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Ubuntu / newbie trying to get to grips with linux mint
« on: December 31, 2016, 04:45:04 pm »
Hi Guys
Newbie here, I have been going round in circles for 3 days now. I will explain, installed linux mint 18 as a dual boot system on my dell computer. no problem, getting used  to navigating all the icons, programs etc so far so good. its FAR quicker than windows, in fact when i use I iplayer in windows live tv it constantly stops re starts but in linux not one instance of buffering its me just shows how much is going on the bckground!  However I digress, sorry, I have a major problem with the dvd which is a slot type, the cd/dvd goes in, whirs a little then stops, nothing happens . SO far I have trawled the internet without success, because the dvd is recognised in "my computer" as an optiarc, I have run a command in the terminal using wodim --devices and it says :  0  dev='/dev/sg1'   rwrw-- : 'Optiarc' 'DVD+-RW AD-7640S' . I have tried  mount the drive but no luck. and I get no media inserted or something like that. SO is my dvd duff? or should it be mounted another way like I say it takes the dvd in , it ejects them , it souds fine . LIke I say I am new to linux but I do like what I have seen so far, I am also no computer expert some of the comands  like sudo and things I have to read a few times but I get there in the end for a silver surfer dipping his toe in the water I am progressing nicely(i think) . SO if anyone can help me i would be greatly appreciated. Just as an aside and trying not to bore you My other half unbeknown to me got a new laptop with w10 installed......ITS AWFULL, and to my suprise so slow and the drive is already 65gb and there is nothing on it so to speak except what it come with. anyway I will leave you in peace and carry on trying to learn linux lol.

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