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News and Events / Debian founder passed away
« on: January 01, 2016, 08:58:38 am »
Ian Murdock, founder of the Debian project, passes away aged 42.

General Help & Advice / deleting win 7 partition
« on: December 15, 2014, 03:49:37 pm »
My laptop has duel partition, win 7 and peppermint 5.

even my wife never uses the win partition, so I'm zapping it and putting linux lite in its place.

I installed Linux Lite on my netbook, that was running so slow, I hadn't used it for ages, then after installing Linux Lite it almost flies. (and the wife loves it)

So, I know how to get rid of win7 and replace with linux lite,
BUT, is there any unexpected pitfalls, totally zapping win7?

Looking forward to being " windowless again" ;D


General Help & Advice / changing video files to VOB files
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:11:40 pm »
A while ago I bought a tv for my grandchildren's room, got the sky multi room (I know they are spoilt :))) really pleased ( a bolt hole to watch the footy etc ;))
but the usb will not play films from the usb stick, the films play ok on the main tv. they are recorded in various formats.

My son said they require changing to vob files, something he had to do on his tv, he bought an usb stick with films as vobs and they worked perfect.

So my question is how do I convert them in linux (running Peppermint 5)?

Thanks in anticipation.


General Discussion / Remote Access Trojans
« on: November 24, 2014, 11:56:23 am »
Over the last few days, I keep reading about RATs, how they can take over your webcams or computer.
Knowing someone can spy on you (stories of cams in a child's bedroom, or a security cam outside etc) is worrying.

I read some follow up stories on a couple of tech websites and started to get a little confused about the security of linux, some saying its perfectly safe, others saying its not totally safe.

I know I don't require an anti virus, and have a firewall in my sky router
BUT is this enough?
I have had this router for a few years now, is the firewall still up to the task? does it update its self?

I'm on Peppermint 5

Look forward to your replies.


Peppermint / gThumb
« on: July 29, 2014, 08:31:21 am »
I've been trying  photo editors in Linux, so I don't have to use FastStone in wine.
the one problem I have is when I am asked to open a place to import photos they all come up with

125gb volume

or variations of.

when I download photos from my camera to computer, I download them to gThumb (which also puts them in pictures) in which I have a folder structure.

What I would like, if possible to instead of having  pictures in the list that comes up, is to have gThumb.

Put another way I suppose I need gThumb putting in my home folder, but cannot seem to be able to work out how to do it.

Thanks in anticipation


Peppermint / Auto wifi after resume
« on: July 01, 2014, 06:18:57 pm »
This is not strictly a peppermint problem as it has happened before on linux mint17 cinnamon.   hope the link works.
I think its a conflict with my hardware.

when I resume by opening lid, a box requesting wi fi authorisation pops up, if I click on connect the box just keeps reappearing.
If I click on cancel then click on the button on panel, then click on my wifi connection it connects.

Because I want to keep pep 5 until the next LTS, it would be good if it could be sorted.

thanks in advance


Peppermint / Peppermint 5 - 1st thoughts
« on: June 24, 2014, 01:52:46 pm »
Hi all.

installed pep 5 on both netbook and laptop, 1st impressions are excellent (hope I haven't spoke too soon).

since the new year I've tried different distros and all have had a few problems with all (linux mint mate17 being the best).

So its refreshing to get back to Peppermint :D
So far no bugs.
Even Chromium works perfect (so far)
Even the back space button  can be used to go back a page  ;) oh yeah.

So  a big thanks to the devs  Mark and Graeme.


General Help & Advice / FastStone in wine[SOLVED]
« on: June 05, 2014, 10:03:18 am »
Hi again
since I started using Linux about 5 years ago, I've never been interested in wine because I've always found software ran ok in linux or the linux alternative was just as good or in some cases better.
I was put on to FastStone image viewer (which is free software) and which is miles better than others of the same ilk (picasa etc) and in some ways is easier to use than Gimp but without the layers.
How do I get it to run in wine, bearing in mind I have never used wine.
any help welcomed :)


forgot to say, running Linux Mint 17 Mate 32 bit

General Help & Advice / Firefox [solved]
« on: May 20, 2014, 10:32:04 am »
since having problems with pepper flash (see separate post) I thought i would give firefox a go,
In the past I've never got on with firefox always preferring chromium,
Firefox works perfect but one thing that puts me off is the wasted space at the top( the address bar,bookmarks bar etc) it take up more space than chromium.
I have BBC home page as my home page and the words at the bottom are cut in half.
Is there any way of reducing this area (other than f11)



General Help & Advice / pepper flash
« on: May 20, 2014, 10:23:35 am »
since installing LM17 cinnamon, it shows pepper flash is installed, but when using chromium sites that require flash tell me to install flash,
I uninstalled and re-installed (with synaptic) but the message still comes up, and I cannot watch any videos.

sorry to be a pain ,but any help will be appreciated.


Hi all,
on the previous version LM 16 cinnamon, I had black out problems when I opened the laptop lid from suspend,

I've installed the latest release LTS 17 and all these problems have gone and it runs really well, except for one small problem.

When I resume by lifting the lid I get a box asking for authentication to log on to wi-fi, if i click on connect the box keeps reappearing,and it does not connect, if I click on cancel I can then click on the network manager icon on the panel bar, click on my wi-fi address and it connects.
I've tried to post a screen shot but the file is too large.

any help welcomed.


General Help & Advice / LM 16 cinnamon screen blanks and flickers
« on: March 12, 2014, 06:58:44 pm »
Hi all.

further to my post 'new ish laptop' where Mark and chemicalfan helped me with my wifi, I had installed mint 16 cinnamon, with a view to upgrading to the LTS or installing Peppermint 5 LTS in a few months.

The problem I have is when I resume from suspend, sometimes the screen flickers and sometimes screen goes black, often after 5 mins or so. sometimes for a split second sometimes for 20 seconds or so.
The problem is erratic, sometimes there is no problem, but I'm rapidly losing faith.

I,ve been on the mint forum and it appears many have similar problems, I've looked for a solution, which there are loads of suggestions, but I don't know which is correct for me.

any help would be welcome.


Android devices / good android site
« on: March 02, 2014, 05:22:00 pm »
 found this site today and thiught I'd share.

I've just bought a samsung 32 gig micro sd class 10 card and was struggling to transfer media files, found the above site, which has foolproof instructions, for all android problems. (even codes that clear all personal data and getting past forgotten passwords etc)

Worth a look.


General Help & Advice / backspace key
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:28:35 am »
running LM 16 cinnamon

in firefox I can use the backspace button to go back a page, same as tapping the back arrow button.

is it possible to get this to work  in chromium?


General Help & Advice / new ish laptop - a couple of questions
« on: January 31, 2014, 12:40:59 pm »
Hi all.

Bought a two year old Lonovo laptop off Gumtree, just after xmas. for a £100.00
It's running win 7 64bit and has 250 gig hd and 4 gig of ram.
My intentions were to zap win 7 and put one of the mints on.

With not using windows for so long, it was a eye opener how complicated it is to use, I'd forgotten about the security aspect, which is a nightmare, having to put anti virus on etc.

anyway, my wife wants me to keep win 7 on because she uses it at work and when she has to do any work at home , she finds it easier than using libre office, so it looks like I will duel boot, which leads me to question 1.

On the hard drive there is a hidden 30 gig section with the recovery/restore (yes 30 gig)

when i install say peppermint along side win 7, on say 100 gig partition, will the recovery section still be there, if I cock things up? on the windows partition,
Sorry if this is partially a windows question, but I know how much you secretly love it ;)

Q 2 is a windows question, sorry,
almost everyone says drivers are better in windows but I cant get the correct drivers to work for my touchpad, I downloaded the correct one but there is no scroll function and it will not let me install a different driver,
Its not the touchpad because when I try testing different live distros, I can get it to work no probs.
This question is not important as I dont think I'll be using the win 7, but I'm just curious.

look forward to any answers and then will install one of the mints, I'm sure I'll have more questions.


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