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Hardware Compatibility / Re: Isthis possible
« on: Today at 07:44:58 am »
..... or 2023, even.   ;)

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Isthis possible
« on: April 03, 2020, 09:43:32 am »
Spoilt for choice, Jeff!

Re Zoom:  My preference was for JAMI (encrypted end-to-end and free) until it failed recently on my machine.  I looked into Zoom and read the Privacy Notice (how sad is that?!) only to find that they can do anything with your data.  I heard last night on The World Service that Zoom has had a security breach and users are livid.  So take your choice. 

The JAMI Privacy Notice has to be the shortest in the world:


Hardware Compatibility / Re: Isthis possible
« on: April 02, 2020, 01:35:18 pm »
Hi Jeff - and thank you for the kind words.

With 2GB RAM and ~1.7GHz many people might recommend a "small" version of Linux Ubuntu such as Lubuntu or Mint 19, but my Laptop (Lenovo T500) has the same characteristics as yours and runs the full Ubuntu 18.04 very well.  Everyone has their own favourite but with "Live USBs" of each you can try them out before deciding. 

For simplicity, one can buy a "Live CD" (certainly for Ubuntu), which makes things easier, but delivery may be delayed during this Covid business, so it's probably best to create your own Live USB.  I think most Forum members will recommend UNetbootin, which is software for expanding a compacted ISO file that one usually has already downloaded (say for Ubuntu) but UNetbootin offers a selection of Linux operating systems that you can choose from, which simplifies things a lot.

If you visit you can download the version for Vista, and we can go from there.

Other Members might have some more appropriate advice, so perhaps wait for some more views before deciding on your route.


Hardware Compatibility / Re: Isthis possible
« on: April 01, 2020, 03:09:52 pm »
Hello Jeff - and welcome to the Forum.

The answer is yes.  Unlike Windo$e, there are many flavours of Linux to fit a wide variety of computers.  There are many people who want to hold on to old but functioning machines and Linux caters for all needs - within reason. 

You are right to say that Vista is not supported - it hasn't been for a long time and was probably the worst MS product.  A good start for you would be Peppermint 10 which is in Long Term Support.  You can find a 32 bit version here: download. 

Linux Mint 19 is another good one to look at:

You can put either on a USB stick and try it out on your machine without installing, to see if you like it, and if you do you can install it from the USB either alongside Vista (probably not!) or overwrite it.

Let us know how you get on - or for advice on creating the "Live USB".


I'm a bit out of my depth with this one but it seems to me that as Firefox must be using the same drivers as Google-Chrome, and FF is working OK, then the problem lies with Google-Chrome, not your system. 

My limited experience of Google-Chrome has not been a happy one.

Is there a particular reason why you don't want to use FF for accessing your bank account? 

Just had a thought that might help. 

If your system was objecting to your script at start-up then you may well have placed the script in amongst system files, where it ought not to be. 
If this is the case, I recommend creating a sub-directory in your home directory and adding that sub-directory to your PATH variable.  This is all very easy, so let me know when you are ready to have another go. 


Well that's promising.  Good luck with your scripting!     


General Help & Advice / Re: Bash script caused system program problem
« on: March 28, 2020, 10:39:31 pm »
Have you tried uninstalling gpodder as per post #5? 

General Help & Advice / Re: Bash script caused system program problem
« on: March 28, 2020, 09:06:16 pm »
Try starting gpodder from a terminal with just:
Code: [Select]
gpodder &
without the "start" that you have used.  It ought to work OK (does for me). 
Let me know the outcome.


General Help & Advice / Re: No Install Route
« on: March 28, 2020, 04:15:43 pm »
Hi Matt.

I had exactly this problem on a very cheap, second-hand desktop: it wouldn't boot from the USB drive, which is what I wanted to do. 
The solution, from this Forum, was simply to remove the drive, insert it into a computer that would boot from a USB (or in your case a DVD) and install (in my case) Ubuntu.  Then remove the drive and put it back into the original computer.  And it worked fine. 

Of course you do need another computer - or a very good friend.

Best of luck;  and do let us know how you solve the problem.

This might be a daft question, your monitor set permanently (physically) in portrait mode?  Or is it rotatable?
The reason I ask is that one can rotate the stuff displayed on screen to match ones screen orientation. 


Hello Bryson - and welcome to the Forum.

Everyone has their own particular favourite applications and you appear to be heavily into text editing.

Over the years I have accumulated quite a variety of useful applications:
Nero - like the original Nautilus file manager but better now that Nautilus has been "improved".
ImageMagick - for every conceivable image manipulation via the command line.
Pinta - a simple but powerful GUI image editor.
Audacity - for sound recording & manipulation.
Pulse Audio - for managing sources of audio. 
VLC - media player.
Gparted - partition manager.
HPLIP - HP printer manager, for HP users.
For general text/spreadsheets I find the built-in LibreOffice is perfectly adequate. 

To some extent ones choice may be limited by Linux version.  What do you use? 


General Help & Advice / Re: Bash script caused system program problem
« on: March 28, 2020, 08:06:31 am »
Hi Mike.

It was your initial post about scripting that led me believe you were using the terminal/script to start gpodder - my error. 
The two problems you report:  start-up error message and script not starting gpodder properly may well be related. 

A couple of questions:
Did you install gpodder from via the built-in "Software" application of XUbuntu, download it from the web, or use the terminal command line and install it yourself?
Does the start-up message have a "Details" button? (that might help diagnosis)
Did the start-up error message only begin after you installed gpodder?

The simplest initial test might be to simply:
1. If you have a cron job script, remove the cron job and delete the script.
2. uninstall gpodder and see if the start-up message still appears each time you reboot.
3. Re-install gpodder (preferably via your System-Settings/Software) and test it by clicking on the entry in the applications menu.

Let us know how you get on and then we can start from scratch.

General Help & Advice / Re: Bash script caused system program problem
« on: March 27, 2020, 08:09:01 am »
Hi Mike.

Not sure which dialogue box you refer to, but in the meantime I have a couple of suggestions:
1. Instead of running a cron job you could add gpodder to the startup applications - unless you want it to start at particular times/days. 
2. At a terminal, one shouldn't need super-user authority to start gpodder.  Here's my output:
keith@T500:~$ gpodder
1585296242.411845 [gpodder.sync] WARNING: Could not find gpod
1585296242.412341 [gpodder.sync] WARNING: Could not find eyed3.mp3

Note that this ties up the terminal to the application, but it gpodder works well.

As well as posting the terminal output from my previous post, would you also post the output from
Code: [Select]
inxi -Fx

General Help & Advice / Re: Bash script caused system program problem
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:49:22 pm »
Hi Mike.

Please post the entire output that you received on startup - including a last prompt line if that appears.
Is there a particular reason that you want to start it via the command line rather than via the menu?  I find that starting applications from the terminal often lists a few errors although the application works fine. 


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