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Thanks, this provides me with a great starting point.
Just when I think I learn a simple linux component someone will mention something that turns my understanding of said component on its head  :o
I love just jumping into something and muddling my way through... I end up with something completely different than I set out to do!  :D
Guess I'll be trawling the forums in my spare time!
Just found 2 more old PC's at work that I have comandeered! Going to butcher them and see what interesting stuff I find!

How would one go about such an idea?

What exactly do you want to achieve ?

  • Serving websites
  • Serving fies/media through a wepage
  • FTP server
  • Remote desktop access
  • All of the above


Would be nice to able to access files stored on it from anywhere.

But to be honest I haven't really thought it through completely. I've only just finished my semester, found the old computer, and fancied doing something useful with it. Any suggestions would be great!
Point of interest: Ive only been using the wonders of linux for about 6 months (practically a crime) so my skills are rather limited :(

How would one go about such an idea?

General Discussion / Re: Ideas wanted ...
« on: May 13, 2011, 09:09:43 pm »
video tutorials sounds good.
start with simple things...see how you get on. Thats something Im sure new users to linux would definitely appreciate!

Was just thinking about your post......totally true.
Ive been going through all the old IT stuff at work to see what I could do with it...cant believe they were actually going to throw it all out.

Any suggestions... I found an old dell optiplex 170L....could be interesting.

My rather recent discovery of linux has really sparked my computational brain!

I have recently converted an old old old pentium 2 using a puppy linux distro
Now that I've got the old thing up and running, (after spending about 3hrs cleaning the damn thing) I have hooked up two old harddrives and am using it to store all my music!
It finally has a purpose!!

Linux Tips & Tricks / Turning old computers into something useful!
« on: May 13, 2011, 05:42:23 pm »
Got an old computer? Think its just junk? Think again! With so many linux distros, you can easily turn an old computer into something completely useful!
This thread is for ideas, experiences, and general discussion! :)

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