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General Help & Advice / Re: Root filling up
« on: September 17, 2019, 04:05:43 am »
Well looking around internet looks like gradio is only now available as a flatpak.grrrr
Thanks for all your help Mark.

General Help & Advice / Re: Root filling up
« on: September 16, 2019, 02:43:36 pm »
Yes because I couldn't get real player to run in opera ,it was actually you Mark who put me on to it. :) .Maybe i'll have to stop using flatpaks although I always thought they were safer to use because of the sandbox .Is the a way  maybe to autoclean out the flatpaks once my space available hits a certain level?

General Help & Advice / Re: Root filling up
« on: September 16, 2019, 06:43:50 am »
Here's the list

Ref                                              Options       
de.haeckerfelix.gradio/x86_64/stable             system,current
org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default/x86_64/19.08 system,runtime
org.freedesktop.Platform.ffmpeg/x86_64/1.6       system,runtime
org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.28                   system,runtime
org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.34                   system,runtime

General Help & Advice / Re: Root filling up
« on: September 15, 2019, 08:59:18 am »
Thanks Mark, results are.

4.0K   /var/lib/git
8.0K   /var/lib/ubiquity
1.2M   /var/lib/gconf
4.0K   /var/lib/bluetooth
4.0K   /var/lib/udisks2
8.0K   /var/lib/logrotate
56K   /var/lib/dictionaries-common
4.0K   /var/lib/dbus
8.0K   /var/lib/vim
12K   /var/lib/sgml-base
12K   /var/lib/lightdm-data
6.5M   /var/lib/tor
8.0K   /var/lib/gems
20K   /var/lib/update-notifier
16K   /var/lib/libreoffice
62M   /var/lib/mlocate
4.0K   /var/lib/man-db
8.0K   /var/lib/ubuntu-drivers-common
24K   /var/lib/emacsen-common
8.0K   /var/lib/xkb
12K   /var/lib/update-manager
4.0K   /var/lib/python
4.0K   /var/lib/command-not-found
4.0K   /var/lib/misc
56K   /var/lib/colord
48K   /var/lib/app-info
28K   /var/lib/alsa
221M   /var/lib/apt
12K   /var/lib/openvpn
8.0K   /var/lib/os-prober
100K   /var/lib/rkhunter
12K   /var/lib/fwupd
4.0K   /var/lib/synaptic
472K   /var/lib/doc-base
8.0K   /var/lib/xfonts
36K   /var/lib/PackageKit
56K   /var/lib/polkit-1
4.0K   /var/lib/geoclue
4.0K   /var/lib/hp
28K   /var/lib/NetworkManager
12K   /var/lib/locales
4.0K   /var/lib/fwupdate
4.0K   /var/lib/usb_modeswitch
1.1M   /var/lib/ureadahead
4.1M   /var/lib/aspell
4.0K   /var/lib/dhcp
18M   /var/lib/aptitude
8.0K   /var/lib/initramfs-tools
16K   /var/lib/AccountsService
8.0K   /var/lib/msttcorefonts
120K   /var/lib/ucf
64K   /var/lib/lightdm
4.0K   /var/lib/avahi-autoipd
12K   /var/lib/grub
4.0K   /var/lib/snmp
8.0K   /var/lib/samba
4.0K   /var/lib/boltd
8.0K   /var/lib/ispell
8.0K   /var/lib/dkms
4.0K   /var/lib/upower
12K   /var/lib/private
2.2G   /var/lib/flatpak
544K   /var/lib/usbutils
8.0K   /var/lib/postfix
8.0K   /var/lib/sudo
464K   /var/lib/systemd
32K   /var/lib/xml-core
36K   /var/lib/ghostscript
4.0K   /var/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader
16K   /var/lib/libxml-sax-perl
4.0K   /var/lib/acpi-support
28K   /var/lib/pam
8.0K   /var/lib/plymouth
100M   /var/lib/dpkg
2.6G   /var/lib


4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-69V76Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-9WYZQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-WENT7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-OWJ5UZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-GXR64Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-K8O57Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-KXMQ3Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-TD3G4Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-OGV1TZ
8.0K   /var/tmp/systemd-private-1462ee0856a1430d9f0380fea0c2de39-tor@default.service-ixUL9m
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-QOPF6Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-8F4UYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-W9D54Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-WZT63Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-BGOFSZ
17M   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-Q0N05Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-LTHH7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-AV7CZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-HN9L0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-G7XD2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-AW1EYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-NHEPUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-OWMJ1Z
17M   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-496F5Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-E7LT4Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-8PF0QZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-E7L70Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-36DOVZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-FCPJ1Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-ZDPG4Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-C269SZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-3U0EQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-VZC9TZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-NB5UQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-BW0K6Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-UTH10Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-2SCG5Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-X5EO1Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-CR593Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-21CIZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-3VZAUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-ROSUUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-6UAW6Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-O20PQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-SAEH7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-5UI0ZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-SMBWUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-EJ3BWZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-EIX07Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-RBEUVZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-3IEN5Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-FDGFVZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-QBZI2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-QGIEZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-0F7F1Z
12M   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-Y7J12Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-BU8C0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-EV870Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-Q22C3Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-KQWQUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-6OBAYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-QPE80Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-4PR2VZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-FGPOVZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-V0GESZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-WHZ7SZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-RLR8SZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-F3ES0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-G0PLQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-CEDQZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-EOB25Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-LDUA3Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-DAPXYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-5NS91Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-GPZP0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-DS96RZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-L2TGUZ
19M   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-RHBSXZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-CEJ2PZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-XYMQ2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-CSA7PZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-WROVQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-GYBK7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-NFX3YZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-1OSQZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-3520YZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-7UTC3Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-4U783Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-IRVE2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-P33KSZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-LA31VZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-RF2X3Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-PAMX2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-HWS4TZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-6IU3VZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-1PKL3Z
16M   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-TF693Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-Y8LE3Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-60HZSZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-3PR70Z
8.0K   /var/tmp/systemd-private-1462ee0856a1430d9f0380fea0c2de39-ModemManager.service-4A5qeK
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-UZSS6Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-NSR2UZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-45J25Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-RFYSTZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-NQYX1Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-HZCQ7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-8QVLZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-IYVLTZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-RJCV1Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-N07Z5Z
16M   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-R1JD3Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-Y8Q3SZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-KWGJ0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-97SU6Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-8913VZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-X0JJRZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-WYGRYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-9GV85Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-7RVAUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-A833YZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-Y3U36Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-IMSG2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-ZGWS2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-OEMWRZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-T0U36Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-TN477Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-7MKDYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-E4JEQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-AZJ4RZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-HLGUTZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-AX7XQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-B7VHTZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-3JTN0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-4LQAVZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-52I6SZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-IDOJ1Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-GUZ55Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-Q50H0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-I4VNRZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-CT66QZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-9HF9QZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-BAXOZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-NLPIZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-LFW25Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-BP1Y2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-S2PO4Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-1UPQRZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-R0U5RZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-XWXL2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-LEVFVZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-8K8PYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-V5SIZZ
8.0K   /var/tmp/systemd-private-1462ee0856a1430d9f0380fea0c2de39-rtkit-daemon.service-oGOl7B
8.0K   /var/tmp/systemd-private-1462ee0856a1430d9f0380fea0c2de39-colord.service-AFmJlS
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-6KZLZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-AUAJQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-B0DA4Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-EXF50Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-CMMOYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-4XA2RZ
16M   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-5BSK2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-4QVHTZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-GS4U1Z
8.0K   /var/tmp/systemd-private-1462ee0856a1430d9f0380fea0c2de39-systemd-timesyncd.service-Og5Rk3
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-S5DBVZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-LEV2QZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-4GF4SZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-TU8B7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-DN9FWZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-N67RYZ
8.0K   /var/tmp/systemd-private-1462ee0856a1430d9f0380fea0c2de39-systemd-resolved.service-ENHK0S
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-TOOBQZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-R3AXYZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-6S2QXZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-S7HAWZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-EN4FZZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-B9WORZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-BRMD5Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-LLIS5Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-WJ407Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-UU026Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-9SHBSZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-M68HWZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-VJ95PZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-T7T84Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-GQWK0Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-A2VS4Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-R32WUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-35D60Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-3QFG7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-V0JCSZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-89HU2Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-5YTCUZ
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-BN2O6Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-9WXJ4Z
4.8G   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-ROEM7Z
4.0K   /var/tmp/flatpak-cache-VLGO2Z
4.9G   /var/tmp

General Help & Advice / Re: Root filling up
« on: September 14, 2019, 07:20:23 am »
Results are as follows

201M   /var/cache
2.6G   /var/lib
4.0K   /var/crash
16M   /var/backups
4.0K   /var/local
6.6M   /var/spool
1.4G   /var/log
6.8M   /var/opt
4.0K   /var/mail
4.9G   /var/tmp
9.0G   /var

64K   /var/log/cups
4.0K   /var/log/tor
4.0K   /var/log/dist-upgrade
9.4M   /var/log/installer
4.0K   /var/log/firebird
468K   /var/log/apt
4.0K   /var/log/openvpn
8.0K   /var/log/hp
128K   /var/log/lightdm
4.0K   /var/log/speech-dispatcher
4.0K   /var/log/samba
2.6M   /var/log/timeshift
1.3G   /var/log/journal
1.4G   /var/log

Filename            Type      Size   Used   Priority
/dev/sda6                                 partition   9764860   0   -2

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev            3.9G     0  3.9G   0% /dev
tmpfs           797M  1.4M  795M   1% /run
/dev/sda5        23G   16G  5.8G  74% /
tmpfs           3.9G   40M  3.9G   1% /dev/shm
tmpfs           5.0M  4.0K  5.0M   1% /run/lock
tmpfs           3.9G     0  3.9G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda7        90G   47G   39G  55% /home
tmpfs           797M   24K  796M   1% /run/user/1000

General Help & Advice / Re: Root filling up
« on: September 13, 2019, 02:58:41 pm »
Thanks for looking Mark here's the output.

4.0K   /cdrom
16M   /bin
8.0K   /.config
619M   /lib
9.0G   /var
4.1M   /root
4.0K   /lib64
78M   /boot
4.0K   /srv
19M   /sbin
804M   /opt
5.4G   /usr
16K   /lost+found
92K   /tmp
17M   /etc
16G   /

General Help & Advice / Root filling up (Solved)
« on: September 13, 2019, 08:07:46 am »
Mint 19.2 Despite my root system being 25gb for the last two days I have been getting a warning about low space.It's not Timeshift because I have that saving to Home partition ,could it something to do with var logs? but I haven't a clue what to do .HELP! please.

General Help & Advice / Re: stop Opera update
« on: June 03, 2019, 06:34:40 pm »
Thanks for answer Mark I don't use Opera for it's vpn I have a separate one.

General Help & Advice / Re: Remove w10
« on: June 03, 2019, 01:59:30 pm »
Well I reinstalled Mint and just chose to erase drive .All up and working again,once again big thank you for everyones replies.

General Help & Advice / Re: Remove w10
« on: June 03, 2019, 09:26:50 am »
Mark this on my wifes laptop so nothing really invested in it so will just go for a reinstall.
Rich thanks for your comprehensive answer ,very informative.


General Help & Advice / Re: Remove w10
« on: June 02, 2019, 09:48:54 am »
Thank for the reply Rich the laptop has 8gb memory and isn't used for anything heavy like video editing so I take it I don't need to create the swap partition?Will the be any problems with the boot loader after removing w10 or will reinstalling Mint sort it out?

General Help & Advice / Remove w10 (SOLVED)
« on: June 01, 2019, 05:33:19 am »
I'm currently dual booting Mint19.1 alongside w10 but I'n now a convert and want to remove w10  .Would the easiest method be to reinstall Mint and choose 'erase disk and Install Mint' and if I did it this way can I still create  root,swap and home partitions  or will Mint automatically set up it's own partitions.If so can I then use gparted to alter the partitions to create the 3 partitions?
   The other option seems to be to go into gparted and just delete the windows partition/s  then reclaim the space for Mint.If I did it this way can the three partitions already created be resized as well?       


General Help & Advice / stop Opera update
« on: May 28, 2019, 03:03:58 pm »
Can somebody guide me on how to stop Opera v 60.0 from updating automatically. (Mint 19 ) In windows I think I had to rename the auto update exe file .

General Help & Advice / Re: 2nd Hard drive
« on: April 29, 2019, 03:51:42 pm »
Cheers Mark....  :)

General Help & Advice / Re: 2nd Hard drive
« on: April 28, 2019, 08:27:12 am »
Sorry Mark try and make it clearer.When I first installed Mint as a duel boot in case the windows side became corrupted I copied my docs,pics music  to Mint from the Windows side.So once Mint is on it's own drive obviously music/ pics will work but how about the other windows created docs.?

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