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I am trying to mount a Samba share and have encountered the following error.

The command used to mount the share is:
> sudo mount -t cifs //<Samba IP>/smb /mnt/smb -o user=<UserName>,password=<Password>,vers=3.0

The message returned is mount error(2): no such file or directory.

The strange thing is I am able to use the GUI to access the Samba folder via smb://. Ping and telnet work too. The /mnt/smb directory exists as well.

The OS is RHEL 7.8 (Maipo) and the kernel version is 3.10.0-1127. For the OS, both the firewall and SELinux have been disabled.

Both cifs and keyutils have been installed as well.

I have done plenty of google searches but to no avail. Are there other OS configs or command options to look at?

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