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Just adding my two penn'orth -

I'm a big fan of Mint, having tried several other distros over the years, which is a good all-round package.  I have Mint 19.1 Mate on my main computer and Mint XFCE on two very old laptops which both run very well.  Mint has good support worldwide.  ;)

See here -



If it's been a bug in Mint, then perhaps Mint 20 has indeed "caught up".  If so, then creating a Live USB of Mint 20 might show if that's been the problem.  What do you think?


Yup, that's another way to skin a cat!

Keith, thank you for the response. I'm like you, out of my depth on this sort of thing. That article has a log extract that looks remarkably like mine, so it looks like I am suffering from a USB Disconnect action instead of a USB Reset action, but I am puzzled as to why this is occurring. This is the Mint automount at work when I plug in the external drive and according to the log the drive remains connected:

[sdg] Attached SCSI disk

for a little under one second, until this is logged:

usb 2-1.1: USB disconnect, device number 26

What could be causing that to be happening? Is it possible that a kernel update (I have been installing every new kernel update as they are available via the Update Manager tool) has caused this? Could it be that the latest kernel no longer works with my hardware (which is now a good few years old) and I should be reverting to increasingly earlier kernels, until the problem stops?

Hi haughtonomous, and a belated welcome from me!

This is very often a good move in cases where a previously working distro suddenly 'plays up' possibly due to a conflict with the new kernel.  If you revert to a known working kernel, (often the one before) and the problem disappears, then the issue is resolved immediately.  It's then a matter of waiting until the conflicting software 'catches up' or a patch is found and then the new kernel can be utilised.  It is rarely a problem to wait a while for this to happen, other than for a security threat - very rare in Linux.

Hope this helps,


General Discussion / Re: Hello from Preston Lee
« on: June 13, 2020, 08:13:17 am »

I have recently joined and wanted to say hello to all.

Preston Lee

Hi - and welcome to the forum!

General Discussion / Re: How do I save screen resolution
« on: June 10, 2020, 12:48:53 am »
I wouldn't know where to begin with this - my experience with tablets hasn't been good.  Anything with Android on it is, I believe, notoriously difficult to modify.

However, it is possible to create a live Linux Mint/Ubuntu USB with persistence which will retain changes etc. and so be able to run the OS from the stick.

Look at this posted by Mark

It's a bit dated so a search might bring up a more recent version but I think the principles will be similar.  Of course, you will need access to a Linux machine to do it........

Printers and Scanners / Re: What printers work best on Linux?
« on: June 07, 2020, 11:51:51 am »
Hi again Melissa - check your personal messages  ;)


General Discussion / Re: Real novice with linux. Please help
« on: June 06, 2020, 08:45:06 am »
Welcome back Mark but Jeez don't leave your email details on there.

Well spotted, darry  ;) I'd removed the phone number and missed the email address!

General Help & Advice / Re: Browsers won't load some pages
« on: June 05, 2020, 08:25:30 am »
Hello everyone.
I did some updates and downloaded few stuffs on my laptop with Linux Mint. I know one of the app requested reboot to take an effect. So after downloading more apps I rebooted, and since that my browsers won't load some of the pages. Anything regarding google, so neither my gmail, and some other websites..
I disabled Firewall as I thought it would be it. Nothing happend, then next day it took effect, and google worked normally, for few hours, then the problem started again. I don't know what it could be. Please can somebody help me??  :'( :'(

Hi - and welcome to the forums!

Which version of Mint are you using and which browser?  Were the 'updates' all from Mint or did you also get add-ons for your browser?

General Discussion / Re: Real novice with linux. Please help
« on: May 30, 2020, 08:32:13 pm »
My question is why are they selling it? it's open source!

Looking at the pricing I'd say it's around what you might pay for a run-of-the-mill usb stick that they are selling with Linux flavours added for 'free', then perhaps charge for ongoing support?  Personally, I'd return it to Amazon and start again afresh with a blank stick and d/load and burn my own but that depends on the OP's willingness and capabilities.

@ Mark  -  if you want to try this route with support from us, let us know.  Many on here will testify that's how we began with Linux and it's a great way to learn about it at very little cost, really just the price of a decent quality usb stick.   ;)

General Discussion / Re: Real novice with linux. Please help
« on: May 29, 2020, 08:21:17 am »
Mark - it is never a good idea to publish contact details on an open forum where anyone can pick them up and leave you open to scammers/abusers/trolls etc. I've removed the number to protect you.   ;) 

One-to-one help is not the practice here as we are all volunteers, not paid professionals, though the depth of knowledge of some of our contributors sometimes belies that!  All advice is freely given via the boards or occasionally, via Personal Messaging (PM's).  There may be a delay in replying from time-to-time but this is normal as we all have other things in our lives so please be patient when waiting for an answer?  Hope this makes things a bit clearer?

That said, try this -  and be aware that these are general instructions as Dell has a lot of models and it's hard to know exactly which Bios is which!

Start the laptop and immediately repeatedly tap the F2 key to access the Bios menu (or F12 if that doesn't work).  Look for an option for 'Legacy' Bios or 'Disable EUFI' if available.  Enable the option.

Navigate to the boot tab and then to the USB entry in the list.  You may have to click on it to highlight it and then use the arrow keys to move it to the top (or it may automatically use the highlighted entry).  Save and exit - often by pressing F10. Turn off the lappy, insert your USB stick, then reboot.  If all is in order, it will boot from that.  (If not, it may be that the USB installation has not been properly placed on the stick ie: copied to rather than burned.)  You then have the option to try out Linux before installing it but be aware - it will always run much more slowly from a USB than it will when on a HDD.

We still need to know the flavour of Linux you are using and the way it got on to the stick? 

Hope this helps


Printers and Scanners / Re: What printers work best on Linux?
« on: May 28, 2020, 10:37:51 pm »
A second-hand printer may be ok but will doubtless come with no guarantee so a new printer may be more cost-effective in the long run.
If it's professionally refurbished there should be a guarantee. The example I chose at random was guaranteed for 6 months — if it's faulty it should show within that time.

On the subject of inkjets clogging, that can be a serious problem if you are not a frequent user. Laser printers are dearer, but they don't mind being left unused for weeks. Also, even the initial ink supply is far larger than you get with an inkjet: my Samsung died after 8 years and I'd never had to replace the ink!

I agree wholeheartedly, but Melissa is talking about Ebay.  There are many fine businesses operating there but also some not so good and there's no way of knowing which is which until something goes wrong.  After all, a guarantee is worth nowt if you can't get a response from the vendor......  Just saying...

General Discussion / Re: Real novice with linux. Please help
« on: May 28, 2020, 10:30:07 pm »
Hi all. I know nothing about BIOS, but i cannot get any of my PCs to boot to anything other than windows 10. I get bogged down with eufi,shell and all sorts, even got stuck in shell but managed to escape back to windows! I appreciate every bios is different, but I'm really stuck. I have the usb stick ready, but can't boot from it. I would really like for someone to puppy walk me through it - ideally on a live chat somehow. I know it's unusual, but i really don't know what I'm missing. I know it is down to boot priority order, but can't seem to get anything other than windows.

Thank you
Mark UK

Hi Mark - and welcome to the forums!

We're going to need a bit more info from you in order to get you (hopefully) sorted.  ;)  Which flavour of Linux are you trying to boot from and how did you create the usb stick?  Also, '... any of my pc's.....'  how many?  And do they all have Windows installed on them? 


General Discussion / Re: Unable to sign into Linux Mint Mate
« on: May 28, 2020, 04:39:02 pm »
Hi all,

I very recently installed Linuxmint 19.3 Mate as dual operating system with Windows 10 Home on my Lenovo ideapad v110. I have logged in about 15 or 20 times and now it tells me incorrect password, which is ridiculous as it is only three lowercase letters of my name which is also the same one I use in Windows which still works perfectly. Can anyone tell me how to get past this obstacle. It is annoying as I can't do anything in Linux until I can get in.
Thanks for any help.

Hi - and welcome to the forum!

Firstly - did you install both operating systems yourself, and in which order?  Or was Windows already on the laptop and you added Linux afterwards? 


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