding Linux news. Particularly news surround Ubuntu phone, and Android development.

I'm many of you were surprised to see what NVidia had in store though. Yes, I am talking Project Shield.

What really fascinates me about the device is it's ability to change the way we game forever, because we have these two ecosystems, the tablet/phone running on Android and then the PC/Console ecosystems, which then have their own ecosystems within them. So bringing the best of Android, and the best of Windows, i.e. Gaming, and then molding them into this portable network device, is just something quite amazing.

The world of opportunities this opens up is just so vast. It's not new technology, it's existing technology that has been rethought by a company who know graphics and gaming well and furthermore, IS A HARDWARE MANUFACTURER. That's the key! If you have the ability to make something great, why not use it?

Here's a video for anyone who hasn't seen what I'm on about.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOHNmzz1gYo#ws (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOHNmzz1gYo#ws)

I see gaming performance being even faster when the full Steam client for Linux is finally released and all the games are ported over.
General Discussion / England, get your act together.
January 18, 2013, 06:12:49 PM
Yesterday evening I purchased a product on Ebuyer and with that I selected "Next Day Deliever, Pre-Noon".  Around 10PM I receive an email from Ebuyer confirming that my parcel had been dispatched and that Parcel Force would be delivering it. All good I thought. I couldn't sleep due to the amount of excitement, due to expecting my parcel to arrive in the morning.

As 8AM draws ever closer, I start peering out of the window. 9AM, I start peering out the window a little more. By half 10 this morning, I'm peering out the window a lot more frequently and starting to get a little anxious. 11 AM goes by, still no parcel. 11:45 AM goes by, still no parcel. Noon goes by, STILL NO PARCEL.

By now, I'm ready to lose the head. However, instead of bursting out shouting in my Scottish ways, I first call up parcel force to run my tracking number through their system to see where my parcel actually is. To my dismay I here the words: "Unfortunately due to snowy conditions, we haven't actually received your parcel yet sir. I'm afraid you'll need to call Ebuyer as it's in their hands."

JUST GREAT. Just exactly what I needed to be hearing, after waiting all morning, no-one from Ebuyer had the courtesy to phone me up and say, "Due to the snow, we can't deliver your parcel today."

So I get on the phone to Ebuyer to wait 15 minutes in a queue to be put through to a customer advisor. I asked her, "When can I expect to have my parcel? Because it's not exactly a cheap product I bought." She replies, "We'll try deliver it to you by tomorrow sir, however if the snow does delay it, and you don't receive it by Monday, you can give us a call back and we'll refund you for the delivery charge."

Here's my personal gripe though, why is it, the second someone in our country mentions "snow is coming" everyone panics and goes into a frenzy? "OH WE CAN'T DELIVER GOODS IN HALF AN INCH OF SNOW! THAT'S AGAINST HEALTH AND SAFETY REGS!" Really?

There's companies in Alaska that deliver tankers full of oil in snow blizzards almost 200% worse than here, and yet our country comes to an absolute stand-still over snow that's not even deep!! England has to grow some major cahoonies. The snow isn't going to stop you getting to/coming from work, or the shops, or delivering parcels. Not unless it's 4/5" deep, and it wouldn't be, because most of the main roads are cleared.

Councils don't exactly help matters either, saying they have snow ploughs on stand-by, yeah? WHERE ARE THEY THEN!!? And why aren't they out clearing the snow? I know a couple of my mates from down there had to get a JCB to clear their road and it did a better job than the council.

It's bloody disgraceful.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just vexed because my parcel ain't here, plus everything else that's happening right now.

General Discussion / I miss my server!!
January 16, 2013, 04:33:02 PM
I miss having my server around, I've got backed-up stuff I can't access, and I just can't seem to find anyone these days who has a cheap computer going.

Long story short, my brother who suffers from ADHD basically tore my server to pieces one night, and then went nuts on my brothers laptop, both of which are not usable, and the only things salvagable from them (luckily) were my HDD's.

The reason I absolutely need it, is because Windows 8 has expired (funny eh?) and I need to back up. I'd back up to my Dropbox account, as I've got 40-odd gig left, but my net is too slow. Ain't got enough room on my lappy, and there are things on the HDDs from my server that I'd need for restoring everything back to normal once I "obtain" a copy of Windows 7, or maybe 8... I like it. Perhaps too much?

Anyway, if anyone has any old hardware about that's "IDE" compatible, please let me know. I can only do bank transfers to pay you though, since my bank is tighter than a sphincter.

Or, if you know of anywhere where I can pickup a cheap computer in store, that'd be handy too.
News and Events / Gnome 3.6 Released.
September 26, 2012, 10:35:37 PM
Gnome 3 users will now be please to know, version 3.6 brings with it some new features.

Probably most noticeable will be the "Activities" menu which has had a bit of a redesign. The "applications" & "activities" tabs are no longer there, instead when you click Activities, you are presented with the windows open at present in that particular workspace. In order to see your applications, you must click the Android like applications drawer icon.


As well as the "Activities" menu, the notifications have under went some redesign as well. Now icons are, bigger, and more easily to dismiss by clicking the ever iconic "X" closing icon, and the notifications are now spread across the bottom, instead of just the corner.

Keeping with design, power-users will now notice that the Gnome team have now finally added the sensible "Power off" button in the user menu. Many complaints were received because the "Power off" button wasn't present in previous releases, which let's be honest, was a stupid idea.

"Files" or more commonly known as "Nautilus" has also been updated. It's now more, less feature rich than Windows 98 explorer, in that the Gnome team have completely not listened to their user-base and opted for the "we know what's best for you" attitude. However, some functionality has been retained.

There is now a new way of searching, so the old search button and the relatively new "type to search" ways are gone. I suspect you only have to type from the activities "dash"? [I'll update this when I hear more on it. Or install Ubuntu 12.10 Beta / Fedora 18 in a VM]

My favourite new update to Gnome 3 is the lockscreen, which now uses GDM and displays the time and date. I imagine we're going to be seeing a lot of modifying of this, especially backgrounds and fonts.

Other updates:

Empathy now uses Zeitgeist.

Boxes is now an official "Gnome app"

Clocks is now a "preview" Gnome app which comes with 3.6

Gnome Extensions now update automatically.

So after all that, the main question is this: How do I get Gnome 3.6?

Answer, install Ubuntu 12.10 Beta, or Fedora 18 as it isn't available in the Gnome 3 PPA yet, nor is it available as an ISO.

When it is available you'll be able to get the image file here. (http://www.gnome.org/getting-gnome/)

Video preview:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uMfg7Jsnmg4#ws (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uMfg7Jsnmg4#ws)

Photos & Video courtesy of WebUpD8 (http://webupd8.rog)
Support for remotely connecting to a login screen on Ubuntu, has been added in 12.10.

This feature will allow you to login into Ubuntu in fullscreen mode without the need of installing additional software. The cool part is how Canonical has made this MUCH easier for the less tech-savy people out there. You can now, login with your Ubuntu One account and the service will automatically connect for you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=D3niKXbHQUo#ws (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=D3niKXbHQUo#ws)

In order to use your Ubuntu One account however, you'll need to setup it up first on the computer you want to connect too. So for instance, Jonny has a Ubuntu PC in the livingroom, but his home-server is downstairs which also runs Ubuntu. In order for Jonny to connect to his server through his Ubuntu One account, he'll have to go through the setup on his server, as well as his computer in his livingroom.

Now, you might think, well hang on here. What's the point in that? I could just SSH to my box instead, and you're quite right you can, but you also need to know the username, password & IP/domain your connecting too. Not only that, you need to know which commands you're doing, and what they do.

With a GUI, tech-savy keyboard warriors are no longer needed. The user can enter the most basic details, click connect and viola.

Currently, RDP & ICA & VMware View are the only support protocols at present. I'd imagine we should see protocols like NX, or VNC to come at a later date.

Source: OMG! Ubuntu! (http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/09/ubuntu-12-10-login-screen-adds-remote-desktop-access)

Linux Support / Steam For Linux - VALVE WANTS YOU!
September 08, 2012, 03:22:23 PM
For those of you who are big gamers on Windows, and have played any of Valves games, like Life For Dead, etc, then you'll be pleased to know Valve has decided to bring its Steam software to Linux, more specifically Ubuntu.

Though Steam will run on Unity's 3D engine, it shouldn't be that hard to get it to run on other distros.

Valve has also now given the chance to some lucky gamers, to be a beta tester for Steam on Linux. All you need to do is, leave a comment in their blog post, or email them at:

[email protected]

Source: Steam For Linux (http://www.steamforlinux.com/?q=en/node/99)
I'm looking for a way to connect to my home-server running Ubuntu 10.04 with Samba, and my lappy running Ubuntu 12.04 wirelessly to my Android running ICS. I've looked at many file browsers like Astro & EX-Manager, but they can't seem to find the servers?

I have to be able to connect wirelessly and with an unrooted phone.
Yes, it was inevitable that soon I would want to watch videos/movies on my phone. The problem is, I can't find a single app that actually works.

I hear good things about VLC, which streams via rstp I believe, but I can't find nothing about setting it up.

I'd like to setup streaming from both my home-server & my laptop, because I don't always transfer the files from my laptop to the server.


Laptop: Ubuntu 12.04
Phone: Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
Our good ol buddies at El Reg have an interesting article about Microsoft going after Linux's server space.

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/07/25/microsoft_patent_deal_amdocs/ (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/07/25/microsoft_patent_deal_amdocs/)
Has anyone ever felt like they should maybe have a quicker of editing their Google Docs, or maybe just want notifications about their favourite news site?

Meet, Ubuntu Web Apps.

What is it?

Ubuntu Web Apps, is a new API that will feature in Ubuntu 12.10. It allows you to intergrate your favourite sites with the Ubuntu desktop, and allows you to receive notifications natively, pin your favourite sites to the launcher for quicker access (launches via your web browser), and also takes advantage of the AWESOME, HUD feature in Unity.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x7vF-AB7SF4#ws (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x7vF-AB7SF4#ws)

The list of services/social sites supported is truely impressive.

News Sites:

  • BBC News (bbc.co.uk/news)
    CNN News (edition.cnn.com)
    Yahoo! News (news.yahoo.com/)
    Google News (news.google.com)
    Yandex News (news.yandex.ru)
    Google Reader (google.com/reader)
    Reddit (reddit.com)

Mail services:

  • GMail (mail.google.com)
    Yahoo! Mail (mail.yahoo.com)
    Yandex Mail (mail.yandex.ru)
    QQ Mail (mail.qq.com)
    Windows Live Mail (login.live.com)
    Mail RU (mail.ru)

Social Networks:

  • Facebook (facebook.com)
    Twitter (twitter.com)
    Google+ (plus.google.com)
    VK.com (vk.com)
    LinkedIn (linkedin.com)
    YouTube (youtube.com)
    Tumblr (tumblr.com)


  • Cut the Rope (cuttherope.ie)
    Angry Birds (chrome.angrybirds.com)
    Lord of Ultima (lordofultima.com)
    Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances (alliances.commandandconquer.com)

Office Apps:

  • Google Docs (docs.google.com)
    Google Calendar (google.com/calendar)


  • Launchpad (launchpad.net)
    WordPress.com (wordpress.com)
    Amazon (amazon.com)
    Amazon Cloud reader (read.amazon.com)
    Subway IRC

These 30 sites aren't the only ones just to be supported though. There is more to come, and developers can add support for their sites by reading the Ubuntu Web Apps API Documentation (http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.04/javascript/index.html).

If your feeling impatient and want to test it in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, then users can add the PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webapps/preview
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unity-webapps-preview

Remember, you'll be installing at your own risk. It's been reported that there is A LOT of problems with getting it to work, and also uninstalling it has required some people, to do fresh installs. You've been warned.

I recommend you wait for the feature to land in Ubuntu 12.10.