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Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: April 14, 2010, 04:26:03 pm »
Ok, back at my flat now, so I'll probably be using Linux a lot more again and I'll try & respond to this tread a little quicker from now on.

First, not that it's really relevant anymore, but regardless for curiosity:
(click to show/hide)
In a terminal: ping
(click to show/hide)

Now, if I can get Wine working and Steam chat within it, I'll have almost no reason to bother with 7 (except when I occasionally feel like playing against bots).
Searching for files...
Name contains: wine
Look in folder: File System
(click to show/hide)
Should I just delete everything in that list so I can start over?

Hmmmmmm . . . .

I'm tempted to copy my home folder onto my Win7 partition, format the everything else and put this on . . .

Reinstalling linux would quell some of my headaches with it and this might be better than Ubuntu studio . . .

Hurrr, but to be honest, can I be asked? Though it's an instant 'Hell yes!' if it'll make recording from my keyboard and using my phone as a webcam any easier.

General Discussion / Re: More from Mr ********
« on: April 08, 2010, 12:41:13 am »
Methinks he's just a little too excited. Good intentions but doesn't know what he's doing 100%. ;)

Or he really is a sole-less, ever-expanding enrepenure, and this is all just a big money making tool.

But on that, it says in the open-source legal doc, there are no restrictions, other than enforcing no restrictions. Unless he plans to touch that, he's jsut waffling.

Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: April 05, 2010, 10:52:50 pm »
I can access the internet, through Firefox and post in this forum, watch youtube vids, use skype, and all that Jazz.
What's came to mind now that you've just mentioned IP addresses and proxies, is we recently replaced our BTvoyager router with a "BTHomeHub" . . . . and I've had the proxy problems I mentioned . . . .

But I'll have to deal with this tomorrow, gotta sleep before my driving test. =_=

Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: April 05, 2010, 09:47:50 pm »
  • Installed Ubuntu.
  • Formatted the whole disk to put Win7 on (but couldn't activate because I had no internet).
  • Installed Ubuntu along side (win100GB:400GBlinux).
  • Reinstalled Win7 on the Win7 partition when I got internet.
  • Installed another Ubuntu (which I don't use) on a 2.5GB partition to fix GRUB.
  • Turned 400GB Ubuntu into Ubuntu Studio.
  • Installed a second HDD, installed Ubuntu on it.
  • Removed first HDD and reinstalled Ubuntu on the second because neither worked.
  • Removed second HDD (now fine), put first HDD back in. (Using first HDD now, second HDD is in old Dell)
  • GRUB didn't work (nothing booted), install a 3rd Ubuntu along side the others.
So now I have Win7 (100GB), Ubuntu Studio (400GB) and two vanilla Ubuntus from January (both 2.5GB).

I can't remember what I've done with wine now . . . I just know I've deleted .wine from my Home, but Applications>Wine>Programs>Steam still exists (with Steam.exe & Steam Support Centre.html in it).

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Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: April 05, 2010, 04:38:22 pm »
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EDIT: And now Firefox & sound are working fine . . . wtf?
Took longer than usual to boot past the "UBUNTU STUDIO" screen (didn't show that "filechecking...12%" thing it does sometimes, though), but . . . still . . . wtf?

EDIT2: Rawr! >;c
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I should emphasis that I've been using Win7 for the past fortnight because I've been dipping into my games every 2 or so hours, and I have not had a single problem until I tried too write put some music into a score for a friend using some of this fancy-pants software that Studio came with.

I also cannot get any wine to install, not the stable or beta versions, not from Update Manager, Ubuntu Software Center Synaptic Package Manager, or by downloading straight from wineHQ. They simply refuse to install complaining about other versions being install and other things, but I've deleted my .wine folder from my Home folder and deleted two Steam related files from the desktop, yet there's still an "Applications > Wine > Programs > Steam > Steam.exe / Steam Support.html

General Discussion / Re: Put out of business :(
« on: April 05, 2010, 02:00:30 pm »
Huh, now, whilst I'm definitly still learning about the technical side of computers & the internet & how all this works, from what I can gather, you own a server that has very high bandwidth access to the internet, and you want to sell the service of hosting business sites to businesses, but a government project (or something) is offering the same for free.

....bearing in mind I'm probably misunderstadning something crucial here (or more likly just have a gap in my knowledge), but have you tried selling similar services to a different audience?
- Gaming servers?
- Back-up storage providers?
- Offering full control of the server to anyone with sufficient technical knowledge that has a need for one? (Like the modding group I'm in, who need a website, somewhere to store files online to send between each other, an IM service to get stuff decided quickly, a forum to post progress and have on-going discussions, and somewhere for the general public to download the final mods from, though we already have such a services.)

Or is it too late and you've already packed evrything up?

Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: April 05, 2010, 12:51:18 pm »
*sigh* A plethora of problems . . .

Ninth, I formatted the Dell's hard drive (after dumping all 60GB of it's contents onto an external), and tried to put Ubuntu back on it, but the DVD drive in it is shot so it can't read DVDs for extended periods of time, so I plugged the HDD into MY computer, and used my optical drive. This worked fine for the Dell, which is now utterly fine running Ubuntu, but it messed up my GRUB. It just gave me an error message everytime it tried to boot up, so I had to put another partition with linux on it.

Long story short, my computer's working fine now and I can boot up 7, Ubuntu Studio and both Ubuntu 9.10's, but if it happens again, where I need to fix the GRUB, is there a less . . . crude solution than just putting another Linux on it?

Tenth, I was going to just post a problem with wine, but now EVERY thing is just . . . wrong! Dx
-Firefox crashes every time I move away from a youtube video. I can watch it, but if I try to close the window or the tab, or click back, or click another video, it freeses and I have to Force Quit.
-There's no sound, not from Skype, not from Youtube vids, not from MuseScore. All volume adjustments are at max, the desktop icon, my headphone slider (which are plugged into the rear output jack), all the sliders in the sound preferences. Sound works fine on Win7, but nothing from Ubuntu Studio.
- Everything's working a lot slower. I've typed some of this post very quickly and it's occasionally taken a few seconds for what I typed to appear, programs are loading slower.
- The update manager couldn't connect to search for any updates.
Help! ;_;

Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: March 27, 2010, 12:36:44 pm »
IE yo Firefox fix.
Godlike knowledge on recording your soundcard.
Thanks guys, the group and I really appreciate it. ^^

Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: March 27, 2010, 02:02:28 am »
Gah, have to remember to come to this place more.
So your first decision really needs to be, do you want to allow them system wide root access... they would still have their own home folders/settings, but 'could' if they wanted to do ANYTHING.

OK, easier question.
I have a mother, brother & sister who all share the same half-decade old Dell Dimension.
My brother is warming to Linux because A, it's working now, and B, it's the first option in the GRUB. :|

Currently, they all use that same Admin acount for everyday use (lol, wtf MS?), and they all have lots of websites they sign into. Bearing in mind that my mum has difficulty remembering her +20 passwords, and stays signed into most, yet has to sign out of some crucial ones for peace of mind, what would you recomend?
Also, is it possible to transfer all her favourites/bookmarks from Win IE to Linux Firefox?

(click to show/hide)

So then I had the idea to use Ubuntu Studio's Jack. I could start a Touhou game in window mode (if it doesn't crash linux completely, which it has done), get wine to send the game's audio to the Jack audio server instead of the output jacks, then record it to an audio file of my choice, play the game to get the SFX I want to play, then we could edit & convert that file later...

I just want to know, is this possible, or am I asking too much of myself & my computer?

Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: March 24, 2010, 11:48:25 am »
Ok, I'm still having issues with posts being lost but it's less frequent (though still mostly on this forum :( ).

Seems our internet was borking yesterday :/. I guess I'm just too used to a dual-core and the Celeron is the problem for me.

After sleeping on it, I've decided to scrap the multicomputer thing. At the moment, there are 3 people (mother, brother & sister) using that computer and I only think that number will go down (well, I will occasionally use it to do maintanece like backing-up). I want it so that when each of them login, they're automatically logged into their chat, email, mybook, facespace or whatevertheybloodyuse, and so they (especially my mum with her ebay & amazon acounts) don't to have to worry about signing in and out of 6 different places everytime there's a change of user. Also would be nice if changing the appearence of one acount changes it for the others ('casue that really bothers my brother).
I want there to be only one set of programs that everyone can use and everyone can add to for everyone to use, for all users to be locked out of other's acounts, files, and everything specific to that user, but for everyone to have the root access like I do now on my computer (because mum might phone me with a problem and I'd need to get her to do it from her acount when everyone else is out). So 4 users, each with the enough access to fix any problems or add programs but no access to others acounts, but only one of them (mine) that can change users, groups & maybe unlock other acounts for when someone inevitable forgets their password.

IMAP, POP3? What? O~o;
I think I'll deal with this a little later . . . ^^;

Linux Support / Re: My general help questions
« on: March 23, 2010, 07:17:58 pm »
Thanks for that, I'll have to start actually trying the solutions people give me. ^^

Anyway, new story. I'm back at home now and I'd try some things out while I'm here.

- Third, connecting.
I've got Windows7 to connect to our BT voyager router (after a lot of bother then eventually realizing we just need to enter the code on the bottom of the router), but I'm having problems with Ubuntu.
(click to show/hide)

Any help?

- Fourth, Firefox.
Foxy proxy and No script are giving me real grief now, and disabling them makes it worse. 4 out of 5 times, after I post on any forum, the post gets lost and I can't recover it. :(

- Fifth, where the fun begins. BD
We've had this Dell dimension 3100 since about 2004, and I've decided to try and convert my family (who are all PCs, even though all our relatives are macs) to Linux by getting Ubuntu to work on it.
(click to show/hide)
It still runs aggravatingly slow, though it's better now than it was about 2 hours ago before updating, and I'm wondering if there's something I can do to the software to make it run any better. I read on another website that there can be some problems with the driver. I'm hoping to get everything to run better than XP.

- Sixth, users & sharing.
There are now 4 computers in this house all using the same Router.
(click to show/hide)
If, say, they all used Ubuntu, would it be possible to create some sort of network? I've never bothered with the concept of users until now, even back in XP, we all just used the same admin account.
a) I want there to be 6 accounts on this computer at least (not including the root), one for every member of this house with the same access as I do now with the default accout and a guest account. I also want this account deleted because it's name as the root password (yes, I was an idiot). Just so everyone can stay logged in to they're own email/facebook/etc. without having to log out of everything whenever someone wants to use the computer.
b) After that, would it be possible to let everyone sign in from every computer in this house? To whatever extent thats achievable . . .

- Seventh, email.
I can loggin to my yahoo chat account with Empathy, but would it be possible to do the same with my yahoo email & Evolution (or Thunderbird)? Would this also be possible for my brother & sister who use MSN/hotmail?

General Discussion / Re: What do we think of the new Forum software?
« on: March 21, 2010, 11:48:08 pm »
One more thing.
Make the [new] flags appear before the topic titles rather than after, so you can scroll your eye down the same are of the page for every page, because at the moment the different topic title lengths can make it bothersome to spot the flags.

(Or change the colour of something about the topic.)

Linux Support / My general help questions
« on: March 20, 2010, 02:34:53 pm »
I've noticed I ask a lot of questions, most of which don't warrent a new topic, so I made this topic.
(Currently dual-booting 7 (64bit) & Ubuntu Studio (64bit) on a 4GB Intel Core 2 Duo machine with D-link wireless & an 8800.)

- First, Wine.
I know it's been explained to me before, but I still didn't quite get it. How do I fully switch from latest version to stable version? (and visa versa for future reference.) I've tried just using the Ubuntu Software centre, but it somehow doesn't fully remove either, so I'm left with a stable version that won't run itself, and a latest version that won't run the programs I want to run (Steam, specifically that chat feature & the Touhou games).

- Second, Firefox add-ons.
At the moment, I have the download status bar, Java, various adobe things & Foxit reader on 7 (used to have No-script & Foxy proxy for security in XP, but I don't really know how they work and now no-script is getting annoying & after turning Foxy proxy on, nothing worked) and on Ubuntu I only have a flash player & a pdf reader.
What does everyone recomend for Linux and (if I may ask) Windows?

General Discussion / Re: What do we think of the new Forum software?
« on: March 18, 2010, 08:41:26 pm »
Derp, was going to post & say 'No, it doesn't work. Spoiler button takes you to the main page & the formating buttons are still gone."

But then I checked the url, then realised that noscript was blocking. ¬¬
I keep forgetting that I need to allow websites that I havn't visited in 7, because I do most of my browsing in Ubuntu where I only have a handfull of addins.

Anyway, everythings fine & peachy with the new forums. :)

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