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Title: HP Netbook
Post by: peter70c on February 25, 2010, 01:54:21 pm
Hi there, new member here. Be Gentle!
I have an Hp netbook with linux enterprise desk top pre installed. I am up and running using Firefox but cant install any down loads or updates! they land on my destop but wont install using "Install Software"
Any suggestions?
Title: Re: HP Netbook
Post by: Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec) on February 25, 2010, 03:21:44 pm
Do you mean Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED)?
How are you downloading the 'Software' as a file (.rpm .deb etc.) or through the package manager?
If I'm right and it is SLED...when you click 'Install Software' YaST2 will install software:
1) select the search tab
2) type something in the search box (such as games, or browser etc.) and click will be presented with a load of games/browsers to install.
3) right click on the box next to the 'package' you want to install, and select 'Install'
4) click 'Accept'
and the software will be installed...if you've downloaded a .rpm .deb or other type of file you will have to tell us which type, as it will need to be installed from the command line.

YaST2 should install any required updates at the same time.
Title: Re: HP Netbook
Post by: peter70c on February 25, 2010, 04:37:14 pm
Yes it is SLED. when I click "Install Software" a window opens called Software Installer with a search box and below tht a whole list of packages which I have not loaded ie 844-ksc-pcf. Ther is no sign of YaST. If I drag the .exe file into the search box it accepts it but the search shows no results found.

Any suggestions
Title: Re: HP Netbook
Post by: Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec) on February 25, 2010, 06:08:42 pm
If the program has a .exe is a Windows executable, and will NOT run in Linux

you need to install  software specifically written for Linux... usually done through the package manager ('Install Software' on your system)

MOST software is available in your package manager, and will be downloaded by the system automaticaly once you select need to download it yourself.

What are you trying to load?
There is normally either a Linux version of the software you want, or an equivalent package that does the same thing.

Sometimes it is possible to get Windows programs running in Linux...see here:,82.0.html

BTW...even Linux software isn't installed by dragging to the search box, but if you let me know what you are trying to install, I'll try to talk you through finding a Linux alternative, and installing it.

and the 'Install Software' window IS YaST even if it doesn't say it anywhere :-)
Title: Re: HP Netbook
Post by: Mad Penguin on February 26, 2010, 12:49:39 am
There are ways and means to get Windows software running, however you should be aware that like Windows, many Windows applications are ... not optimal. First suggestion is *always* to see if there is a Linux "equivalent" of the application you are trying to install.

Can you tell us the name of the application you want and a little about what it does if it's not very well known, and maybe we can suggest a [better] alternative.
(Also bear in mind, the licensing on some Windows applications precludes you from legally running it on another Operating System)
Title: Re: HP Netbook
Post by: peter70c on March 01, 2010, 10:51:42 am
Thanks for the replies gents. The problem is, coming from a Windows background, I assumed that Linux would need constant updates in order to get to the latest version. If this is not the case then Whoopee Dooo.The problem still remains that if I try to install anything from the YaST list, I still get the message " Insert SUSE_SLED_SP1 on media 1"
Second question, how do I add anything to the YaST list?
Title: Re: HP Netbook
Post by: Mad Penguin on March 01, 2010, 12:59:15 pm
Mmm, I'm not a YaST man I'm afraid, but in principle it'll be the same as other distro's .. you need to;

a. Tell YaST that your CD is not a valid installation source
b. That it can fetch new packages off the net

I could give you screenshots for Ubuntu .. but it'll look different ...
Title: Re: HP Netbook
Post by: Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec) on March 01, 2010, 01:55:39 pm
Open YaST (Install Software), then click on  Cofiguration -> Repositories.
Now look down the list of repos till you find one thats URL is cd:///  highlight it, then (down the bottom) under 'Properties' you can do one of two things:

1) Lower its 'Priority'... which will cause YaST to look there after the other repos (ie. ONLY if it doesn't find it in a higher priority repo).


2) Take the 'ticks' out of the boxes marked 'Enabled' and 'Automatically Refresh'... which will cause YaST not to use it at all.

Then either way... Click OK (at the bottom)

If there isn't a cd:/// URL... look for one that doesn't start with http://   (media1: maybe?)

OK...adding stuff to the YaST list
the only way to add 'stuff' to the list is to add repositories, but be VERY CAREFUL that any repos you add are compatible with your version of SLED... if you install from a non-compatible repo you run the risk of 'breaking' things, which might include SLED itself.
This does NOT mean that if it isn't in the repos... you cannot have it... (Linux) programs can always be installed manually, but that's a different 'can-of-worms'.
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