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Netbooks / Re: interested in Linux but confused about it
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:13:42 pm »
       Forget about VPN for now. Forget about running Microsoft app's/programs from now on to as from what I understand that is your ultimate goal in this question. Your internet connection should work auto these days on Almost if not every official LINIX based OS? Like someone mentioned when you plug your Ethernet cable or which ever type of phone jack you plug in to your machine does this not give you a hard wired connection? And does the OS not pick up on available networks. If not there is something seriously wrong unless you are running a really really old version and I doubt that as the once I am talking about are not possible to 'download' or 'get hold of anymore' go to the terminal and do the usual ifconfig and ifconfig-nt ect ect and netstat. That will at least tell you the state of the machines Internet protocol and the state of the network?

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      Microsoft have been working with LINUX developers to create and release a ISO or disk image for Microsoft's Windows  VM (Virtual Machine) or (Virtual Box), that is to be different and or a "better experience in some way from all other releases up to now! To days date being 19/09/2018. Apparently the disk image to be run on the Virtual machine or the GUI app/program Microsoft's VM or (Virtual Machine or Virtual Box) that allows one to download images of operating systems and install them on a virtual disk for 'testing', is unique in some way and promises to be a more 'realistic' version of UNBUTU Desktop?!? the image is UNBUTU Desktop 18.04.1 LTS also known as 'Bionic Beaver' like mentioned is suppose to be different to all other ISO disk images for UNBUTU is some way or another. Over the years I have loaded UNBUTU disk images using the MS VM or VB (I class them as the same the program/app on Microsoft Windows  with the GUI that allows other operating systems to be 'installed on a virtual disk' not the virtual machine that is never seen and is a mush for any machine that uses Java script! The question here is has anyone downloaded this image and installed it yet on a VM? If so how did it go and do you notice any difference and or anything involving anything? Also how would one verify the download to be genuine using OpenPGP and or open PGP software i.e gpg4win ect ect? Any Q&A on the subject would be interesting and appreciated!?! Does not seem many use this forum any longer. Probably the same story as many LINUX users all think it is great and they are all a tight group at first with the idea or ideal of open source software only to have a change of heart in one way or another and every one go there separate ways i.e some becoming professionals and not having time for these sort of places any longer to the users who just give up LINUX 'and the rest' completely' and go back to playing baseball and just using tech to watch porn and do the shopping?!? Anyhow seems like a nicely designed 'forum' a lot like in fact identical to the Bitcoin index forum and the TOR browser index forum except this has some other features  and all the colors and icons are different. Could be a great little forum though even though the hype/shine/novelty of the 4chan = Anonymous group has 'worn of' a little now. I.e the group are not new news and thus are not right up there in the 'Anonymous spot light' (if there is such a thing?!? Anyhow there must still be people interested in the concept of LINUX and understand that even though they have moved on to 'bigger better things' there 'masterpieces' are still based on the LINUX Kernel no matter how many ways one try's to change that in the eyes of the law the fact is no matter how many lawyer papers are created and no matter how many 'tricks & traps' are thought of to get round that the base line is your operating systems are built on the original LINUX Kernel!!! And there are those who are just starting out who want to learn the ways of the LINUX force!?! Anyhow gone well off topic here but hope this will 'resurrect' the forum is one will??!?? I.e I hope this is the first of many 'Threads' or 'Good  threads' to be posted. See how it goes. I am a probably low intermediate level overall LINUX user so!?! Have installed all sorts of OS on that VM many of them are now dis-continued. But there is nothing to stop one re-continueing them. If one got in touch with the previous developers I am sure they would probably hand the project over as such as it is open software they are built on and they cannot legally own it. So if one was to make a deal saying we will take it over and if we manage to make it into anything use full to the general masses we can come to some arrangement where we can all benefit. It is better that way then to just forget the whole project until all the copy's are lost and the 'languages' are out dated and forgotten and the whole OS that must have taken so long to create in time, money heart and the rest. Just to be totally lost to time i.e no trace that the OS one once put all available spare time into just no longer exists and one may well have not bothered. That is my generations thing. I am quite old so all our projects where done on paper and are now lost to time most of it in a landfill. Some in a few text books with notes but the majority just in landfill! These days there is no need for anything one thinks and records of doing to be lost. And in or for an IT person that is good. No time wasting either just a straight question and a straight answer not having to say hello how are you and the rest of all that although it is nice to say Hello it is only 5 letters anyway again this is turning out to be more of an appeal  than a question. The question is as at the top of this paragraph! I look forward to reading any positive input on the subject I my am going to download / verify and install the Disk image on an external hard drive. Or I am going to try anyhow and then post results here. See if anyone posts anything and if there is any relation to each others Q&A. I would just like to mention that I am still 'finding my way round this index forum' so if my format is incorrect one will have to go easy on me for now until I can become an 'expert' at the 'taking part' in the forum Q&A ect ect ?!?               
                                Thanks for the time          Best Regards                      I will try to attach an old ISO  UNBUTU Desktop disk  image for MS VM if it is possible!
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"Success has many fathers failure is an orfan"       
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Linux Tips & Tricks / Has anyone posted anything in this forum this year?
« on: September 19, 2018, 02:20:07 pm »
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General Discussion / Re: ex MS wannabee
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:00:12 pm »
       If it was me I would not just cut of MS out that lightly. There are literally hundreds of LINUX 'flavor's' coming out now and the truth is no one knows which ones will be continued and successful and which ones will be abandoned for what ever reasons. If you are going to do what you say U would honestly  start with UNBUTU! It is said that it may be dis continued but people say a lot of things? The thing is UNBUTU is in many ways basically the same as all the LINUX 'flavor's' i.e 'CMD' command lines are very similar if not the same, they lay out of the GUI is some what the same i.e apps and programs are the same so UNBUTU is a good place to start and could well be the OS you end up sticking with!

        Also as far as MS goes Windows is intergrating much of LINUX in to its main frame. I.e you mentioned verifying downloads ect because you feel people are spying on you. Well MS Terminal/CMD/Powershell is now using many of the exact same command lines as the Linux and it is the LINUX distribution's that are beginning to 'mix up there terminal command lines! For example openPGP software gpg releases now use the exact same command lines they do for Windows as they do for Linux! So verifying downloads to make sure they have come directly from the developers is the same commands using CMD/Powershell on MS as it is using any LINUX 'flavor' terminal. And verifying downloads is a big part of the base of your security. Also the command lines for creating key pairs and exporting importing ect ect are all the same!

         Me personally I Dual boot with UBUNTU, KALI and WINDOWS 10 that sounds like it is stupid and complicated as which one doe you decide to use. the truth is these  distribution's  seem to be 'merging' together and becoming more and more compatible! I would also recommend using MS VM to at least test the LINUX 'flavor's' you plan to adopt and see for your self what they are like. I personally use the GUI Virtual machine for many reasons testing old windows  distribution's testing new LINUX  distribution's and various other reasons/uses. I would research  carefully where these 'releases' are coming from and where they are going. I.e I sometimes use TAILS LIVE OS it is worth noting that about 6 releases back the TAILS OS adopted DESBIAN based system to build 'on top of' as is the same for many LINUX 'flavor's' or releases. Like I mentioned earlier do not discard MS so easily. Hard core LINUX users will laugh but they do not know what is happening right at the top  echelons of the software world. There are many LINUX developers who have the MS mind set now and many MS developers who have the LINUX mind set to!?! If you go to the Microsoft community you will see that they have taken LINUX seriously and are trying to embrace it. In fact the Wins 10 Power shell is meant for development with just about any software creators and developers. And that is how MS got so 'powerful' they approach developers and if they know what they are talking about and are creating something 'good' that is going somewhere they just buy them out or in which ever way one wants to put it i.e they will buy the developers company for a lot of money give the developers stock options and take them on as employees / self employed where the more successful the project is the more money they make it is a great plan even the great main LINUX inventor himself is in this 'business model now. So before you do just discard MS so easily and 'buy in' to all these LINUX idealists think what they will be thinking in there life time. There opinions will change and you will be the one left with an OS that is useless and or abandoned! I do love LINUX but I have learned to be practical the LINUX dream is over now things are moving very  fast everyone is on it so hedge your bets if you will (if you understand that saying)

                                                          Best Regards

General Discussion / Re: which system to choose
« on: September 04, 2018, 03:21:03 pm »
Forgot about live USB OS I have been using VM to test the different OS versions. Better just using a USB. NOOB's DEBIAN is a nice little OS can be installed on just about anything. SD card USB to be used on a Raspberry PI or a larger device? It has all the word, excel, publisher type app's/programs on it. And it can be used for development too! Yet it is a very small OS and does not need much power to put it one way. One question what do you mean when you say Windows is disappearing?

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