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Linux Support / Re: ubuntu 12.04 kernel panic randomly
October 10, 2012, 01:25:18 PM
Thanks for you advice.

Also the log file you sent CLEARLY shows a ton of suspend/resume events from around the time you said it threw the kernel panic .. so I'm wondering if it's attempting to go to sleep for some unknown reason

Yes, I notice this too. But I mean I never pressed the resume button or forced it to resume. So I am wondering what cause the attempt to go to sleep if it is not a panic.
Linux Support / Re: ubuntu 12.04 kernel panic randomly
October 10, 2012, 01:06:09 PM
You say you NEVER use sleep/hibernatoin, yet your log file is apparently showing entries for a sleep/resume

I mean I have never used sleep before the panic. As the panic happened, I have to restart manually.

Have you got a 2GB (or larger) USB  stick ? .. and do you know how to create a 12.04 LiveUSB with persistence ?

I know how to create a LiveUSB, but I do not have a 2GB USB stick currently. But I have a LiveCD Ubuntu 12.04 currently. Is it OK?
But how can I test, since the panic just happened occasionally, not always?
Linux Support / Re: ubuntu 12.04 kernel panic randomly
October 10, 2012, 12:31:26 PM
Yes, I saw Caps Lock and Scroll Lock flashing.

Does it do this from a LiveCD .. or only from your hard drive install ?
I don't understand the question. The panic happened when I was using the system.

I have experienced two times of the panic. The first time happened when I was using "Page Up" and "Page Down" in Mendeleydesktop. The second time happened when I was doing nothing.

Has it done it since the kernel upgrade ?
Yes. But it is hard to say, because I bought the computer about one month ago and just upgraded the kernel about two weeks ago.

are you EVER entering sleep/hibernation ?

No, never.

Have you ever run ANY Linux distro that DIDN'T do this on this laptop .. if so which ?
Was this an upgrade, or a fresh install ?

Ubuntu is the first linux system in the laptop. And I first installed Ubuntu 10.04 then upgraded to 12.04.

I have reported the bug in


Linux Support / Re: ubuntu 12.04 kernel panic randomly
October 10, 2012, 11:30:14 AM
The system breaks down after booting. I think that it is a kernel panic because the Caps Lock blinked. I use google to find that this is an indication of kernel panic. Maybe I am wrong. It is a laptop and the model is Fujitsu LH772.

On the other hand, if it is not a panic, how can I deal with it? Thanks.
Linux Support / ubuntu 12.04 kernel panic randomly
October 10, 2012, 09:49:04 AM
I am using ubuntu 12.04 and experienced several times of kernel panic. The attachment is some information from /var/log/kern.log. And the panic happened at about 13:52:30. I was using Linux kernel at that time. Now I have upgraded to 3.3.6-030306. Is there anything I can do about it except reporting to bugs.launchpad.net? Thanks.
The solution is to redo the following procedure again.

I asked a question on the wireless card which has been solved before:


But now when I upgrade the kernel to 3.2.0-31-generic, it does not work again. In "Additional drivers", I see nothing. When I run the command "modprobe", it said: "FATAL: Module rt3290sta not found". What should I do?

After running

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install hwinfo grep rfkill; sudo lshw -C network; rfkill list; sudo iwlist scanning; cat /etc/network/interfaces; cat /etc/lsb-release; lspci -nn; lsusb; sudo lshw -short; uname -a; dmesg | egrep 'acx|at76|ath|b43|bcm|brcm|CX|eth|ipw|ireless|irmware|isl|lbtf|orinoco|ndiswrapper|NPE|ound|p54|prism|rtl|rt2|rt3|rt5|rt6|rt7|usb|witch|wl';sudo dmidecode|egrep 'anufact|roduct|erial|elease'; iwconfig; cat /etc/modprobe.d/* | egrep 'acx|at76|ath|b43|bcm|brcm|CX|eth|ipw|irmware|isl|lbtf|orinoco|ndiswrapper|NPE|p54|prism|rtl|rt2|rt3|rt6|rt7|wmi|witch|wl'; cat /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state; sudo hwinfo --netcard ; ps -aux|egrep 'wpa|icd|etwork'; sudo lsmod

I get the output in the attachment.
Quote from: Mark Greaves (PCNetSpec) on September 20, 2012, 12:38:36 PM
Run this command:
sudo gedit /etc/modules

add a NEW LINE at the bottom that reads:-


SAVE the file .. and reboot to test.

Any driver modules listed in /etc/modules are automagically loaded at bootup :)

And thanks for marking the topic (SOLVED) :)

Thanks, it works.
One more question. It does not survive after reboot. I think I can solve this problem by myself. Thanks.
Thank you very much. Problem solved.
I asked a question on Ubuntu's launchpad in the following link:


And I got an answer from this forum. But I don't know what exactly to do. So I ask this question here again, with more details in the previous link.