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General Discussion / Re: Advice in getting a Linux system.
« on: Today at 01:02:54 pm »
Hello Tony - and welcome to the Forum.

Do you particularly want a separate computer for Linux?  You can install Linux alongside Windows on your present machine - or better still, replace Windows with Linux. 
A web search of "buy computer with linux installed" yielded these and more:
Some of them may not be UK but worth a look at them. 

The best option is to try several Linux versions before settling on the one that suits you best.  Probably the most popular one (and hence best supported) is Ubuntu, and there are several others based on Ubuntu; notably Mint and Peppermint.  Try searching "list of linux operating systems" and you will find lots to choose from.  Although I use Ubuntu almost exclusively I have discovered XUbuntu and like it very much. 
You can download an "ISO" file of an OS that takes your fancy then "burn" it to a DVD or USB to create a "live disc/USB".  This will allow you to try the OS without installing it - and then, if you wish, installing it instead of Windows or alongside it.  If you install alongside Windows you won't need WinE (Windows Emulator), if you must use Windows s/w! 

There are plenty of people here who will be keen to help you install Linux.  Good luck!

Are you using   IPV4 Method = Automatic (DHCP)    and   Security WPA2 Personal  (i.e. everything set to defaults) or do you use something fancy? 

Internet Connectivity / Re: AC600 Wireless USB Adapter MWA255 not connecting
« on: September 27, 2020, 05:26:00 pm »
I contacted Melross and they replied " we are sorry that we stop supporting this device so it is not suitable for Ubuntu 18 & 20 now.  Sorry for the inconvenience and trouble caused.
Which means Mint 18 to 20, too.  So it looks like you are out of luck this time.  It might be worth contacting [email protected] for info on which of their products would be suitable. 


Internet Connectivity / Re: AC600 Wireless USB Adapter MWA255 not connecting
« on: September 26, 2020, 03:05:20 pm »
I did see that one but guessed you would be using the smaller, Wavlink one, also with the AC600 name. 

You seem to have chosen the most appropriate model, and I've not seen anything so supportive of Linux, unless there is something very different about Mint 19 c.f. Mint 18. 
I can't think of anything else except checking the WiFi settings very carefully - which I'm sure you will have done several times. 


Internet Connectivity / Re: AC600 Wireless USB Adapter MWA255 not connecting
« on: September 26, 2020, 12:57:47 pm »
Hello Tramlink,

While it's true that Linux is very good at coping with most things one plugs into it, you might be unlucky his time.

If this is the Wavlink Model: WL-WN681A1, says "If your computer’s operating system doesn’t install the driver automatically after plugging in, you just need to install the driver from the bundled CD or from Wavlink’s website.
Going to and selecting WL-WN681A1-B (there are several versions) shows a pop-up with drivers for Windows and MAC.  Since MAC is Linux based, you might like to try installing MAC drivers from your installation CD. 


News and Events / Re: Hell finally freezes over ...
« on: September 23, 2020, 11:10:26 pm »
Just as I thought I was safe! 

This announcement is at least overt, but I can envisage MS liberating applications that are not obviously from that source that users are enticed into using - with privacy consequences. 

Hello Hinu  - and welcome to the Forum.

Kali Linux looks very dubious to me.  I found on "  Kali Linux is made for the express purpose of penetration testing. It is built on the Debian codebase and is created by a security firm known as Offensive Security."
And on  "1 advantage of kali over other distros is it can mount ntfs partitions even when not safely turned off from windows or its hibernated. and you can install other general purpose software as per needed.

For general purpose use, Mint would be the better option and there is much more support for it.   What are you using Kali for? 

For a start, try:
Code: [Select]
iwlist scan | grep ESSID
and post the output here.  Is your router or modem listed?


General Discussion / Re: Yet another newbie!
« on: September 09, 2020, 05:27:08 pm »
Hi Barry.

I'm glad that you found the source of the problem and that you are up & running with Mint.
As you have fixed the original purpose of your topic, please amend the title of your first post to say [Solved]. 


General Help & Advice / Re: CD Ripping
« on: September 08, 2020, 11:10:13 am »
Hi Melissa.

Did you succeed in downloading Brasero from either of the sites suggested?
If you have solved your problem (in any way) please let us know and mark your post as Solved. 

As an aside; 
1. The latest version of Audacity (2.2.1) will save MP3 files as WAV files that you can burn to a CD and play on your retro radio. 
2.  Xubuntu has many CD/DVD burners available for installation (along with many other useful applications) and will work well on your netbook, so you might consider installing it. 


General Discussion / Re: Yet another newbie!
« on: September 04, 2020, 04:15:39 pm »
Hi Barry.

Doesn't sound good. 
The Dell Inspiron is fine and with 4GB should run any Ubuntu-based operating system like Mint. 

I meant which website (found with Google) did you download the ISO from?
But....did you check the integrity of the downloaded ISO file? That's important.  You can get the information about how to do it here:

It turns out that Mint provides a check sum using sha256sum rather than MD5SUM - sorry I misled you there. 
If Mint is running (sort of) you can start a terminal session (CTRL+ALT+T) and follow the instructions from the Mint website above.  I've just tried it on a Mint 20 ISO and it worked fine - except that my Mint 20 Live USB doesn't work! 


[EDIT] Just noticed that you refer to Mint XUbuntu.  But these are different operating systems.  Which do you have installed?

General Discussion / Re: Yet another newbie!
« on: September 04, 2020, 02:01:59 pm »
Hello Barry - and welcome to the Forum.

It's unusual for people to have such problems with Mint and it may be that the download of Mint was corrupted. 
Did you check the integrity of the download by comparing the MD5SUM with what is shown on the Mint website?

You say that you are having problems with having to type commands for what I want the system to do. Using terminal commands takes a bit of practice but you'll soon get the hang of it with help from our Members.  Indeed the Command Line is often the best way of solving problems. 

With regard to your three problems:
1.  Locked out with a black screen.  As a temporary solution, go to the system settings and change the screen behaviour so that it doesn't blank after a few minutes' non-use.
2.  Gonzilla?  I couldn't find any reference to that anywhere on the web (except some monster).  The nearest I found was Go!zilla which appears to be a Windows application and that definitely won't work on Linux! 
3.  No response to USB stick.  Did you check the applications shown at the base of the screen?  The file manager might have been shown there, and only needs to be clicked on to show the application. 
4.  Slower than Windows 7.  Mint should be noticeably faster that Windows as it's much smaller. 

To help people to respond, please provide the following information:
What is your computer make & model?
How much memory does it have?
Which version of Mint did you install and where did you get it from?
Did you check the integrity of the download before the installation (MD5SUM)? 

In the meantime, I'll have a look at Mint 18 as I have it on a Live USB.

General Discussion / Re: Manjaro and AUR!
« on: August 30, 2020, 11:17:48 am »
Hello Odin - and welcome to the Forum.

I found the following guidance at
1. Open Pamac (listed as Add/Remove Software)
2. Once you are in Pamac go to Preferences
3. In the Preferences dialog box go to the AUR tab, enable the AUR support, enable check for updates and close the dialog box.
4. You can now search for packages and those which belong to AUR can be identified by the tag under the package descriptions.

Hope that helps.

General Help & Advice / Re: Mounting USB devices - Peppermint 7
« on: August 26, 2020, 01:58:00 pm »
Hi Rob.

Try starting a terminal session (Ctrl+Alt+t) and entering:
Code: [Select]
df  |  grep media
If the output displays a line with the highlighted word "media" then the PC is seeing the 'phone.  Some digital cameras need to be set up as a "mass storage device" to be recognised as such and the same might be true of 'phones.  As I don't possess one, I can't advise.
If it does show "media" then you can "cd" to that directory as usual. 

Failing that; try:
Code: [Select]
sudo fdisk -l  |  grep /dev
If your 'phone is recognised then you should see it listed near the bottom of the list, probably as sdb1 if nothing else is plugged in.  Not sure where to go from there, but come back as someone will know. 


[Edit] You say the 'phone lights up when plugged into a USB port but mention I've got a box full of SCSI cables, but the plugs are just too big to fit the phone. If it needs a separate cable for data then that's what you'll have to do. 

This topic has been moved to Genera Help & Advice as that seems a more appropriate place.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: trouble with USB 3 port
« on: August 24, 2020, 08:40:41 pm »
1. I am sure that the PC can be rebooted safely, but don't unplug any USB devices before doing so. 
2. Sorry, I can't help you on that one.
3. Provided that the card reader was not just pulled out of the port before the PC was shut down, it will be OK (or is it the same one unplugged before?).  The new portable drive ought to be fine for a backup, in principle, unless there is a PC problem preventing its use. 

Perhaps not very helpful, but the best I can do. 


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