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Netbooks / MSI Wind U100 revamp project with Porteus
« on: May 21, 2020, 08:41:27 pm »
I've been fishing around for an ultra lightweight OS to use with my old MSI Wind U100 Atom and settled on Proteus. However, they don't recommend you install Porteus to your internal SSD yet some folks swear by it so being a total noob i will need your patience to explain what i'm doing...

here's the link to the webapge for the SSD installation:

Instructions as follows:

Hi Olaf.
I don't have any troubles with install Porteus on SSD. Porteus works for me fine at my SSD drive.

Try this howto:
1) Boot up from USB with Porteus. Format your internal SSD to ext2 (ext2 is better for SSD).
2) Open terminal and run these commands:

Code: Select all

mloop /path/to/porteus.iso
# define a partition with internal SSD
df -h
# where sdXN partition of internal SSD on which you want to install Porteus
cp -a /mnt/loop/* /mnt/sdXN/
cd /mnt/sdXN/boot/
# type ok and press Enter


My Questions:

1) # define a partition with internal SSD - Will i be prompted for this? Will i have to create a partition during the installation? If its the only partition is there a standard value to refer to?

2)  # where sdXN partition of internal SSD on which you want to install Porteus - I see the code sdXN but what does it refer to exactly?

3) Code: Select all - So when he says this he means select ALL the code but ENTER all the CORRECT values?

I very new to this so a clear patient explanation would be fantastic!

Many Thanks! :)

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