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To anyone who knows (Mark appears to sort anything out) have used pep 8 for about 9 months on this netbook,and have recently added music to VLC
but cannot get any sound output. Have tried to follow one of Marks previous posts from 2016 about this problem regarding Peppermint 7 but with no
luck. Any help would be appreciated. No System sound either, but am not bothered about that.Sound works well in windows 7. Yours Norman Liddle.

Peppermint / login problem Peppermint 8 (SOLVED)
« on: April 22, 2018, 06:35:19 pm »
To: Some one who knows? After dual booting Peppermint 8 with Win 10 (Mark Greaves did it really) I changed the login sequence to not need a password which
I shall not be doing again when this is sorted. I'm writing this post in Win 10. When I try to access Peppermint 8 I'm in a permanent loop at the login screen. I also cannot connect to the internet as a guest user so will have to answer hopefully your replies through Win 10 or through Peppermint 8 on an asus eeepc.
Yours sincerely, Norman Liddle.

I downloaded peppermint 8 x 64 bit using rufus for the iso to copy a to thumb drive. Inserted thumb drive to an acer es 15,4gb memory,1terabyte hdd.
changed the boot order. Tried peppermint 8 and liked it. Decided to try and install it along side windows 10. Let the installer do its own routine on installation noticed it split the 1 terabyte c: approximately 500 gb for windows and 400 gb for peppermint. After installation I rebooted the laptop AND FORGOT TO REMOVE THE THUMB DRIVE?
The laptop boots straight to windows 10. I cannot find linux anywhere on the laptop or the grub boot loader. I went into the eufi settings yesterday to have a look but after rebooting from the advanced options in recovery to access the bios/eufi screen when i was presented with the bios/eufi screen none of the keyboard keys worked. I could see the boot option along the top of the screen but could not access it. I noticed in windows that the c: appears to have been split in disk management approx. 500 gb and 400 gb. I may be little bit out of my depth with this, although I dual booted this asus eeepc win 7 with peppermint 8 x32 bit ok. After 45 years with windows this linux learner is leaning to linux. I did notice a post earlier about dual booting unfortunately a little to late for me.
Any advice at all would be gratefully accepted. I'm a bit concerned I may mess this laptop up. Although I've got an acer 4920 that needs a cmos battery but that's another story. Yous sincerely normanliddle

As a newbie to Linux how do I use the left hand SD card reader to expand the ssd drive size on an Acer zg5 ? Any help would be gratefully. Accepted.

General Discussion / installing peppermint? on acer aspire one model zg5
« on: January 18, 2017, 02:01:36 pm »
As a newbie who knows nothing about Linux I read a tutorial by Mark Greaves awhile ago but did not save it
and now cannot find it? If I remember it was peppermint 3? I now have the time to replace linpus lite and wish
to do so. Can any one point me to this tutorial? or similar for step by step instructions. Which if received will definitely
be saved this time.
Yours sincerely/ Norman Liddle

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