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General Discussion / Re: What Tablet and or Mobile?
« on: December 31, 2018, 11:39:23 am »
Moved from IOS to Linux and never looked back. So nice to NOT have to have DRM, iTunes, and all the other C.R.A.P. that is required. Cool to be able to do something SIMPLE like watch FLASH videos. Also cool to be hooks to the FOSS community so the device STAYS affordable. Oh, and 1/2 the price is nice, too :)

Also got PureVPN with it. You peeps hava look at there New Year VPN Sale of 88% Off on 5-Year Plan: $1.32/m at

General Discussion / Re: Choosing type of linux
« on: November 14, 2018, 12:42:31 pm »
I m also using PeppermintOS 9 64bit on my old laptop and its working great! Nicely suggested Mark.

Internet Connectivity / Re: Nord vpn(solved)
« on: November 06, 2018, 01:36:22 pm »
Wat about nord support?

Android devices / Re: good android site
« on: November 05, 2018, 09:49:45 am »
Website is nice and informative.

The info is good to know!

General Discussion / Re: which system to choose
« on: November 05, 2018, 09:42:59 am »
Yeah windows 10 is the one which i hated the most as it keeps updating all the time, you should better Xubuntu 18.04....

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