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General Discussion / Yet another newbie!
« on: September 04, 2020, 01:22:51 pm »
New to Lnux been a windows user for… to long, running windows 7 Pro not going to windows 10.
Just loaded Linux Mint.
I know as a windows user I am going to have problems adapting.
I am having problems with having to type commands for what I want the system to do.
Three problems I have encountered so far are:-
1. When I leave the laptop switched on untended the system goes to a black screen with just the pointer visible nothing I can do but reboot.
2. tried to load Gonzilla it loaded from software manager  I pressed “Launch”
Nothing happened looked for it in the menu, not there.
3. plugged in a Usb stick nothing shown on the screen.
Just one other thing the system seems to be running very slow in comparison to windows 7 Pro.
Really want to get away from MS Windows I will get my head around this!
Any help would be appreciated.
Regards, Barry. 

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