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General Help & Advice / Re: Lost Pictures
« on: January 10, 2020, 03:59:09 pm »
Photorec is a splendid app, it recovers more than pictures, its found files on my drives which I thought had long gone, give it a try should you need to recover files.

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General Help & Advice / Re: Changing the Ownner of a Partition
« on: January 09, 2020, 08:34:13 pm »
Yes you can wipe the windows partition when its unmounted, removing the entry from fstab is a must as the system may fail to boot properly if fstab is telling PC to mount a partition that no longer exists.  When installing windows it will assign a filesystem.
Personally I would put the windows OS on a separate HDD.
good luck.

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Android devices / Re: Some Shinys
« on: January 09, 2020, 08:03:02 pm »

(updated link)

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Linux Tips & Tricks / Open Cubic Player -How To ...
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:29:49 pm »

Ill be writing about yet another TUI application, which will run with or without an X server. Those who know me are aware i prefer to use the console where possible, not because i wanna be l33t but merely because i find it does things better, faster and in many cases opens up moar options/preferences than you get with the GUI counterparts.  My latest find started life in or around December of 1994 as a DOS binary-only freeware. Thankfully at the tail end of 2003 someone took the time and effort to port it to Linux, and other 'Unix like' Operating systems.

Open Cubic Player as mentioned will run in a TTY as well as in a graphical environment, here's a few scrot's of OCP


Both images above are from the ocp-X11  ( the graphical environment)  now it's only fair i show you  OCP running in a non graphical environment.

      Video of OCP in action

Using ocp-curses we dont get the same visualisations, only the spectrum analyzer, whereas in the X version we have choice ofaround 4 visualisations

   Ok if you are still reading im guessing you too must be in the TUI advocacy minority, im proud of you.  To show how proud im going to give a step by step tutorial on how to install this on any linux boxxen, so much so that even the novice will be able to follow the steps.  I would call myself an intermediate Linux user and i found OCP to have a wee learning curve so ill share some of my findings too that will maybe save you some time and effort, one hopes.  I am a big fan of MPD/ncmpccpp for my music player on linux, but OCP comes a close second, for me, only place if falls short is that im not able to stream http audio ( not that ive discovered as yet ). Firstly go and have a a read Here,it will also be wise to bookmark that page.

      Now let's get down to pimping our consoles, I tried a few OCP packages and only THIS one built without issue on 3 linux boxxen, both i686 & x86_64,  so go right ahead and download the compressed .tar.bz2.  Once downloaded extract the contents ( only 1 folder named ocp-0.1.21)  extract that folder to somewhere in your home directory, for the purpose of this tutorial i'd recomnend creating a  new folder in your home directory and name it ' build '  and extract ocp-0.1.21 to there.

     Next go ahead and open up a terminal ( new user's dont be scared it's not only leet haxxors who use a terminal)

Assuming you followed above steps by creating a folder named 'build ' in your home directory and extracted the tarball therein then run this command in terminal

Code: [Select]
cd ~/build/ocp-0.1.21

cd = change directory, so you have just moved into the ocp-0.1.21 folder by issuing that command.   Next up run this command

Code: [Select]

you will see text scrolling past, once it's done and you are returned to your PS1 (command prompt)  do this command

Code: [Select]

again you will see text scrolling past, once finished the final step is to issue this command

Code: [Select]

enter password when prompted

(su= super user, linux requires elevated priviliges to install software or to change system settings, this is a factor as to why we don't see that many viruses & malware on Linux and other ' Unix like' systems.  Once you have given the su command you will be prompted for password, enter it ( you wont see it on the screen as you type)  now the final command is

Code: [Select]
make install

and once that's finished installing type exit to leave super user, now you have just installed the application from source, ( well done to any new users who are still with me here)  you can type ocp in a terminal or launcher to run the graphical version of the application, typing ocp-curses in a terminal or tty will launch the non graphical version.

   Config file is stored in ~/.ocp/ocp.ini   line 65 should be edited to point to your music directory. Editing line 28 or ; commenting it out will change colours.

To have playlist play continiously press the insert key when chosen directory is highlighted in the ocp file manager

In the graphical ocp the keys a,o,b will change visualisations, pressing shift & a is my prefered vizualsation ( spectrum analyzer )

I use i3 tiling Window Manager and i find adding this line to ~/.i3/config makes the X version better

Code: [Select]
for_window [title="Open Cubic Player"] floating enable; border 1pixel; 

If you have any questions or get stuck feel free to leave a comment and ill respond ASAP

That's all folks.


Android devices / Re: Some Shinys
« on: May 19, 2014, 06:32:00 pm »
sorry, updated link.

Android devices / Some Shinys
« on: May 18, 2014, 11:15:50 pm »
Hi Folks
                    Sorry ive been a stranger of late, just a link to some shinys i have on my server for fellow droids    ( all files have been given a clean bill by Dr. Web) #enjoi
ps <3 teh captcha

Linux Tips & Tricks / Arch Linux Switching to native systemd
« on: September 04, 2012, 11:59:14 am »
A few weeks ago when Arch announced the switch to systemd there was much gnashing of teeth ,  i too was apprehensive about making the switch but i knew it would have to be done sooner or later , i opted for the sooner. Here is a lil guide i wrote for those unsure of how to proceed

$ pacman -S systemd                   # getting systemd itself, and any deps

* fixed myself a hostname, vconsole.conf, locale.conf, and timezone file in /etc       #see … tion_files

$ pacman -R initscripts                                # removing initscripts, getting a rc.conf.pacsave just in case was good.
$ pacman -R sysvinit

$ pacman -S systemd-sysvcompat              # replacing init and boot with systemd

$ pacman -S systemd-arch-units                  # getting Arch-compatible versions of native systemd service/unit-files

$ sudo shutdown -r now      #Reboot , u may need to hard boot
you will boot into tty1 just login & type startx

then to enable slim,DHCP,network mgr,ntp  type in terminal as root ..
systemctl enable [email protected]                #for dhcp network | for static ip see
systemctl enable slim.service                                #slim    *systemctl enable kdm.service    if you a KDE user
systemctl enable NetworkManager.service             #network manager
systemctl enable ntpd.service                                #Network Time Protocol daemon    ( if ntp installed)
systemctl enable systemd-readahead-collect.service systemd-readahead-replay.service     #To enable readahead  this should in principle improve boot time depending on your kernel version and the type of your hard drive, your mileage may vary (i.e. it might be slower). In order for the readahead to work its magic, you should reboot a couple of times.
For any services you require but arent listed see the archwiki for a more comprehensive list and a guide to writing your own , above services will suffice for most users.
afterwards you may like to remove the now defunct consolekit which apparently still uses resources for doing a job that systemd or udev now handles  (automounting of drives / USB devices)

Blogs / Re: Apple Charlatans
« on: September 03, 2012, 11:49:40 pm »
TY form the warm welcome Mark :)

Blogs / Re: Yeah, but Windows has "Terminal Server" !
« on: September 03, 2012, 11:45:06 pm »
Redmond only shows you what it wants to show you .

Blogs / Apple Charlatans
« on: September 03, 2012, 11:37:31 pm »

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