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General Help & Advice / Which is the best laptop?
« on: October 13, 2017, 12:23:02 am »
Since my Chromebook will not charge up and is at the computer repair shop ( and most likely dead so the fella won;t be able to get it working) I urgently need a new laptop as this netbook has a teeny screen which i have great trouble seeing ( I am getting eyestrain) and it's sloooooww- I need to get another laptop which would not be a problem if I wasn't currently unemployed and broke!
I have seen 2 second hand laptops which I could just about manage to buy as long as I live on rice and beans for a month.

Which one is the best?

1. ACER.
Extensior 5630EZ
Intel Pentium Dual Core
2.00 GHz
2,GB memory
Hard drive: 120 GB
OS- Win 7

Satellite Pro c660-167
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T6670
2,048 (1x) MB, DDR3 RAM (1,066 MHz)
Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
15.6 INCH screen
OS- Win 10.

Of course I'd want to get rid of Windows and get P7/8.

General Help & Advice / Text enlarger for my Netbook
« on: October 12, 2017, 08:34:17 pm »
I am having great trouble reading and typing on this tiny netbook, whose screen is less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper. I of course zoom the text but then it goes off page and I cannot see a whole sentence and have to keep sliding back and forth. Is there any way to get the text to be large and keep it as a normal page?  I have looked on ebay for a screen magnifier but they only have ones for mobile phones and then there is only software for the partially sighted! They need a CD anyway and there's no CD drive on this netbook. My Chromebook has died and this is now the only computer I have and I have to do a lot of reading and typing ( as I have to do hours of job search and applications daily as I'm signing on the dole). I'm getting eye strain and headaches from struggling on this tiny screen.

General Help & Advice / FLASH problems again!
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:25:39 pm »
Mark, I spoke too soon- when I clicked on you tube last night the video came on so I presumed it was fine, but today on each vid I've tried it comes on for a few secs and then stops. won'r load either!

Netbooks / Updating my Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook
« on: September 26, 2017, 01:11:27 pm »
I've a little netbook that has Mint on it and a very small SSD. It does work but can't take any more updates and is a bit slow to boot up and load up web pages. I think it must need more memory and perhaps RAM too. Obviously the SSD is too small ( in an old post Mark had said that it was working to its limit)- but I dunno if I could get a bigger,  compatible  SSD. Didn't seem to find one when I looked on a computer update site. I might then have to go for an HD but hope that wouldn't make it slower. How can I find my system specs to post them here so you nice guys would kindly give me advice on what would be the best for the inspiron mini?

It's a useful little machine as I can use my scanner and Maxtor portable HD on it which I can't do on my Chromebook ( which is my main laptop). Also I could buy an external CD/DVD drive and plug that into it too if I needed to create boot CDs in the future.

General Help & Advice / HELP! My Peppermint Dell has gone crazy!
« on: September 25, 2017, 12:35:45 pm »
I am typing this on my Chromebook. I just turned on my Peppermint 6 Dell laptop and when it was loading up desktop some box came up then the icons on my desktop loaded ( just a few folders) and then the menu bar at the bottom disappeared ( you know- where you find your programs like audacity, terminal, system folders etc)!!!! Then when I clicked on Chromium all my bookmarks and settings were gone- it  has completely lost all my passwords and apps too! OMG! Guys please help me restore it!!!

I clicked on my mailbox icon and a message came up saying to upgrade my browser to either Google Chrome or Firefox but I am already using Chrome as my browser. What is this all about?!

General Help & Advice / SSD worth it?
« on: August 25, 2017, 01:27:40 am »
Regarding the stalling etc my Dell laptop is doing ( some kind of memory problem) would it be worth upgrading to an SSD drive?
I have looked online at my model and found that it is compatible with an SSD drive:

I remember Mark posting on here when I first joined ( with my Mint netbook) that SSDs are better than non SSDs.

General Help & Advice / Scanner does not work on Peppermint 8
« on: August 23, 2017, 11:47:42 am »
My Dell laptop which has Peppermint 8 and the simple scan program does not work. When I plug in my Packard Bell Diamond 1200 its light is on and the simple scan box comes up but it says there is no scanner attached.

General Help & Advice / Instagram app
« on: August 17, 2017, 08:31:21 pm »
Is there one for Linux guys? I need one, thanks.

General Help & Advice / System spec check
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:07:58 pm »
The man in the computer shop who put Peppermint 8 on my Dell laptop said that I have 3 gig of RAM but sometimes I am getting a message saying I am low on RAM and my laptop slows down, so I reboot it. Could one of you kind guys do me a spec check please? I know there is some way I can find my specs but I have forgotten where to look!

General Help & Advice / Htm files
« on: August 13, 2017, 07:09:15 pm »
What application would open this type of file on Peppermint? They open on my Chromebook, but to not have to  bother having 2 computers on the go at once is there some way I can open them on Peppermint? ( version 8). Thanks guys!

Hello guys I am back! I've been busy moving to a new place. I now am on Linux again! A guy in a computer shop put Peppermint 8 on a Dell laptop my friend gave me. She said it was a good laptop but the "processor was slow"- er no it was just Windoze filling it up with malware- it is running fast and good on Peppermint! It has Chrome on it, but I asked the fella to put Firefox on it- but I no longer like it as much as I like Chrome, so I'm using Chrome now because I love that I can access all my bookmarks in the nice icon manager extension I have on the Chromebook, so no having to import all my faves into Firefox. Everything is hunky dory except that I can't seem to delete files that are on my Maxtor portable hard drive! When I click on the delete button or do a right click nothing happens- can't even send them to the recycling bin. I am needing to do some file management, as got files on it I no longer want/need. Any ideas what could  be the problem?
By the way guys- I can see there have been some changes in Peppermint since I was using 6. Looks very slick!

General Help & Advice / Help with my Chromebook- has it malware?
« on: October 04, 2016, 01:45:21 pm »
GUYS! I noticed lately that my Chromebook keeps freezing and I have to press the shut down button and re start it. Secondly today, every time I try to use the internet- open a new tab, click on a website that a pop up internet page comes up called "PC Keeper"!

Here is the page:;bc35d5bd-55c2-426e-9fea-c8fd63674bb6;3c98d477-a0a8-4464-8d6a-cea2a6d87550

Now, I haven't downloaded anything dodgy to my Chromebook and I've got all my ad blockers on- so what is happening? What can I do???

General Help & Advice / Dell laptop -which distro?
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:27:48 am »
My mother gave me her old Dell Inspiron (Mini 1110) laptop as she got a new laptop. It runs on Windows 7 and the system specs are: 2.00 GB RAM, 64 bit, Intel ( R) CPU 743 1.30 GHZ.

I say "run" but nothing actually happens on it. When she told me it was slow she wasn't exaggerating!
It connected to my internet, but it won't load up Google or Firefox, in fact no applications on it load up except for the system specs on "computer."

It doesn't even recognise the mouse!

What do you think is wrong with it guys? And can this be solved so I can load a Linux distro on it?

I have Peppermint and a couple of others that a colleague gave me when he tried to load them onto the old laptop I used to have working on Peppermint 3.

General Help & Advice / PLEASE help me load Linux onto a Dell laptop
« on: June 22, 2016, 06:42:12 pm »
Hello guys; if you remember, my old Peppermint 3 laptop went to grub error and my colleague was overhauling it ( new HD, RAM etc). Well, I got it back today, and he'd got it working ok he said, and put Debian on it as he said it wouldn't accept Peppermint ( 6 I think) nor the latest Ubuntu. He said it was due its processor (AMD).

Well I've just switched it on and it said:

LILO 24.1 and a ton of dots appeared across the screen with all sorts of code, and then at the end:

bin/sh: can't access tty;job control turned off (init tramfs).

I have NO clue whatsoever what all that means. It didn't go to the Debian log on.

What's wrong with it?

He's in my voluntary place tomorrow so I'll take it in again, but just was wondering what you guys think about this old machine.

If my Chromebook had the drivers for a scanner and a disc drive it'd be perfect. For scanning I have to use my Mint netbook and CDS well, the old CD player. DVDS sit gathering dust in their box.

I would like to format my portable hard drives so I can use them on my Chromebook ( got tons of music on there) - I could load the files onto my netbook so I can format the HD, and then re load the files back on but I don't know if there's enough space on it as it's SSD is small- can anyone advise me with that too please? (Well actually I have 2 portable HDS, one is my general one with music, and the other one is my collection of a Tv series episodes I love).

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