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Im blundering thu my aspire1.  i managed to install stellarium but had to manually put it in the rightclick menu -it runs ok tho.  however if i dl skype from the repository it installs but clicking it doesnt run it......

looking at the above mysterious post about 'type this as it goes and press enter' took me right back to the mysteries of the sinclair spectrum- spending hours typing in BASIC listings in the trust that they did something :)  happy days...and days...and days.... lol


General Discussion / making old pcs live again- nooooooob!
« on: May 03, 2010, 11:39:29 am »
Just bought an acer inspire one so back with another go at linux :)  Fedora 8 I believe.  Meanwhile have ubuntu 9 on a laptop with about 250mb ram and its struggling (and wifi doent work) so an alternative 'lite' is being sought.  have a small collection of dead and dying pcs id like to linux up in due course.

radio ham gw0tqm
and work in mental health
hi all


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