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Reboot, and after the 'Start' sound, hold down the 'Option' key (aka - Alt) and select one of the EFI partitions... if you selected the correct one... Voila... the OSX installer will start.

So, you did this on Apple hardware running Ubuntu Linux?

I can't condone the use of this 'How To' for installing OSX on a hackintosh. ;)

Why not ;) Using easyEFI pre-bootcd I got to the OSX installer running from the 8GB partition on an "msdos" style partioned disk, but of course the OSX installer insists on GPT style partioning and offers Disk Utility to relabel, but that would destroy the 8GB partition holding the installation files. With parted it also possible to create GPT disklabels from within Linux, but in that case the mach kernel in the 8GB partition panics. So it seems three media would work: one easyEFI bootcd, one disk with the 8GB partition, and one disk to install OSX on, but I haven't tried that yet.

Thanks for your guide, really nice to play with all these *nix flavors on common hardware ;)

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