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Hi PCNetSpec,

I'm trying to take the command I learned in Peppermint for resizing Opera and bring it to the launcher in Ubuntu 16,04,3 so that Opera browser size itself correctly.  I've tried playing with Gedit and Create launcher using this source, but I've had no luck.

Here's the command I'm trying to convert from Peppermint 8 Respin to Ubuntu Unity 16.04.3:

Code: [Select]
opera-beta  --window-size=1600,850  %U 

Any help or pointers figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.       

Thank you,


Hello Linux in the UK:

I discovered a clever little trick in Peppermint's forum that allows one to run Adobe Flash in Chromium Browser by using the builtin Flash of Google Chrome if Chrome is already installed in the distribution.  With a little help, I'd like to be able to do this for my Chromium browser in Ubuntu 16.04 also.  I have already installed Google Chrome.

Here's the link from Peppermint forum where PCNetSpec showed us how to do this in Peppermint 7.,4475.msg46329.html#msg46329

I'm not certain what I need to change here in order to do the same in Ubuntu.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  ;)

Thank you,


Here's the inxi -Fz for my computer if this is of any help at all:

(click to show/hide)

Hello Linux in the UK!

I'm connected to the Internet, but I an empty delta-like symbol in my GNOME/Ubuntu panel.  I get this message:

Error displaying connection information:

No valid active connections found!

I don't know what this means for functionality, but I know it's not right. 

Would anyone here possibly have any ideas how to normalize my connection information?

Thank you,


Ubuntu / Misadventures With An Ubuntu Server [SOLVED]
« on: October 28, 2015, 08:57:27 pm »
Hello Linux Community,

I installed Ubuntu's Server to my computer, after deciding to try learning, and running, an even lighter UI than Peppermint or Xubuntu for a change. (I always try to keep Peppermint independent of my nutty ongoing experiments with Linux.)

I've read in a couple of places that the Windows Managers Fluxbox or Openbox can be installed independently of any DE, so I thought I'd give it Fluxbox a try --installing it within Ubuntu's 14.04.3 server.  I've had no luck however. :(

This is what I did:  I first installed Ubuntu's server, then opted for personal package management from the list of server options.  I then installed xorg, followed by Fluxbox.  But when I rebooted, I had no GUI.  Why-- I wonder?  I have no problems installing Xubuntu or Gnome in this manner --and without installing xorg.  Why, I'm wondering, doesn't Fluxbox, or Openbox, display a GUI when rebooting?

Grrr! >:(

Any guesses or ideas would be appreciated concerning how I went wrong here.

Thank you,


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