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Missed a crucial step on the battery disassembly- test em in situ, as they say in chemistry. Turns out, as is common with batteries=- only one was bad, on the right end, and didn't need to rip them all out. Replacing the one bad one- $6 here might give me another year, since it failed at a little over 1 1/2 yr. Second- the contacts are pressed on the battery, since was going to toss it, heated them a little with one of those acetylene lighters, which didn't have much effect. This is a useful enterprise to have a second or emergency battery, or just use them.

If you can fit em, they work fine in 3 AAA cell LED flashlights and will run them forever. 2 together would give 7.4V, fine for emergency mobile recharge of phone batteries. These were Samsung - pretty standard, but if you have a bigger laptop battery, finding a single dead cell could save you serious bucks.

What ever we do we must have to think before sending money. Yes letting everyone of them will increase your spends but repleace the one bad battery it not only saves money but also save energy.

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