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Peppermint / Is updating to a new version necessary?
« on: October 07, 2015, 01:06:40 pm »
I have over the last months installed Peppermint 5 and Mint 17 onto three friends laptops  two whom were running XP and the other because the laptop failed and when I fixed it I upgraded from Vista to Mint 17 (which she preferred to Peppermint having tried both).
My question is simple is it necessary for me to up-grade them to P6 and the latest version of Mint respectively or are they OK to continue using them?

I had understood P5 and Mint 17 were LTS and therefore assumed they were OK and secure for some longish time to come - was I mistaken?

All three of them are delighted with what they have now and although none of them have any computer knowledge at all are having no problems and like what they have.

I thought they might miss Windows as it's all they have known but much to my surprise none of them are and using Peppermint and Mint has breathed new life into three quite old laptops - one of which a computer shop told my friend it was past it and to throw it away!!

General Discussion / Resolving Host - failure to access internet
« on: June 30, 2015, 07:38:30 am »
Hi, guys

For a while now when trying to access the internet I get a message saying "resolving host" and then finally it falls over.

The error messages vary from DNS server to internet connections but in reality when using my other laptop running W7 and Firefox i never have any

Anyone got any ideas as to a solution.


Printers and Scanners / Printing from Peppermint 6 on Kodak printer
« on: June 19, 2015, 09:37:12 pm »
Hi, guys

Can someone explain how I get P6 to "see" my Kodak printer as I need to print a spreadsheet out from Libre Office?

When I try to print it just shows generic printer which doesn't actually do anything.

I know i ask a lot of questions on the Forum so apologies for yet another!!!

Regards, All

Hi. guys

a while ago Mark kindly offered to talk me through installing P6 on my Asus eeepc which has two HDD one very small one on which I installed P5 although not realising that I had two drives nor that I had installed it on the smaller one of the two.

There is another thread from a while back which Mark asked me to refer to whilst starting a new one which I have now done.

Have got P6 on a pendrive and it seems to be working OK.


Peppermint / Software updater - no space?
« on: May 09, 2015, 09:52:59 am »
Hi, everyone,

Although this is similar to a previous recent post thought it OK to post again as I have tried one or two of the suggested solutions given but to no avail.

The output below is what I get when I followed the advice given in the other topic and it seems I have run out of disk space.

Is it a case of reinstalling P5 and juggling with the partitions? If so what do I need to do please?

I don't actually save pictures or video just one small spreadsheet so very little to remove and I've tried that anyway.


General Discussion / Screen Brightness
« on: March 25, 2015, 06:27:09 pm »
This seems such an easy subject I can't believe I'm having to ask but since my small grandson was left for a few seconds watching a CCbeebies youtube video on his own when I returned he had contrived to reduce the screen brightness very significantly.

I have done all the things I would expect to do to find the appropriate screen to change screen settings but to no avail cannot even find something that mentions screen brightness at all!

This is on an Asus eee pc using Peppermint 5.

Any help gratefully accepted.


Security / Virus protection for a USB stick
« on: February 22, 2015, 08:24:09 pm »
Hi, everyone.

I have two USB drives one containing Mint 17 and the other Peppermint 5 and have used them to install Mint 17 and P5 on my own and two friends laptops with help from members of this forum.

It occurred to me today that it might be possible to acquire a virus on the drives either from an infected laptop or somewhere else - is this so or is this merely
a product of my imagination?

If it is a risk - albeit slight perhaps - how can I protect the drives?  I have had a look at various options from around the web and there appears to be many but
I would prefer to seek advice here where there is expertise and experience.

So, assuming there is a risk is there a simple way to protect a USB drive that I can employ?

Cheers, folks.


General Help & Advice / Cloning my HDD
« on: October 10, 2014, 07:41:31 am »
Hi, everyone,

I would like to clone my current HDD in order to replace it with a larger one and save a lot of  time and effort reinstalling programmes at the same time.

I've seen a programme called EZ gig iv which seems to make the job very simple and presumably that would have to be installed or run from a USB stick
or disk to work?  This would be OK for my wife's Windows laptop but is not suitable for use with Peppermint. ( I want to upgrade both machines
over time)

Also seen a product called All in 1 but also various comments from people saying they didn't work very well and aren't reliable.

I have done a search on the site for some advice but some basic simple instructions would be really useful.


Internet Connectivity / "Bash" bug?
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:46:56 am »
Anyone know anything about this apparent bug and if Peppermint 5 is vulnerable?

Means nothing to me but it seems to be being widely reported today.

General Discussion / Peppermint 5 feedback from a novice user
« on: August 25, 2014, 02:27:59 am »
Hi guys

Just thought I would post some feedback on Peppermint 5 from a total novice.

Thanks to Mark's help and advice I installed Peppermint on my own netbook and onto two friends Toshiba laptops one running XP and the other Vista.

After first using P4 for a short while without any problems I updated two of them to P5 and in the several weeks since have three delighted users converted to
Peppermint from Windows and with it running perfectly with no problems whatsoever on some fairly old low spec. kit.

So thanks again to Mark and everyone connected with Peppermint for a great OS.

PS My next task is to update the third Toshiba laptop from P4 to P5 which has two HDD and with Mint 17 and P4 already installed by me some time back.
My friend uses Peppermint mostly but as I don't want to delete Mint by mistake when I upgrade from 4 to 5 I may need some advice if I can't work out how to do it,

Hope no one minds a few more questions perhaps?

Thanks  again.


Hi, everyone
At the moment I have Mint 17 and 16 installed to dual boot on my Asus netbook but want to delete 16 and install Peppermint 5 alongside 17.

When I installed 17 I opted for the option that said it would use the entire disk and delete two partitions or words to that effect.

However, after installation of 17 Mint 16 was still there!!

Can anyone tell me how to delete 16 so that I can install Peppermint 5 to dual boot with 17, please?

Many thanks.

Peppermint / Wallpaper gone! (SOLVED)
« on: June 28, 2014, 09:30:59 am »
Hi, guys

Having installed P5 on this laptop for a friend (which is working great) I decided to save a nice picture of North Yorkshire as wallpaper (saved to desktop)
which worked fine but left a thumbnail image on the desktop as well, which I duly sent to the trash!  Unfortunately, in so doing, the wallpaper picture of N Yorks.
also disappeared and so did the original Peppermint wallpaper that was there after first install.

How can I get it back and how can I put a new wallpaper on, which doesn't leave a thumbnail sized image also on the desktop and am also able to
reinstate the original Peppermint Wallpaper as and when I want to?

Any help gratefully accepted.


Peppermint / Connecting Peppermint to Plusnet router (SOLVED)
« on: June 20, 2014, 10:27:15 pm »

I've installed Peppermint 4 on a friends laptop and had no problem connecting to my talktalk router but she says when she took it home
it won't connect wirelessly to her plusnet router.

She's spoken to Plusnet but they can't figure it out and at the moment she's connecting with a cable.

Can anyone suggest a solution please?


Security / Peppermint and Mint 16 suggested antivirus software?
« on: June 14, 2014, 01:06:38 pm »
Hi, everyone

I recently abandoned Windows for Mint 16 and have also installed Peppermint 4 on two of my friends laptops.
One of them does internet banking and has asked me what anti virus software she should use because of this.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a free or paid for anti virus package for Mint and/or 
Peppermint please?

I've seen it said that an anti virus package isn't needed for Linux but is that really true and is it really risk free?
I don't want to cause her a problem having talked her into using Peppermint.

Many thanks.

I want to install Peppermint on to a USB stick using unetbootin but Peppermint and others aren't listed does this matter or do you
select any of the listed Distros to create a bootable USB drive?

Was also interested in trying Zorin which also isn't listed


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