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General Help & Advice / Mounting USB devices - Peppermint 7
« on: August 26, 2020, 12:01:04 pm »
Hi. I've recently installed Peppermint 7 alongside Win10 on a new HP laptop. Win10 recognises my phone (Sony Xperia T running Jelly Bean) but claims that the drive is empty.  Which it isn't.  If I plug it into the USB running Peppermint  the phone lights up but I can't figure out how to mount its storage. I've got a box full of SCSI cables, but the plugs are just too big to fit the phone  ;)
Any advice would be welcome!


I have an upgrade file (, Linux 2.6) for a Baxall Linux embedded CCTV recorder which improves record rate, resolution and other features. Baxall have ceased trading so there is no support. The dvr came with a Baxall factory CD which has a re-installation file called (Linux 2.4). Both files include the O/S, applications, BIOS and firmware updates.

The Streamscale file has an installation lock linked to the recorder serial number.

So with both files mounted on a USB stick root, and inserted into the dvr, the file downloads, decrypts, unzips and installs perfectly. But when I attempt to install the file, it downloads, decrypts, unzips and at the beginning of the install stops with a message "file corrupted - restart OK." And I have to select OK to restart.

I struggle with Linux, so my hope is that file permissions could be determined, perhaps using John the Ripper or similar tools, the file could then be edited and the code devoted to the permit/dvr serial number/software lock removed.

The files are 15 and 17MB in size so I would send them via a download link on an email using service

I know its a big ask, but I hope someone may be able to help.

Regards  richard

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