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Peppermint / Recover Thunderbird files (SOLVED)
« on: July 01, 2015, 11:24:11 am »
Sorry folks!
Quite simple really. I couldn't boot because the 8Gb was full.
Booting up from the USB stick I just deleted some files and it booted up as normal.
Now to work out what I really need to get rid of, and keep an eye on free disk space in future...


Below is what I originally sent, but may be of help to someone else (?)

Hi Mark

Long time no talk, but my AA1 running Peppermint 3 has just crashed and won't reboot (more about that later maybe, but once I have saved all my personal stuff I propose to just rebuild)

So I booted from the Peppermint distro by using the USB installer and a USB stick, and can recover the files I need - except for Thunderbird.

I used Ctrl + H to show the hidden files and found Thunderbird in home/[me]/.thunderbird but it won't let me in - the dreaded 'permission denied'

I tried logging in with my password but it won't take it. I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer.

Any suggestions gratefully received...

Netbooks / PeppermintOS Three on an Acer Aspire ZG5 - Cursor Freeze
« on: June 01, 2013, 07:28:39 am »

I've been running PP3 on my AA1 for a while now and have all the updates loaded.
I have Firefox 21.0
and Thunderbird 17.0.6
But running them together I have recently found that my session usually ends with the cursor freezing - usually in Firefox but it can be Thunderbird. I don't recall this happening before I started doing the regular updates.

F7 doesn't clear it,

I am a bit of a fast and furious typist, so I wondered if it is something like the speaker - where F8 turns it off, but to turn it on you need to click on the volume icon and unmute the speaker.

I wondered if you had any ideas?

I have searched the Forum for this.

In Windows (sorry I swore), when I click in the Firefox Navigation toolbar, the contents block up and I can start typing a new address immediately (or paste one in)

With my PP3 Firefox, the toolbar contents do not block up and I have to block them up myself

I wondered if there an about:config frigg for this?

A word of exlanation for those new to this thread...

My Acer running Linpus would not automatically connect to my replacement BT Homewhub via WPA or WEP, and I had to delete the SSID and reenter the password EVERY time before I could get online  >:(

The solution we discovered was to DISABLE BT-FON and BT-Wifi (which I had not realised are factory set 'enabled' these days)

After that, all was well.

You may read on if you want to, but it was a rather long story...


My original email...

Hello Mark

Afraid I am still using Linpus. I keep bidding for another netbook on eBay to try Peppermint on, but keep getting outbid!

Anyway, my Acer connects fine to my Homehub using WEP.

The problem is when I switch to WPA...
I put in the 10 char wireless key and it works fine.
BUT when I next power up, it won't connect, and when I look at the settings the key has bloated to 20-30 (or more) characters!
I key in the correct key and I connect OK, but it is just a bit of a pain having to keep keying it in.

Am I doing something wrong?
Or is it a fault?
Have you any ideas?

Hope you can help

Thanks in advance

Netbooks / Acer Aspire One Linpus keyboard problem
« on: October 29, 2011, 07:28:24 am »
I have an Acer Aspire One, running Linpus.

The problem is that when typing at any reasonable speed, the cursor jumps back to an earlier place :( and really mucks up your typing!

It is like an 'early days of programming' thing, where someone forgot to save a vital register in an interrupt routine.

I recently installed Ubuntu 11.10. And YES! it cured the problem :) :) :) . The trouble is my poor little old Aspire isn't really up to running it and my much loved 15 sec start time extended to over a minute.

This type of keyboard problem is well documented on my diddy CnM too where it was put down to an 'old as dust' 2.4 kernel.

I wonder if anyone has climbed inside the kernel or keyboard drivers for Linpus and Ubuntu and found the differences? I believe Linpus is a variant of Redhat Ferodo (?). Or has anyone tried Linpus Lite 1.4?

Any clues gratefully appreciated

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