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Thanks Keith for your explanation how to add Solved to my initial email, I'll do it after sending this reply.
Best regards.
Hi Keith. Nice to hear from you again, hope you are well and keeping safe as I am. Now I have to say I've been a bit of a silly boy although, your reply has helped me solve the problem. First the Mail Toolbar wasn't visible but, after reading your reply I managed to find the 'tick boxes' for the (Get messages, Write, Chat, Address Book etc)  and these were un-ticked. I ticked the boxes required and pleased to report everything is back to normal. Can you remind me how I confirm that my problem has been resolved.
Thanks. Goalie
I've recently updated my Thunderbird and now can't find my address books. They are there because when composing emails when entering the recipients their address automatically appears. How can I reinstall my Address Books?
HP Envy 5030 Printer 'not printing'  problem solved.

I recently had a problem with my HP Envy 5030 All in One printer that wouldn't  print when "Ink is Low" notice was shown, after various unsuccessful attempts to print I contacted the Forum helpline.
I was advised to check if the computer was showing the 'ink levels and also advised to download the HPLIP app.
When I checked the ink levels on the computer they where not showing if they were empty or not. I have been using CartridgeSave compatible ink cartridges for sometime without any problems up till now. So I bought new a new set of CartridgeSave compatible ink cartridges and replaced the old ones and the printer still showed  the  "Ink is Low" notice. I was then advised the check if the "Ink Levels" where showing on the computer printer properties and found they were not showing the levels of the new full cartridges just fitted. At this time I noticed in the Status section of the printer properties that the Enabled box wasn't ticked so I ticked this and noticed that the Ink Levels showed Full. Then I set up to print a Test Page and the printer then printed a Test Page successfully.
After informing the Linux Forum advisor of the successful outcome we agreed that it wasn't necessary to download the HPLIP because it wasn't an easy one to use.


This subject is as gone as far as I want it to and whilst not completely solved, I'm grateful for all the help you have given me with the it and the solution at the end is okay with me.


Agree I do find the Terminal Commands a bit confusing I'll leave it as it is and I'll sign this subject off as  Solved.

All the best.
I'm a gluten for punishment what is the command method, I have quite a few 'locked' files on another usb stick.

Good Morning Keith.

Regards to the 'greyed out' delete command the 'move to the rubbish bin' is also 'greyed out' so can't do that either

I don't want to take up any more of your time on this subject. So I've decided to go through the 'locked' personal files as you suggested in Q.2. in your reply Yesterday at 12:52:25 pm. Then I'll look later at upgrading to Mint 20.1 and be more diligent in importing files to usb sticks.

Many thanks for all your help and patience on this subject.

Best regards.

Thanks for all your help and patience with this problem, before i sign it off as 'Solved' one more thing.:-

In the attachment sent with my Reply Today at 12:03:53 pm which you had to reduce the filesize. You will see that there are some parts 'greyed out' how do I 'delete' the files in this instance.

P.S. No rush for you to reply will do tomorrow I'm going to watch TV now.
I'll make note of the attachments ideal file size.

Q1. True.
Q2. I've never thought of that, see no reason why not. It will allow me to close this problem as 'Solved'.

For future reference if I have this problem again in future, is it easier to change individual files permissions Access as 'Read Only' to 'Read & Write' using the 'Open as Root' as per the attachment in Reply Today 12:03.53 pm. Or is it not as simple as that?


Your reply 12:03.24 pm crossed in post with my reply 12:03.53 pm
My answer is True but other files on the stick are for my personal records.

Your reply 12:10.55 pm.
I had reduced the attachment in size obviously not enough, what is the proffered file size of attachments?


Attached screenshot of dialogue box that opens after 'right' click on  1 - Mint 19.3-HOME FOLDER I notice there is a 'Open in Root' command. First time I've noticed this could this be used to 'unlock' the individual files? I  haven't done anything with this curious to know what this is.


For got to mention when I open the locked files on PHILIPS stick and others the 'delete' is greyed out so can't 'delete' them if I wanted to.

Good Morning Keith.

Q1. Not sure where this folder is on the USB :-  '2 - MINT 19.3  HOME FOLDER - Jan 18th 2021'  See attachment of folders that show up when I open the PHILIPS stick.
       The folder 1 - Mint 19.3-HOME FOLDER -Dec 30th 2020 is the one shown on the attachment.
Q2. This was a backup for my PC however this out of date now but, still need to know how to unlock files if possible.
Q3. Yes and on other usb sticks that I have.
Q4. Can't answer for  2 - MINT 19.3  HOME FOLDER for 1 - Mint 19.3-HOME FOLDER Yes.


Sorry for the confusion the PHILIP usb, this has other folders/files than the ones in the 1-Mint HOME folder., its those that I meant. I'll do it tomorrow need a break from this tonight.

I'm interested to know what you mean by :-  Let me know when you want to delete the USB files - just pressing "Delete" is  not enough!

Till tomorrow.