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« on: December 27, 2011, 10:43:37 pm »
Just wondering if you guys will ever do anything interesting with this site. It's a great domain to have to become a central site for UK/EU Linux communities. I don't recall it ever having changed and the site doesn't really offer anything thats not already well covered elsewhere.

Be great to see something that becomes a central reference to UK LUGs, UK projects (distro's and OSS projects) Link to training companies that support Linux, reviews of certifications, distro reviews (other than ubuntu, Mint (ubuntu!), Pepermint(Ubuntu!)), Jobs, announcements of Security/programming/linux events and hosting blogs for active community members.

It's nice to see your forums have grown over time, but to be fair, it offers nothing unique :(

Just a thought, There is potential if there is desire (and time?).

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