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I don't mean it in the traditional sense. :P

Ah, I see. Makes sense, I suppose ^^

Maybe it's time that the community could speak out to try to help improve LinuxForums. This forum is simple enough to attract many UK Linux users, and I feel that maybe there would be more users if we added more specific distribution help (and maybe hire a few local moderators to help out who are experienced in specific distros).

Blogs / Acer ES1-531 - getting Linux to boot
« on: July 08, 2017, 02:34:03 pm »
I decided to install Xubuntu 17.04 today, and if anyone here has an Acer ES1-531 computer (which is what I use), or similar modern Acer that uses UEFI and cannot get Linux to boot after restarting (and the installation process completing) follow these instructions:

1. Boot into BIOS. You may be prompted for a password, enter it.
2. Enable 'Secure Boot' in 'Boot' setting if it is not enabled already.
3. Go to 'Security' and click 'Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing'.
4. (In the case of Ubuntu+GRUB) find HDD0 > ubuntu > shimx64.efi
5. Name it something relevant such as 'Xubuntu'
6. Restart, saving changes, and boot back into BIOS
7. Push 'EFI File Boot 0' to the top of the listing in 'Boot' setting.
8. You should be able to boot into GRUB.

You can turn Secure Boot off again if you wish to after step 8. It does not remove the additional boot entry that you added.

I think you meant to respond to the other thread I posted in... ^^

I noticed that Ubuntu and PeppermintOS have their own forums, so why aren't there other distributions that are widely popular (such as Arch, Debian, etc.) covered here too - like most Linux forums seem to have? I guess here, you can feel free to suggest to the admins any popular distributions that you feel deserve a special place on the forums for discussion.

Thanks for answering and giving your suggestions. ^^

I had one of these laptops (except it was an AOA150 but it was still a ZG5). I tried running Xubuntu 15.04 on one a long time ago, but it proved to be very slow and unresponsive most of the time, and that is one of the lighter distributions available - though said computer still holds a lot of memories for me because it was my first laptop and such...

It's probably not really worth investing into it, it's an early netbook and has been superseded by much better hardware by now which won't be much, sadly.

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