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At my work environment we have some PC labs. In these research centers every PC has the working framework windows and linux. The two frameworks are in our AD area.

I completed a lab of tests and I have an utilitarian linux server. I put a few hubs/specialists as root and Everything working superbly when I run puppet operator - t.

The issue:

When I sign in with an area client (e.g: xiru) on linux machines and run the linux operator - t direction, another testament is created, however a mistake happens cautioning that it doesn't coordinate the server's declaration.

For the domain users, the puppet creates the new certificate on the path:
Code: [Select]

Linux machines names in the test:

I try set certname variable on the puppet conf, but the error remains.

Code: [Select]
certname = mint-client.mycompany.intra

server = puppet.mycompany.intra

How can I get around this and make it always with the same certificate that I configure via root user?

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