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hi with TestDisk i find my disk with a good size 320Go . i can get image.dd but all my folders and files name are new it s very hard to reorganize 300 Go. :(

my disk has 320 Go but the iso file has just 1.2 Go so how can i get my other 318 Go  data, do you know any  software please

can i recover  the data with on OS LInux  live , i think there is a OS used for Forenisc computing .  do you kniw a good one.

i have a usb external disk mounted as /dev/mdxi . when i type cp ubuntu.iso /dev/mdxi, all my data in my external disk is removed and ubuntu.iso is extracted int my can i recover my data. i try to use TestDisk with photorec but it can't find my files.

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