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General Discussion / Would like advice about choosing a version of linux
« on: November 17, 2019, 09:20:43 pm »
I'm in the states and had a difficult time getting on a forum here. It kept forgetting my password etc (maybe it's a virus). I thought your UK site might be friendlier and so far it is. I'm still using windows 7 x 64. It's probably one of the most picked on versions for hackers .... not having much fun. I should explain that I'm over 70 and have been using windows since 3.1  I'm not really much of a tech, so I'm looking for a Linux OS that's easy to use and can do as much as XP did. I have a lot of trouble with command lines if that helps. Aside from your favorites (or your favorites) which versions would you recommend for me and why ? Thanks for your time, Alan :)

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