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General Discussion / Re: Recent update to V20 - Ulyana
« on: Yesterday at 06:12:06 pm »
I hadn't heard of Timeshift but the link describes it as a backup creation tool that creates incremental filesystem snapshots.  I am guessing that it just keeps adding them, soaking up your memory.  I suggest that you have a look at the contents of /timeshift and see if that's the case - and if so, perhaps delete all but the last few.  You will probably have to do that as root. 
You are not alone in this problem and in extremis you might like to look at, especially if you don't want the facility. 

As for /var:  My Ubuntu 16  and Ubuntu 18 contain 7MB's worth of backups, mostly of dpkg, but on your system it might be working in conjunction with timeshift. 

Did you install timeshift, or did it come with Ubuntu19? 


Ubuntu / Re: Changing from 'unity desktop' to 'Classic view' ?
« on: July 31, 2020, 09:11:45 pm »
You're most welcome. 

Please mark the topic as Solved.  Thank you.


General Discussion / Re: Realtime help!!!
« on: July 31, 2020, 02:00:32 pm »
Hello Frank - and welcome to the Forum.

Nothing automatic, Frank.  Just visit the Forum occasionally and click on "Show unread posts since last visit" under your username. 
If you reply to a post then future posts on that topic will generate an email to tell you.


Ubuntu / Re: Changing from 'unity desktop' to 'Classic view' ?
« on: July 31, 2020, 08:10:18 am »
I'm please that you like the Classic View.

To add a (e.g. Firefox) short-cut icon to the top bar:
Navigate to Firefox in Applications/Internet/Firefox but instead of clicking on it, click-and-drag it up to the top bar to the right of "Places".  A Firefox icon will appear there that you can click on to start Firefox.

The Stop button
is an icon you can add to the top bar to shut down your computer gracefully.  To add it, Alt+right-click somewhere on the top bar to the left of all the right-hand-side icons.  In the menu that appears select Add to panel, scroll down to power off and select it.  Exit the menu and you will find the icon in the top bar.  One can move icons around, too. 


General Help & Advice / Re: CD Ripping
« on: July 30, 2020, 11:45:56 am »
Hello Melissa.

You will find Brasero in System-Tools/Software, which is generally easier to use than Package Manager. 


General Help & Advice / Re: CD Ripping
« on: July 27, 2020, 05:09:26 pm »
Hi Melissa.

If you have the MP3 files on your netbook, then you have already ripped them, so simply copying them to a CD (like to a USB stick) might work, unless the CD player expects only CD-formatted files.  Copying them from netbook to a CD will be fine to play them on a PC but not sure about a CD player. 
Other, more experienced, Forum members will be able to provide better advice. 


General Discussion / Re: Installation of Linux on imacG5
« on: July 27, 2020, 01:43:44 pm »
Hello Rebecca - welcome to the Forum.

Have a look at which recommends particularly Lubuntu and Puppy.


Ubuntu / Re: Changing from 'unity desktop' to 'Classic view' ?
« on: July 26, 2020, 04:35:19 pm »
You can install Classic View in addition to the Unity Desktop, so you will always have the choice of which to use.

1. Start a Terminal Session (Ctrl+Alt+T) and to install Classic View enter:
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install gnome-session-flashback
2. If your system is set up for automatic log-in (so you don't enter your password), then change that behaviour in System-Settings/User-accounts so that automatic log-in is disabled.
3. Re-boot the computer but don't enter your password yet.
4. At the log-in screen you will see a symbol like a footprint in a circle just to the right of your username (in Ubuntu 16.  U18 might be different).  Click on it.
5. In the menu that appears click on "GNOME Flashback (Metacity)"
6. Enter your password as usual.

The Classic screen is much less cluttered than the Unity Desktop.  You will see "Applications" and "Places" at the top left-hand corner.  "Places" gets you to the File Manager.  "Applications" is self-explanatory. 
At the top right of the screen you will see, amongst other things, a gear wheel icon.  You click on that to get to System Settings quicker than via the Applications menu, and to the shut-down controls. 
The icon that looks like a wedge of cheese or a windscreen-wiper is the wireless connection symbol, and there will be Bluetooth and battery symbols, too.  Ubuntu 18 might be slightly different in appearance from U16 that I use, but I'm sure you will sort it out as the differences will be minor. 
The top bar is very configurable.  You can add quick links to favourite applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird and a very visible "Stop" button, for example

I hope you find this Desktop useful and our readers would appreciate your views. 

I suggest that you start another topic under Ubuntu - "Changing from Unity Desktop to Classic View" - and we'll do it there. 


Excellent news!

Hello Farukhcasy2 - and welcome to the Forum.

I am not aware of any Duolingo-like applications, and they probably charge a fee, anyway. 
The best start might be to search online for "linux tutorials" and you will find very many that are all free to use.  There are tutorials to suit all levels of ability and experience and I am sure that you will find something to suit you. 
Unless you have an aversion to reading real books, I recommend strongly "The Linux Command Line" by William Shotts.  It provides structured learning from basics to advanced.
Finally, of course, there are several Linux forums where people are keen to offer help and advice at all levels.  You don't have to know any Linux to ask questions - everyone here has had to start from the beginning and we understand the initial difficulties. 

Good luck.  We hope to see you here again.


Hi RB. 

If everything is satisfactory would you please mark all your three or four topics as solved? 
Thank you. 


General Help & Advice / Re: Spell check not working
« on: July 24, 2020, 07:29:40 pm »
Hi Melissa.

At the top of the Libreoffice Writer window there is the menu line (File Edit View Insert   etc).  Just below that there is one (or two) toolbar(s).  Look along there till you see an icon with abc and a green tick under it, and another icon with abc and a red, wavy line under it, all in a white square.  The second one toggles spellcheck (shows warnings) and the other one checks the document. 
If the icons are not there let us know as they can be restored easily enough.


Your attempt to copy the bookmarks whilst in root didn't work because you didn't cd correctly to the bookmarks directory whilst in root.  But you succeeded and that's the point.
I made an edit to my previous post about changing the k/b layout, but you found the symbol, so fine.

Installing Ubuntu?  I doubt you'll need any advice on that: just click on the "Install Ubuntu" icon on the desktop and away you go. When you are given a choice about overwriting the existing O/S, say "yes".  You'll need to sit with it for an hour or so as you have to supply some info occasionally.

Well done, RB - and I am sorry for confusing you with my errors and omissions. 


OK, I understand. 

I'm confident that you don't need the quotation marks.  They are generally needed only if there are spaces in a file name.  Leaving them in won't make any difference. 
Make sure that there is a space between the file name and your /media.......  and don't forget the -a option:
cp  -a  'bookmarks-2020-06-29_1014_5Wg+Gtu9QUIDsPtNSEhl8Q==.jsonlz4'  /media/<media user name>/<numbers-letters-drivename>/

In this particular case, cp  -a works the same as rsync -a but the rsync command is better when one is doing regular backups of whole directories as it checks to see if individual files have been changed since the last backup and skips them (leaving the unmodified backup in place) without complaining that it's already there on the backup.  And this speeds things up a lot. 

Re Youtube subscriptions:  I guess that this is independent of your computer except that as the "cookies" will be lost you will have to log in again to re-create the cookie (if you allow that). 


1. I've just checked with an Ubuntu18 live USB:  if you double click on the 'bookmarks-2020-06-29_1014_5Wg+Gtu9QUIDsPtNSEhl8Q==.jsonlz4' to highlight and copy it only the bit between the apostrophes gets copied - so that's OK. 
2. When in terminal mode, I discovered that in order to access the hidden files I had to log in as root by:
Code: [Select]
sudo -i
  so I suggest that you do that, too.  Sorry you had all that trouble. 
3. I couldn't get a wireless connection with the Live USB (even though my router was visible) and had to use an Ethernet cable.  How about you?

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