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Hi   wanted to read ppt on my netbook  so tried with software manager to install the appropriate package but it did not install so tried to install libreoffice 4. The remove old version worked but the new install although it ran did not install. I am now without any libreoffice products. :'(

All help gratefully received.



Have managed to get thunderbird to ask which browser i want to use  - but i cannot find where the "Chromium link" is so i can choose this browser - the reason for change is that it seems facter on my acer one than firefox

thanks in advance

Have just installed Peppermint 2 and have tried to get it to print on a Samsung ML-3310.

It will not print saying it is missing rastertosamsungspl  i have found the file on my netbook but am "lost" as what to do next

Netbooks / Linux novice with acer one ZG5
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:17:20 pm »

New to forum and looking for help - have a new printer which doesnt seem to want to install.   Know very little about linux and in past used Macles but this is now closed.

Am willing to switch from Linpus lite to Peppermint but want to know what i need to do to back up emails on Thunderbird (2) and bookmarks etc in Firefox (12)  all the rest i can copy to a hard drive. 

Use it for surfing and email , need to be able to print  also currently have open office - would like to have retain  current "features" e.g Skype etc

All advice & help greatly appreciated.


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