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General Discussion / Re: easypeasy and BBC iplayer
« on: April 27, 2014, 11:26:24 am »
Hi, Graeme, Mark

Thanks for the info.

I've now had a look at the Peppermint website and the instructions for loading and so on and bearing in mind I've only really used Windows  the first thing I see is checking the integrity of a file, a picture of the screen LXterminal, and some text,  none of which means anything to me!  It doesn't explain what a terminal is, or what it's for, what goes in it or how you get it do whatever it does. 

Reading further on I get the feeling that this is not for an absolute novice with no existing knowledge and being a  bit dim doesn't help, either.  :)

If I can load it onto a disk I'll give it a go and just ignore the bits I don't understand, which is most of it in truth!!


General Discussion / Re: easypeasy and BBC iplayer
« on: April 27, 2014, 07:25:37 am »
Hi, Mark

Thanks for taking so much trouble and for the good advice, I've never heard of Peppermint but it sounds a good bet for me.

I didn't say what I use my laptop for which is to do the usual stuff : letters, spreadsheets,internet and I have a digital camera
and a Sanyo Xacti video camera MP4 for and I use CDburnerXP to burn DVD discs.

Don't know if the Xacti software would work with Linux or even if it matters and would need to check if CDburnerXP which I have found is fine with W7 would work with Peppermint?

Don't play games but do watch You Tube and BBC iplayer would they work OK with Peppermint?

That's about it really.

I think my laptop was designed for Vista as there is a sticker to that effect on the machine but I bought it from a refurbisher company and they have loaded W7 which seems to work very well.

Would Peppermint do the stuff I've mentioned especially making DVDs as I have loads of video of my grandchildren which I copy to DVDs
every few months as a record of them growing up?

Thanks Mark,  I appreciate your time and advice. 

General Discussion / Re: easypeasy and BBC iplayer
« on: April 26, 2014, 09:19:28 pm »
Hi. Mark

I have a fairly old laptop a Compaq 6710b with 2GB ram and 160GB HDD running Windows 7.

I suppose I'm used to Windows so I have no trouble downloading and running new software but Linux is baffling at the

I was going to load Linux alongside Windows so that I could boot up into one or the other and also my friend has XP and I
thought if I can become passably competent using Linux I could put it on her laptop as XP isn't going to get any better!

I thought easypeasy was a good idea as it doesn't seem to need a very exotic machine to run on but if it's not the best plan
would Mint be better or indeed could you suggest something else - my friend's laptop has only 512mb of ram and 80gb HDD.

Many thanks for your advice would be grateful for any help.


General Discussion / easypeasy and BBC iplayer
« on: April 26, 2014, 07:14:29 pm »

I recently tried out easypeasy from a disk and when I tried to watch BBC iplayer it said I needed flash I think it was.

However, I can't figure out how to do this presumably I would actually have to load easypeasy onto the HDD first and
then what? 

I've not tried Linux before but downloading and running new software using Windows is very simple and it virtually does it for you
so how do I do this in easypeasy or any other Linux programme for that matter? (I thought I might try Mint as well at some point)

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

Thank you.

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