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News and Events / GNOME 3 Released
April 06, 2011, 10:26:27 PM

After around five years of planning and development, the GNOME developers have released the third generation of their Linux and Unix desktop, GNOME 3. GNOME 3 brings new operating concepts and a new look; the GNOME Shell reduces the visual complexity of the user interface to allow users to better focus on the applications that they use. Virtual desktops are also now an integral part of how users work with GNOME, with simple workspace navigation and a single keypress (or mouse gesture) able to bring an overview of all the windows and workspaces.

The GNOME developers have also, as is traditional, reduced the number of configuration options; the changes usually help users who are new to the desktop work with it but also usually run into strong criticism from experienced GNOME users. In general, GNOME 2 users will need to retrain themselves for the new environment of GNOME 3.

For more information about the changes in GNOME 3 and how to adapt to them see The H feature "First Look:GNOME 3.0".

Bugs / Re: 404 Fail not found
April 25, 2010, 10:29:06 PM
It's not just you i also am receiving the 404 error i believe this is to do with the added apostrophe i just created a post in bug forum called test's which also throws up a 404 error.
Call it a small but strategic step in the right direction. Following in the footsteps of Red Hat and Novell, the folks at Canonical are positioning Ubuntu for use by Wall Street firms. Some details about the effort could surface on April 19, during the HPC (High Performance Computing) Linux Financial Markets conference in New York. Here are some details.

Canonical won't take center stage at the conference. But the software company does plan to exhibit Ubuntu at the show.

Smart move. Wall Street has been especially good to the Linux movement. In recent years, many financial services firms made the leap of faith from Sun's SPARC/Solaris combo to Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Novell SUSE Linux in order to gain low-cost application freedom on industry standard hardware.

Now, Canonical hopes to begin the discussion with Wall Street firms as well. True believers include Equitec, a financial services firm that moved its proprietary trading software from 100 Windows-based servers to 30 Ubuntu-based servers, according to Canonical. (Side note: I'm having difficulty getting an update from Equitec regarding the Ubuntu deployment as well as the company's business status.) Somewhat similarly, Linux Box — a solutions provider in Ann Arbor, Michigan — has started promoting Ubuntu to financial services firms.

Meanwhile, Dell has announced plans to embrace Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud — which could position Canonical for some private cloud momentum on Wall Street.

Admittedly, those are small signs of progress within Canonical's broader Ubuntu business strategy. As Ubuntu 10.04 nears release in late April 2010, Canonical hopes to engage more ISVs (independent software vendors), cloud partners, OEMs and customers with the operating system. We'll be watching to see how those strategies play out.

Puredyne is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution  aimed at creative people. It provides a number of creative applications, alongside a solid set of graphic, audio and video tools in a fast, minimal package. It includes software  for everything an artist might need - from sound art to innovative film-making. Puredyne is optimised for use in real-time audio and video processing and it distinguishes itself by offering a low latency kernel and high responsiveness needed by artists working in this field.

Puredyne is aimed at creative people, looking for tools outside the standard. It provides the best experimental creative applications alongside a solid set of graphic, audio and video tools in a fast, minimal package. For everything from sound art to innovative filmmaking.

Puredyne is optimised for use in realtime audio and video processing. It distinguishes itself by offering a low latency kernel and the high responsiveness needed by artists working in this field.

Puredyne is based on Ubuntu and Debian Live. All packages provided by Puredyne can be used if you are running this flavour of GNU/Linux. Use, share, copy, modify, join the development team or fork :)

Puredyne development has been made possible by Arts Council England. Thanks to the University of Huddersfield, LABoral - Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and Pixelache for additional support.

Used as a Live CD, puredyne is a complete Linux multimedia desktop environment that can run from virtually any x86 machine. The system can be booted from a CD, DVD, or USB stick.[10] Thanks to AuFS and the Debian Live system, it is possible to combine the CD and save all system changes, including new drivers and software, in any storage device (from hard-disk to USB sticks and other flash memory). Installing puredyne can be done in several ways. The fastest is just a matter of copying a folder from the CD to the Hard-Drive (liveHD) or to a flash key (liveUSB). The system is truly a live distribution as it remains unchanged no matter which medium it is booted from. The system also comes with GCC and special SDK tools to facilitate the modification of the distribution, the addition of new software and the creation of new ISO images.

Software highlights.

  • puredata
  • supercollider
  • csound
  • chuck
  • ladspa plugins
  • ardour
  • audacity
  • ecasound

  • gimp
  • inkscape
  • fluxus
  • freej
  • processing + extras
  • imagemagick
  • gthumb
  • gphoto2

  • mplayer
  • vlc
  • avidemux
  • kino
  • mencoder
  • transcode
  • luvcview
  • xawtv
  • recordmydesktop

  • icecast2
  • ices2
  • ffmpeg2theora
  • oggfwd
  • darkice
  • darksnow
  • gstreamer
  • dvswitch

  • firefox
  • links2
  • network-manager
  • wireless-tools
  • ssh
  • telnet
  • gftp
  • irssi
  • nfs

  • gcc
  • make
  • patchutils
  • subversion
  • mercurial
  • bzr
  • emacs-goodies-el
  • java jdk
  • python

...and much more.

"IBM has broken the pledge it made in 2005 not to assert 500 patents against open source software. In a letter sent to Roger Bowler, president of TurboHercules SA, IBM's Mark Anzani, head of their mainframe business, claimed that the Hercules open-source emulator (disclaimer: I manage the open source project) infringes on at least 106 issued patents and 67 more applied for. Included in that list is two that it pledged not to assert in 2005. In a blog entry, the NoSoftwarePatents campaign's Florian Mueller said that 'IBM is using patent warfare in order to protect its highly lucrative mainframe monopoly against Free and Open Source Software.' I have to agree: from where I sit, IBM likes Open Source only as long as they don't have to compete with it."

"When I read about Gordon Brown's plan to give the UK more broadband, I couldn't restrain my laughter. Isn't this the same clown now busy circumventing democracy to take away broadband from Britons who already have it? And what good would broadband do them if they're punished for using it (or even being suspected of using it)? Laying cables would be a waste of resources if people are not allowed to use them. Brown did suggest another possible use for broadband. He said that it would enable MPs to better communicate with their constituents and keep track of what they want."

Linux Tips & Tricks / Re: Web 2.0 Programming ...
April 06, 2010, 09:50:20 PM
i think kirrus thought the same as me when i first read it (until i went to the site)

you stated

The following needs to be called direct.js and goes into the direct/classes folder.

<insert code here>

the code is meant to be for the direct.php file and not a js file. If it was a js file as stated then you would be able to find the database details. Believe its just a wrong extension i did mean to mention this before but slipped my mind sorry.

Canonical is bringing its Ubuntu One cloud service to handheld devices with a new mobile contact synchronization feature that is powered by Funambol.

Canonical's Ubuntu One application for the iPhone is now available from the iTunes Music Store. Android and other mobile operating systems will be supported with Funambol's standard client application.

The mobile sync feature is currently in the beta testing stage but will be generally available to Ubuntu One subscribers when Ubuntu 10.04 is released later this month. Canonical says that it is boosting its Ubuntu One server infrastructure in order to support what it anticipates will be record loads.

General Discussion / Re: Put out of business :(
April 05, 2010, 08:11:35 PM
Quote from: Smither on April 05, 2010, 02:00:30 PM
Huh, now, whilst I'm definitly still learning about the technical side of computers & the internet & how all this works, from what I can gather, you own a server that has very high bandwidth access to the internet, and you want to sell the service of hosting business sites to businesses, but a government project (or something) is offering the same for free.

Pretty much it, although i don't own the server i rent part of one.

Quote from: Smither on April 05, 2010, 02:00:30 PM
....bearing in mind I'm probably misunderstadning something crucial here (or more likly just have a gap in my knowledge), but have you tried selling similar services to a different audience?
- Gaming servers?
- Back-up storage providers?
- Offering full control of the server to anyone with sufficient technical knowledge that has a need for one? (Like the modding group I'm in, who need a website, somewhere to store files online to send between each other, an IM service to get stuff decided quickly, a forum to post progress and have on-going discussions, and somewhere for the general public to download the final mods from, though we already have such a services.)

actually would like to go into game servers but that would require me renting a full dedicated server and i cant afford to do that right now but was an idea for a "future project"
Quote from: Smither on April 05, 2010, 02:00:30 PM
Or is it too late and you've already packed evrything up?
I haven't packed up totally yet although me and my wife have been discussing what we could do or if we should just call it a day, im still very much 50/50 although mark and MP (mad penguin) did have a long discussion and a few ideas has been floated so still not sure what to do :)
A lot of people complained about the iPad's closed-off software. But no one did anything about it — until now, apparently.

A well-known hacker of the iPhone, who previously defeated Apple's restrictions on developers, has claimed in a video to have hacked the iPad. Just a day after release, the hacker, who goes by "MuscleNerd" online, said that he has gained root access to the iPad, a process known as " jailbreaking."

"Jailbreaking" is a technical term which refers literally to  limits on software placed on an operating system and more figuratively to the feelings developers have about such restrictions. An Apple device that's been "jailbroken" can run any code, not just company-approved software available through its online stores. But such jailbreaking is a violation of Apple's terms of service, which may mean Apple Stores will refuse to fix broken devices.

The iPad jailbreak technique is similar to an exploit of the iPhone operating system known as "Spirit." Hackers have shown time after time that they can break into Apple's security software for new iPhones, often within a day of release. One motivation: getting access to pirated software. It's not known how much piracy happens as a result of jailbreaking, but it's believed to be considerable.

Just in case you missed the video link: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgHNayVtHkQ

General Discussion / Put out of business :(
April 04, 2010, 11:11:46 PM
Ok so this is mainly a post to vent my frustration and anger so please be aware this is my personal feelings and no way endorsed by linux.co.uk.

Bit of a background before i start.

I'm in the middle of setting up a venture in the Web hosting industry, and was getting helped by business link in starting this venture.

So i was talking to a potential client today, and we got on to the pricing structure of my services, i was all to happy to oblige as i haven't yet managed to break into the market, so was hoping this would be my first client/business i will host, unfortunately said client found out about www.gbbo.co.uk and then proceeded to ask me why i couldn't sell my services cheaper (wanted free domain etc), at current as a start-up i cant afford to offer these services and explained to the customer that it wasn't possible at this stage, but could offer a discount on the web hosting, which the customer then turned round and said ok sorry to waste your time but i think ill go with gbbo.

i wasn't aware of this website until today so decided to click and to my horror found out they give way the services i sell for free, and on top of that the company (business link) who is helping me set-up is actually backing this project.

This has forced me into a decision not to carry on my business venture in the web hosting market, there is no way i can compete with these guys especially backed by some pretty heavy names (google, BT), the market area i was going to be providing for was small business in and around my local area and eventually open the net to the rest of the UK, but this is now impossible for me to do, so in theory the company helping me start is the company shutting me down, i cant afford to carry on paying the fees i pay, every month when a site like gbbo exists, i have put and now lost alot of my own cash on this project, and i feel let down by my own country.

They are supposed to help start-ups like me but yet they have literally put me out of business.

Thanks to Google, Enterprise UK, e-skills.co.uk & BT (and whoever else is backing the project), i am now forced to close my business.

OberonHosting Ceased Trading on 4th of April 2010

Nathan Smith
General Discussion / Re: New Website
April 04, 2010, 09:44:52 PM
Quote from: Mad Penguin on April 04, 2010, 07:41:28 PM
Ok, set up a new WP instance at http://new.linux.co.uk/

No content and just a crappy free theme for now .. but I've plugged in a bunch of Plugins and set up a twitter account so it's ready for a theme choice and some content. If anyone wants to post some content just to see what it looks like / how it works, let me know and I'll set you up with an account ...

Been scanning templates .. not been completely convinced by any of them yet .. like lots of 'parts' of different templates ..

definitely don't like that template :P - i also fine that i can never find "the right" template always ooo like this feature hate this feature. Have you looked into joomla ? or is that not an option. ill help any way i can just say :)
Linux Tips & Tricks / Re: Web 2.0 Programming ...
April 04, 2010, 07:06:54 PM
where are the status numbers being pulled from ? Am i correct in assuming these numbers are server load ?
General Discussion / Re: New Website
April 04, 2010, 06:57:44 PM
Quote from: Mad Penguin on April 04, 2010, 01:20:23 PM
Ok, looking forward to the content on the new site .. obviously there is 'stuff' on the old site, anyone got any ideas re; the sorts of things they'd 'like' to see on a new site?

that's a hard one because alot of the stuff you would generally see is on the forums (news tutorials) actually thinking about it don't see many reviews so maybe that's a possibility to add those would love to see community events etc and maybe even as far as a Linux-con for UK users but that's not really site content. Also you could stop the posting of Linux news in the forum and allow users to create articles on the main site also allow people to comment (maybe have a rating system like you see on some sites where not so helpful comments can get rated down and if rated down enough cant see them until some one clicks the link) can always add a link to the news forums linking to said articles if i think of anything else ill pop back on and type some more
Linux Support / Linux Supported Printers
March 29, 2010, 06:58:12 PM
If your unsure whether or not your current printer is supported by Linux, you can simple check out the link below to see if your printer has Linux support.

Check My Printer


- Works Perfectly.
- Works Mostly.
- Works Partially.
? ? ? - Unknown.
- No Support ("Paperweight").