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Linux Support / Re: New Netbook - Opinions on Linux for a newbie?
« on: December 26, 2010, 05:16:19 am »
And a USB stick with a bad connection.

Tell me about it.  My hand was REALLY sore after having to hold it in at a certain angle the whole way through the LiveUSB install and the Ubuntu install.  Big grooves in my fingers too!

But everything is all set up now!  Can't thank you enough for the huge amount of help! :)

Linux Support / Re: New Netbook - Opinions on Linux for a newbie?
« on: December 25, 2010, 05:55:49 pm »
Thanks very much.  I think I've identified another problem.  My USB drive has stopped working.  So neither machine recognises it being plugged in.  My laptop recognises it long enough to tell me it would run faster in a high speed USB port, then it tells me there's nothing there.

So it looks like I might have to resort to buying a new USB when the shops open.  Either that or I could install it from CD using my dad's External DVD drive when I see him tomorrow.

I'll keep this updated.  Thanks again. :)

Linux Support / Re: New Netbook - Opinions on Linux for a newbie?
« on: December 25, 2010, 05:19:48 pm »
Thanks again!

But now I seem to have run into a bit of a major problem.  I started up Ubuntu on the Netbook just fine.  Had a look around and I liked it.  So I selected the icon to install Ubuntu fully.  During the install it asked me if I wanted to install alongside Windows or erase everything.  So I chose to erase everything.  Then configured everything during the install process until I got to setting up the Admin user account.  I entered everything in and the status changed from "Copying Files" to "Ready When You Are".

So I had no idea what it meant, I tried having a look around but nothing seemed to have changed or be waiting.  The account setup had the "Forward" button greyed out and unclickable.  I even tried going back and then forward again but nothing.  So I thought it was fine and rebooted the Netbook.

Nothing.  Got a black screen and that is it.  Tried with and without the USB stick in the drive, still does nothing.  On the few occasions it starts booting Ubuntu it comes up with green text full of the word "Error" all over the purple backdrop.  Other times it comes up with the Packard Bell logo and then a black screen.

I also tried formatting the USB stick on my laptop (this machine) then reinstalling the Ubuntu ISO, tried to boot using that and got to the Ubuntu loading screen.  Then it just stopped there, didn't access anything and didn't get past it for a while.

So it looks like I might have a dead Netbook?  I've got a warranty where they will fix any problem with the machine regardless of what caused it, including me.  So it's not fully hopeless.  I was just wondering if there is something I can do to fix this without having to put it in for warranty.  I had thought of trying to format the hard disk but can't seem to get an option to do so, not even a command line option when booting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Linux Support / Re: New Netbook - Opinions on Linux for a newbie?
« on: December 25, 2010, 03:40:14 pm »
Wow!  Thanks very much.  That's a real help.  I'm downloading Ubuntu ISO as we speak and have the USB Converter ready to use.  Hopefully before long I'll be running it on my Netbook.

Thanks so much again for your help! :)

Linux Support / New Netbook - Opinions on Linux for a newbie?
« on: December 19, 2010, 07:23:03 pm »
Hi all!

I've recently bought myself a new Netbook.  Packard Bell dot s2.  It came with Windows 7 Starter pre-installed, but after using it for a while (and having used Windows all my computing life) I'm wanting to change to Linux.

So my main questions are:

Considering the specs (listed below), would it be possible to install Linux on my Netbook?  Obviously I'd want to wipe all trace of Windoze from my system.

As I've never used Linux before, what distribution of Linux would be best for me to use?  I'm mainly going to be using the Netbook for word processing (I'm a Writer and it's better to write with than my laptop/PC).  And not even internet browsing.  I already use so no problem with using that.

Thanks in advance!

OS: Windows 7 Starter 32-bit
Processor: Intel Atom Processor N450
Memory: 1GB
Graphics: Integrated GMA 3150

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