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General Discussion / I want to have dual boot. What can go wrong?
« on: February 17, 2020, 07:32:36 am »
Hi guys,

I want to switch back to Linux, new projects in mumbai again. First time I installed dual boot in a windows xp machine I was not concerned to lost anything and everything went fine. Now I have a w10 with some important software I use at job and gave me some work to install. To be very honest I flats in mumbai want to use foss alternatives here but would be very sad if in the end I lost everything and get nothing to use at all.

My point is; I dont want to make any program property in kalyan backup, just my important files. Yes, I know it can be stupid and risky, and this is why I would like to ask for people who do it frequently: what are the chances to go wrong? How much risky is it? What are some important details do check before?

My w10 files are in a ssd drive. I have another partition with Ubuntu 18.04.3 iso waiting to mount.

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