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Linux Support / bad video on Toshiba R55-S1063
« on: June 12, 2014, 02:42:56 pm »
Toshiba R55-S1063 laptop (Russian version, closest thing can find to it is usually A55-S1063, whose drivers worked on XP)

Greetings all.  I lost the connection to SSD again (after 1 1/2 years of service after last repair-disconnect/reconnect) on AAO ZG5 and may have damaged the motherboard when tried to fix it- still no contact. Maybe tonight I'll try again- bought new 40mm ZIF cables, if anyone needs one.

Anyway- Peppermint4 was working so swimmingly as LIVE disc after probable evil Russian hackers trashed my WinXP on this old computer that company gave me- 2 seconds Wifi in Press Center  and blue screen crash shutoff..

So I decided to put Peppermint 4 on it for traveling Wifi, but the video is horrible-garish and too hot, and Flash doesn't display except as washed out small box. I installed it with Ethernet on- "download and install all updates + drivers" . Video worked fine as live disk I think, so either its some conflict between video players, plugins, or VIDEO DRIVER, which I never consciously installed. Any thoughts on how to fix it?  I did installed VLC and the plugin, but little other VIDEO. Then I tried to reinstall Flash plugin and installed some Flash console.

ATTACHED pic of FF plugins

Hardware Compatibility / NEW BIG CHeapo Chinese 64gb micro SD not writing
« on: February 11, 2014, 04:13:47 am »
Got a pretty cheapo Chinese micro SD, reformated from an 8 gb (don't ask me how) on Brit Ebay, and don't bother- it's pretty junky. Shows alternately 14gb used and 48 free or vice versa, in Windows XP maybe 8gb more space. Also 64gb is supposed to be in the new exFAT file system, but this is still FAT32, I think, installed fixes on both XP and Ubuntu. Buy a real 32gb, don't go for this crap.

Anyway in Ubuntu- again, though, says Mako4 has all permissions and is the owner, BUT it is not letting me write to it. Before, Mark you said something about running CheckDisc in WINDOWS but I'm afraid that will just delete big files (which think it did before). I moved them to it to create space and deleted them. Is there anyway with CHMOD to just force it to allow writing.

If You are interested in new horribly amateurish video and FULL COVERAGE of EuroMaidan in Kiev:

Linux Support / audio mixer and recorder
« on: December 05, 2013, 03:19:04 am »
IS there any other audio mixer that controls inputs properly for 10.4? This really is a huge omission- I have ALSA, but  I hate it- it's strange, uses up the terminal, utterly obscure what exactly different controls do, and doesn't hear my LINE IN connection at all.  think could never find or install audiocity (does that open in terminal?).  Need to transfer audio for radio report also- need a decent simple audio recorder and editor (similar to ancient Premiere 6 - older clean version) w timeline and 3 streams. Does anyone have that- forgot the disc, and new versions convert audio to huge files, and need more processor power.

Sorry,  didn't see the sound control in the preferences or admin- that has an input selector, but so hard to figure priority with multiple sound controls-  would set it to LINE IN, but ALSA  would show no volume- does that take precedence when it is open?  Was using prosaically named "Sound Recorder" but had NO preferences- making monster 5mb/min wav files when  only need 22kh MONO. Is optimum level for that 3/4 up where there's a little clip? What's a better simple sound recorder? Flacs were worse 6mb/mn - t says they are supposed to be half the size. Can all editors use flacs?


Lappy is suddenly shutting off without warning- could be  bad voltage on power supply- broken wire in it (though I don't think so- seems fine. and not moving it), bad OS (shouldn't happen w Linux- you ever hear of this problem in Ubuntu), over-heating in processor (have temp meters and should have warned), or motherboard/power regulatory system broken. But then it didn't turn on at all and thought it was dead.  This is after $200 of parts- everything is new. I have 2nd similar one for netbook (also ACER), but it's 2 amps (40W) too small. Could that hurt it?

Running Ubuntu 10.4.1 on ACER 5003Wmli 2gb ram, 1800Mh Turion 64b processor, 333 Mh Fsb 400Mh Ram
In forcing the MAC address to change was getting this warning when it first connected to LAN internet- can this damage anything, or leave it open to attack?

NETWORK SERVICE DISCOVERY DISABLED: Your current network has a local domain, which is not recommended and incompatible with the Avahi network service discovery. The service has been disabled.

First, I guess what stupid software protocols can get turned on to force shut-off like that, and what can I run to test power system (if voltage OK or maybe some error report). I'm afraid to do anything till I test the lappy w another power supply- shut off 3 times (after 10 minutes, 10 seconds, 5 minutes.. I think)

Linux Support / network/interfaces file
« on: November 08, 2013, 09:42:13 pm »
Can anyone tell me what the interfaces file is supposed to have in it for Ubun 10.4. I changed it so many times I have no idea what's original and what's my handiwork.

I must configure lappy to use this cable Internet and must spoof the original MAC address of the acct holder, which was easy in Windows- my LAN or network stuff on Ubuntu was always quite balky, though.

Linux Support / How to test RAM
« on: August 21, 2013, 04:45:32 pm »
Installed new RAM and it seems to fly: 1 gb into 2 gb. What's a terminal command to electricly test the RAM, or even cursorily analyze it? Not sure what speen it is Hynes 2x1gb strips DDR:  Its the same size as 333Mhz though, not 400Mhz (I had one of each), what it's supposed to be. Dont think it matters cause motherboard is only 333 Mhz. Now lets see if the Windows  works. I have a computer again. Only had to pay ~12x more than for modern RAM.

Linux Support / How to remove Python
« on: August 16, 2013, 03:05:59 pm »
I installed Python stupidly at one point at a request, not knowing what it was (it is support for programming, right, which I don't need at all, but it sounded cool). I was unhappy that it was huge, and most programs also install some Python package now. How do I safely remove it for the space; when I tried in Synaptic, it listed essential core functions that also would get removed. ALmost nothing actually needs Python, right?

Linux Support / LIBRE OFFICE - how big? Urgent
« on: July 10, 2013, 05:11:58 pm »
I've got a translating project due tomorrow and Open Office is going nuts- not reading things, pages disappearing, crashing on saves. How big is Libre Office- just want to install Writer by itself - I only have 450 Mb left. Maybe I got a macro- was using docx which OO doesn't fully support.

Please tell me how to remove OO, and install LIbre Office, really only WRITER at first.

The CLAM was damaged- I really need to scan these doc files lest I send people viruses. What are instructions for reinstalling or deleting and installing it.

Linux Support / auto-opening Evolution + stopping Auto-running Clam
« on: July 05, 2013, 02:11:04 pm »
Though maybe there is no solution for this strange corruption that has survived 6 new kernals, my Evolution autoopens on startup in the 2nd workspace (I'm in first). It is junk, doesn't download anything and erases older messages and I don't use it at all. Any way to stop that  ehavior?

And how to I stop Clam from always running in the background- it sucks +200Mb of my marginal ram, and always shut it off now in process manager. Till I get more RAM at least  ::)

Is this correct 1gb 400Mh RAM for Acer 5003WLMi ?

I won this auction above, and the guy promised to take it back if it doesn't work, but NEVER specified high/low density chipset numbers, etc. It sold less than other 2x 1gb pairs ($29-31) at only $23.50, when cheapest single strip is about $21. Can you guys look at it with the wierd numbers and it and tell me any more specifics???
All he said was: "Dear mkham6 , your computer ( ACER-5003 ACER-5000 ) use DDR SDRAM pc2700 . PC3200S works on your computer .Thank you
- 438g4u

I've been totally confused by low/high density crap 128x4 or 64x8, but Crucial who is supposed to be God, says my Acer 5003WMLi takes 128Mb x 64. Second number is supposed to be data bits, or chip layout or 64 bit processor (which I have: Turion 64 ML-32)? Finally after reading tons of info, the specs of this 333Mh strip below confirms that there are 2 SUCH PARAMETERS.
What exactly does that second one mean 128Mb x 64 ?? Thought the 128 meant it was high density!! Apparently NOT. Which is good cause LOW density is supposed to be the good, universally compatible RAM, and HIGH cheap and troublesome.

Item Id:   370528056574
End time:   Jul-07-13 23:19:45 PDT
Low Density (64X8) Chipsets
Laptop / Notebook Memory
Will this RAM I bought work on my ancient beast?    Don't say buy Crucial (1 strip is $37- for this old junker that's crazy) . Please tell me BEFORE I pay and ship these things to Ukraine. I do desperately need RAM, which maxes out and freezes for 3-4 minutes.

Hello folks. 1 1/2 years after I fixed it in the full disassembly (I'll find the post), my SSD again lost connection to the lappy, now with blazingly fast PEP3 (which I highly recommend- disc writes speeded to 3 seconds max from  30-60, and got extra hour out of 4 hour battery.

Unfortunately didn't fix it this time, and not having contact cement, stupidly used superglue to reattach ferrite block whose fumes are so corrosive that could have caused continued failure. Spilled a little around edge of that chip. So now i don't trust the cable or connectors or even SSD.

Does anyone who HAS REPLACED THE ORIGINAL JUNKY 8 GB SSD with a bigger one or HD have it AND/OR the Ziff cable they can sell me cheaply, or do you know where i can buy the ZIF cable?

Or I can try to clean it with fine sandpaper, + alcohol- it seems pretty snug when the clamps are closed, but still might try sticking scotch tape on it as a thickener to crush the contacts together.

Linux Support / Installing Peppermint 3 on Acer 5003WLMi
« on: May 24, 2013, 06:03:28 pm »
Really want the added power and efficiency of Pep3 on my dying lappy.        [ZIF cable just "lost" my SSD again on AAO, but was great for 1 1/2 years. ]

Are there any issues- anything that doesn't or won't work on an ACER 5000 laptop; OR procedures Mark listed for installing it on the Acer Aspire One that might also apply???

Linux Support / lost my sticky note
« on: May 19, 2013, 12:42:45 am »
After I dumped a long message on my Gnome sticky note that I've had for maybe a year or 2, I got a message saying it crashed and did I want to restart. DIdin't since figured it'll just come up when rebooted. But Ubuntu apparently uninstalls programs that crashed badly, and that's what seems to have happened. Doesn't show it installed on Synaptic or Ubuntu Software. Had Opera mysteriously uninstall too, though might have deleted PPA with Tweak. But I had a ton of info and links on that stickynote that I really want to get back.  In the list of files related to sticky note, can't find executable, and only new one from 2013 is:


<omf><resource><creator>(Shaun McCance)</creator><creator>(Angela Boyle)</creator><creator>(Loban Rahman)</creator><creator>(Davyd Madeley)</creator><maintainer>(GNOME Documentation Project)</maintainer><title>Sticky Notes Manual</title><date>May 2003</date><version identifier="Sticky Notes Applet Manual V2.0" date="May 2003"/><subject category="GNOME|Applets|Accessories"/><description>
   Sticky Notes enables you to create, view, and manage sticky notes on your desktop.
      </description><type>user's guide</type><format mime="text/xml" dtd="-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"/><identifier url="file:///usr/share/gnome/help/stickynotes_applet/en_GB/stickynotes_applet.xml"/><language code="en_GB"/><relation seriesid="b8128ac2-17d4-11d7-9998-e6a4bbe01510"/><rights type="GNU FDL" license.version="1.1" holder="Sun Microsystems"/></resource></omf>

Linux Support / Peppermint Software
« on: March 06, 2013, 01:04:58 pm »
What are the right files to download for UBUNTU ONE? I never know if the software center is doing the right thing (one comment said also needed front-end), Synaptic lists 20-25 related programs.  Can one just trust "apt-get install" ubuntu one? Installed the Ubuntu1 installer, but not sure if it will do the cleanest install for Ubuntu.

I also need a decent simple web editor. Wanted SeaMonkey, since I have it on laptop, but it doesn't seem available now, and my searches aren't turning up alternatives.

Linux Support / nonstop HD activity-freezing
« on: November 08, 2012, 12:59:22 pm »
UBUNTU 10.4.1 AMD 64 on Acer 5003WLMi Turion64 ML32 1.8Gh, 1Gb 400Mh RAM

I'm convinced I've got some Ubuntu virus or bug (yeah, I know they don't exist) cause I was using unsecured neighbor wifi for 7 months (now got secure Internet): the HD just goes on rants of activity- 5 minutes and system semi-freezes with limited mouse movement and delay of any change, opening or closing of any program. It's so bad and annoying I sometimes REISUB it. May be connected w FF, but has continued quite a while even after closing.

Anyway I scanned it with a new AVIRA Boot AV CD and got these results (didn't complete cause it started doing all the other drives in Media- how to prevent that?). Is this history thing important (50 warnings), what is it, endless recursions bad, and can I delete it without consequences (I LIKE history)??????????  How about changelog? Full scan file attached.

WARNING: [Archive not completly scanned. Reason: maximum recursion level (10) reached] /media/Devices/hda9/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam_cache_emax.tgz --> clam_cache_emax.tar --> clam02.tgz --> clam02.tar --> clam03.tgz --> clam03.tar --> clam04.tgz --> clam04.tar --> clam05.tgz --> clam05.tar --> clam06.tgz

WARNING: [Archive not completly scanned. Reason: maximum recursion level (10) reached] /media/Devices/hda9/usr/share/doc/libxvidcore4/changelog.gz --> changelog --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object

WARNING: [Archive not completly scanned. Reason: maximum recursion level (10) reached] /media/Devices/hda9/usr/share/doc/w3m/ja/HISTORY.gz --> HISTORY --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object --> object

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